Why Futurist Jason Hope Believes the Internet of Things is the Next Big Thing

In a 2015 article about the role of women in the elusive field of futurism a writer for The Atlantic notes that the jury is still out as to what the term futurism means and who exactly qualifies as a futurist. For the time being many of the people who call themselves futurists or are considered to be futurists often work in the world of technology. The Atlantic notes that these individuals often people like Sergey Brin, who was part of the team that launched the search engine Google and Elon Musk, who has a private company that is working on making space travel more feasible and affordable for human beings, are among the people that the world looks to when it asks questions about what the outcomes of the current trajectories that society finds itself on will be and how those outcomes will be shaped by technology.

One under discussed topic that is sure to shape the world in the coming years and decades is the Internet of Things. The concept was coined in the late 90s and builds upon the concept of the internet in that an Internet of Things is not just comprised of computers but of objects like household appliances, cars and even houses that are connected the world wide web. Futurist and entrepreneur Jason Hope has long been an advocate of opening discussions about the Internet of Things and the possibilities that it holds for improving human society as well as the precautions that must be taken as it is developed. Hope has written about the ways in which the coming Internet of Things can improve product development for corporations.

According to Hope just as the internet created data connected to digital media and websites that have allowed journalists to better understand how people are interacting with their work, the Internet of Things can allow corporations and executives to receive a constant loop of data about how the devices they make such as a smart watch or a fitbit are doing after they are purchased by a consumer. This information can enable them to create better products that are suited to meet consumers’ needs.


Omar Yunes Knows How to Run a Company

Omar Yunes started out with the options that he had in business. He wanted to show people that he could do different things and that he would be able to make a difference in the business that he was a part of. Because of the way that Omar Yunes was able to do different things, he knew that he needed to make things better for himself and for the people who he worked with. He also knew that doing all of this would lead to him being able to bring more attention to the area that he was in. Because Mexico had never seen a sushi restaurant chain before, Omar Yunes was confident that Sushi Itto would be the best thing that would be able to happen to the country. He also knew that it was something that would allow people the chance to try new things and make everything better with the options that they had.

Since starting Sushi Itto in Mexico, Omar Yunes won an award for the chain restaurant area that he was in. he was able to be named one of the top franchise owners in the world. He actually won the award for the best one and that allowed him to make even more of a difference in the options that he had. He tried to show people and tell people about what they were able to get out of the different things in the business and that helped him to win the award. It also helped him make a difference for people who were doing different things.

As Sushi Itto has grown, Omar Yunes knows that it is something that people will be able to take advantage of. He wants everyone to be able to get more out of the options that they have and he also wants people to try different things so that they can experience all that Sushi Itto has to offer. While Omar Yunes is not planning on making the company something that everyone will be able to benefit from, he is hoping that it will be as popular as it was in Japan.

Beneful Guide

Many options exist for those who wish to buy their full dog food from Walmart. Walmart continues to be a top supplier, even after many years. It now only further adds to its current stocking inventory, giving you as a consumer many more options to choose from. You may choose from 7 pound bags, 15 pound bags, 31 pound bags, 40 pound bags, 50 pound bags and more. Beneful Originals contains real salmon in their dog food and are regarded as a top brand all around.

Beneful is unique as a provider: It falls under the parent brand company, known as Purina. Purina has produced dog food for many decades now and only specializes it’s craft even further, constantly researching ingredients to add and remove from its pet food for the best results. Walmart offers numerous brand coupons to buy with any branded Beneful dog food product, regardless of the size specific product you purchase. You’re always bound to get a good deal here.

The cheapest Beneful product costs only $1.78 with shipping and tax not included. Now that’s a Rollback Saving you can count on as Walmart founder, Sam Walton, would often say. Two Beneful coupons are offered online: They may be found in-store or at walmart.com. These include getting $3.00 of a purchase of any Beneful dry food product that’s marked “grain-free”. Considering the full price is only $10.58 online without the coupon, that’s not a bad deal at all.

The other coupon offers a Buy 3, Get 1 Free with the purchase of any three Beneful products. Once more, you can save, save and save some more. These products come with 2-day shipping and free in-store pickup. Also, depending on whether you have a Walmart credit card and a membership there, you may save more upon checkout.


ClassDojo is a Teacher’s Dream Come True

Believe it or not, teachers are people too. They have their struggles and challenges like everyone else. They also have dreams. One of the biggest things that teachers dream about is having a class full of wonderful students. Some teachers are living this dream. However, many of them are still pushing toward this goal. Thanks to ClassDojo many more teachers have realistic chance of having the best classroom and teaching experience possible.

So, what is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an application or software program that has been designed for smartphones and tablets. The app can also be used on computers or laptops. However, it is best suited for personalized mobile technology.

The app is useful because it allows teachers to interact more with parents, students and their administrators. Teachers use this app to send messages to parents throughout the day about their child’s performance in class. Some days might be better than others for many students; but at least their parents will know what is going on.

Before the internet, video, text messages and hand-held phones; it was kind of hard for a parent to know everything that was going on inside of a classroom with their child. ClassDojo has overcome this problem. As long as a teacher and their student’s parents download the app; it will help to make positive changes in the classroom.

How does ClassDojo benefit the education environment?

ClassDojo doesn’t make all the bad things go away. However, it just makes the environment better than what it is. Teachers can use ClassDojo to send pics or videos to parents about their child’s positive performance. They can also communicate any concerns long before a parent/teacher conference is scheduled to come around. In short, ClassDojo is a little app that is helping teachers to fulfill their dream of a better classroom.


Talos Energy Involved in Oil Exploration in Mexican Waters

For the first time in 80 years, the Mexican government has allowed private oil firms to launch offshore exploration and drilling, a move that allowed foreign competitors to venture into the energy industry. The joint venture that began drilling recently are Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas, Houston based Talos Energy LLC and Premier Oil Plc, which is based in London. The Zama-1 well is estimated to hold between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude, according to a statement released by Premier. It is expected that the drilling will be concluded in three months time, and cost about $16 million. The three firms won the contract two years ago, after Mexico voted to allow private investors to venture into the oil industry in the country.

According to Elaine Reynolds, a financial analyst based in London, said the drilling was very critical, and would be watched closely by industry players around the globe. He further added that the nature of the basin where the exploration was happening had high chances of succeeding. Talos Energy LLC, owns 35% of the venture and is the operator, while Sierra holds 40% and Premier 25%.

About Talos Energy LLC

A few years ago, Talos Energy LLC announced that its affiliate, Talos Production LLC had finalized an acquisition deal of $620 million for Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. (ERT). The assets of ERT averaged more than 16,000 barrels of crude oil per day. According to Talos Energy’s President and CEO, Tim Duncan, said they were delighted to have concluded such a deal, which would enable them reach an important milestone in their operations.

Talos Energy is a private oil and gas firm headquartered in Houston. Its main areas of operations are exploration and acquisition of oil and gas fields, especially in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. The company is backed by portfolio of funds affiliated with Riverside Holdings, LLC and Apollo Global Management, LLC and Talos Management. Talos has an elaborate, dynamic and entrepreneurial culture that is result-driven. The company is committed to corporate social responsibility, where every employee is offered $500 to support non-profit organizations of their choice.

Organisations That Advocate For Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

Civil, human, and migrant rights are important, but they sometimes get neglected. Negligence of any of these rights leads to the oppression or isolation of a particular group of people, that is the reason that many organizations have come up to fight to ensure that no one despite their civil, human or migrant status is oppressed.

These organizations do not only investigate and expose and human right violation but they also establish a justice system that works for all.

San Diego Immigrant Rights

San Diego immigrant rights is an organization of Association San Diego. The organization was established in 2007, where different sectors of the San Diego community like the labor, faith, and legal organization come together to creates a consortium that advocates for the immigrant rights.

Through this forum, the organization supports comprehensive immigration reform, puts a stop to the local policies and practices which violets the human rights, educates the immigrant of their rights, and ensures that they understand the legal and other resources that are available to them.

The Border Angels

Border Angels is a not for profit association that advocates for the rights of the immigrants. The organization was established in 1986, by Enrique Morones as an all-volunteer organization. It has over 2000 volunteers where the members focus on the reform and social justice mainly focusing on the U.S. -Mexico border.

It focuses on making sure that the immigrants’ rights have not been abused. One of the ways that they do this is by migrant outreach program and awareness program for the immigrants that are found in San Diego County.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)

CHIRLA which is also known as Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles is an organization that is based in Los Angeles. It was founded inn1986 after the control and Immigrant reform act. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

The organization serves individuals, institutions, and coalitions so that it can build power, transform the opinion of the public, as well as put a change of policies so as to achieve human rights and help benefit the immigrants regardless of their immigration status.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Phoenix New Times Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The two were concerned about the issue in Arizona where the Sheriff was not supportive of any immigrants and had made numerous arrest on this matter.

The aim of Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is to ensure that they have helped any immigrants who were arrested by offering any financial assistance they might need to deal with their case.

The sheriff did not take Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund lightly and thus; this is the reason that he issued an arrest warrant for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin since they were helping the immigrants as well as airing what the sheriff was doing to the public.

Since Michael and Jim knew their rights, they sued the county and continued to help the immigrants learn of their rights, and they also give them a voice where they get to practice their freedom of speech.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Improves Patient Care With Clinical Pathways Platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is constantly working to maintain state-of-the-art technology and treatment options for those suffering with cancer. One of their latest endeavors is a program called Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways is designed to streamline the process of treating cancer by partnering with Allscripts and NantHealth to provide a comprehensive custom treatment platform for oncologists.

Clinical Pathways works by utilizing NantHealth’s eviti program, which is a clinical support system, to access electric health records from Allscripts. By doing this, oncologists can access information to provide effective treatment options without slowing their workflow. A patient’s medical history is taken into consideration to inform the selection of vetted treatment plans. Everything from expected outcome to costs of treatment is available, and the process also expedites the insurance approval process. As a result oncologists are able to make educated decisions, and patients receive top care as well as clarity in understanding their options.

The program works in real time, and draws from an Evidence-Based Medical Library with the most up-to-date cancer research available. A full time team manages the library’s information. This team includes oncologists and oncology nurses, along with an advisory board and other medical professionals. The treatment options are evidence based and unbiased, which ensures that patients receive the best possible care without variables and guesswork. All cancers, cancer subtypes and modalities are covered in Clinical Pathways.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is comprised of five hospitals that solely treat cancer. CTCA provides a team of care providers for each patient, delivering high quality care and excellent patient satisfaction. Rather than taking an aloof approach, CTCA oncologists explain things to their patients so that they can be informed and active in the treatment process. Clinical Pathways further equips this philosophy by providing useful real time treatment information. CTCA treats cancer with an integrative approach, ensuring patients physical and emotional well-being, as well as effective treatments of side effects they may be experiencing.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

The Services and Exceptional Advice of Life Line Screening

Life Line has numerous useful tips for men regarding their health. They warn the cortisol level may rise from stress and cause weakness in the immune system, affect critical thinking and reduce energy. Meditation, relaxation and music can help alleviate this stress.

Cardiovascular health can be improved with swimming and running to increase blood flow, stimulate the thyroid gland and boost dopamine production. When exercising consistently cholesterol and blood pressure may both be reduced. Exercise also releases norepinephrine which decreases stress, improves motivation and enhances cognitive functions.

Weight gain and chronic fatigue can be signs of a thyroid condition. A screening can analyze the thyroid and prevent serious future issues. Supplements such as cyanocobalamin, tyrosine, magnesium and green tea extracts can help with functionality. An antioxidant called selenium can help by increasing the triiodothyronine found in the blood and more information click here.

Life Line Screening is a wellness and prevention company that is privately run. They were founded in 1993 and their headquarters are based out of Austin, Texas. Life Line Screening offers health screenings that are community based with services available for adults all over the United States.

Life Line Screening was founded in 1993 in Florida by Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully. They have expanded the available services throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. By 1998, Life Line Screening’s expansion covered a large portion of the United States and health screenings were available for over 500,000 people. The company has since added blood testing using the finger sick method to screen for diabetes, cholesterol and inflammation.

Life Line began offering services for preventive health screenings in 2007 in the United Kingdom. By the year 2008 they had expanded again and were offering screenings for atrial fibrillation. At this time they were using the name Screen for Life and by 2012 were able to offer their services in Australia and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Other Reference: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Life-Line-Screening/salaries

The Extroidianary Coaching And Recruiting Career Of Yanni Hufnagel

At first look, Yanni Hufnagel appears to be a typical resident of Boston. When you take a closer look you find the man who brought the Harvard Basketball team success. Yanni Hufnagel is an extraordinary basketball coach. Although he was kicked off his high school basketball team he persevered and became a television commentator for the teams games.

After he graduated he attended Cornell University and Pennsylvania University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Labor and Industrial Relations. Yanni Hufnagel finished his internship at the New Jersey Net before joining with the University of Oklahoma in the position of assistant basketball coach. He earned his Master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education at the same time.

Yanni Hufnagel became the assistant coach and recruiter for the Harvard Crimson Men’s Basketball program. This led to a promising career in recruiting and his being named to the basketball dream team by CBS. He became the assistant coach for the Vanderbilt in 2013 and improved their ranking to 29th. When he left he became the assistant coach for the Golden Bears.

Yanni Hufnagel helped their team in achieving the NCAA Tournament berth in 2016. After two years he moved to the University of Nevada Wolf Park as the assistant coach. His employment received support from the UNR president.

Yanni Hufnagel’s peers voted him as the coach most likely to hit the big time because of his ability to recruit in a sports survey by CBS. He became part of the dream team comprised of assistant coaches in the 2012-2013 season and was labeled one of the most energetic and relentless recruiters.

Yanni Hufnagel helped in the development of Wesley Saunders and Jeremy Lin at Harvard. During the four year period he was there Harvard went 90-30 in the final season. They played New Mexico in the NCAA Division in 2013.


Talos Energy

Around 2015, Mexico opened it’s oil industry to private investment, due to the fact that it’s oil industry was not doing so well. As a result, three companies, Premier Oil Plc, Talos Energy LLC and Sierra Oil and Gas gained the rights to prospect. On May 21st, 2017, the companies started drilling into the Zama-1-well. The Zama-1-well is located in the Sureste Basin, off the state of Tabasco.

Talos Energy, LLC, is based in Houston, and it was founded in 2012. It’s focus is to explore, acquire and use gas and oil properties. Talos Energy focuses on the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. Ash Shepherd is the company’s commercial manager for Mexico. He signed two production sharing contracts that made Talos Energy the first foreign operator to do business in Mexico since 1938. This is due to the fact that Mexico started to allow private investments in the oil industry. The signing of these contracts was a big milestone for Talos Energy—both because of the fact that they struck a big deal, and because they made history.

Talos Energy has acquired a number of other companies. Energy Resource Technology GOM Inc is one of these companies. Energy Resource Technology GOM Inc is a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. Talos Energy is affiliated with Riverstone Holdings, LLC, and Apollo Global Management, LLC.

Helix Energy Solutions Group is headquartered in Texas, and acts as an international offshore oil company. Apollo Global Management LLC is an alternative investment manager. It has offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Frankfurt, Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Luxembourg. Riverstone Holdings, LLC, is a private equity firm that focuses on energy and power. It was founded in 2001. Riverstone has raised $24 billion of equity capital across 7 co-investments and investment funds. The company has offices in Houston, London and New York.

For more information follow Talos Energy on Facebook.