Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage, Ph.D. is the managing partner at 5AM Ventures since 2003. He was the Chief Executive Officer at EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. from May 6, 2016 to July 25th, 2016. He was Acting Chief Executive Officer since May 6, 2016 until May 11th, 2016.

Dr. Rocklage has a Ph.D. in chemistry from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT. He has done his research in the laboratory of Richard. R. Shrock, Noble Prize in chemistry 2005. He is a co-creator or creator of over 30 U.S. patents and has more than 100 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Rocklage has had 30 years experience with healthcare management. 5 am Ventures is in the company formation business and it simply means they are new, starting early. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn and Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

He works with entrepreneurs to bring new ideas to life. These entrepreneurs are usually scientists, physicians, or business executives. New cancer treatment is fascinating to Dr. Rocklage because now the technology is available to target specific mutations or genotypes. He is most productive as an entrepreneur when he uses time management, calendaring, and prioritization.

As an entrepreneur, he mentions having had failures with hiring certain people as a manager. He values measured risk-taking, and moving on from mistakes such as hiring the wrong person as previously mentioned. Dr. Rocklage’s other companies he has worked for include being CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

He has been the President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, and has held Research and Development positions at Salutar and Catalytica. He has served as board chairman of Relypsa and Novira, which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson.

He has helped develop three new drugs of the following: Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin. He has entered six drug candidates into clinical trials.

As of April 5th, 2017 he is the managing partner at 5AM Ventures, which focuses on building life science companies that deliver returns on investment.

5 AM Ventures has scientific, medical, operational, legal and financial expertise as an early investor in new companies. 5 AM ventures offers input to operating plans, strategy and management team development issues which new companies have solved.

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Scott M. Rocklage, PhD

Use Lime Crime Beauty Products to Create Sensational Looks

Lime Crime has done it again. Check out their fun new palettes, designed to resemble those cute Polly Pocket dolls with tiny compartment-like houses and such. This is a cool blast from your past. Just like owning those mini-dolls back in school, owning this brightly-colored set will make you an instant celebrity. Everyone will want to know where you got it. The shadows blend perfectly and look fantastic on many skin tones. Each palette contains both neutral shades as well as more eye-popping brighter hues. Go ahead and get yours now from any retailer that sells this company’s high-end brand of finer beauty products.

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Everyone has the see the spectacular Unicorn Hair Dye in radiant rainbow colors that will simply bedazzle. The best part is that these dyes are idiot-proof. Get your sparkle on with new tops-coats for lips, reminiscent of a fairy-godmother’s magic-wand dust. Speaking of magic, this beauty company has released a new highlighter so gorgeous you will want to re-create the resulting illusion of dewy-bright skin every single day. It shimmers with opalescent color and transforms many skin types into fantastical pictures of perfection. You won’t want to leave home without it.

Leave it to this company to completely change what is considered beauty. Their unique products are worth every cent. If you are tired of boring make-up selections with dull color choices, switch to Lime Crime cosmetics and beauty aids. Breathe new life into the appearance you present to others. Reinvent your style by using any of these exquisite beauty products.

Rocketshiop Education Core Values Better Communities

Rocketship Education is a branch of charter schools that started in California. Rocketship currently also has schools in Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. These charter schools service areas where children may not receive optimal educations that cater to their individual needs. One interesting fact about Rocketship Education is that they incorporate parents into the classroom. Rocketship embraces family and parents who are willing to help in the school.

Rocketship Education emphasizes five core values in all of their schools nationwide. These core values are respect, responsibility, empathy and persistence. Four of these core values are consistent throughout all Rocketship schools across the United States. The fifth core value is flexible. This fifth value is unique to each charter branch of Rocketship and is selected by the faculty and parents of Rocketship students. Two previously selected fifth core values were bravery and curiosity.

Rocketeers recite their core values every day while they are in school. These values help them to grow in the community and the classroom. Respect towards staff, parents and classmates can include being kind and also respecting other students need for quiet or help. Responsibility puts a focus on not only being responsible for classwork but for also each students individual actions. Empathy teaches students to be understanding and caring for each other and people in their homes and communities. Persistence will help students learn the reward in working hard for their goals.

Many Rocketship charter school students come from areas that are high crime and high poverty. Every day stress from living in these environments can make education difficult. Rocketship has been expanding every year to service more of these neighborhoods; some schools currently have waiting lists with hundreds of students of names. Rocketship schools are known for their ability to provide steady social and educational environments that provide stability to these children’s lives. Rocketship Charter schools put a focus on involving family members so they can see also develop a sense of Responsibility, Respect, Empathy and Persistence to help better their communities.

Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Great Taste & Style

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dental practitioner for MB2 Dental, but he shows that he has a life outside of practice as well as great style. He recently did an article about five star wines that are affordable under $30. He did say that most affordable wines are popular and have great flavor, but they are not under $30. His great tasting wines choices that are price under $30 include the following:

1. Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon- It costs $18 per bottle and goes great with a good meal. A perfect balance of a good, medium-bodied wine type with a fruit flavor and floral notes

2. Domaine de Pellehaut Chardonnay Fruit, PGI Côtes de Gascogne- a steal at $9, this exceptionally classed wine has a hint of cream and vanilla, and vibrant and crisp grapefruit and a burst of fruit flavors.

3. Château Haut Bernasse Le Clos Monbazillac- costing $15, it has a mixture of Semillon, sauvignon blanc, and muscadelle. The honey, marmalade, and sprightly acidity flavors are enjoyable.

4. Chateau Beaumont, Haut Medoc- at a cost of $11, a perfect extraction of soft and supple tannins and cedar, cassis, and violet flavors are included in this wine.

5. Chateau Mont-Perat, Castillon- costing $11, this wine is filled with dark berries that are concentrated along with a mineral taste and blended well with cedar.

6. Chateau Capbern, Saint-Estephe- for $18, perfect intensity of this wine is made through its many layers of plums, violets, and cassis.

7. Château Saint-Maur- it’s $25 and is the perfect sipping wine for the summer.

8. La Vieille Ferme Rouge, Côtes du Ventoux- another great steal at $8, this is a Perrin family brand. It’s a 2009 wine with a slightly spicy, vigorous taste of raspberry and blackberry.

9. Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine Saissac, Vin de Pays d’Oc- another steal costing $9, its tannins and cassis are delightful.

10. Asda Beaujolais- an even more steal at $5, it has a cranberry fruity flavor with a high quality like a classic Beaujolais wine. It is totally delightful with steak.

11. La Parde de Haut-Bailly, Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux- it costs $25, and it’s a good conversation wine.

12. Domaine Hudelot-Noellat, Bourgogne Rouge, Burgundy- at $10, this is unlike the typically plain Bourgogne rouge. It has a fruity and silky flavor and is fragranced.

Dr. Akhil Reddy also has great style as well. In another recent article, he gave some pointers on how to dress under a white lab coat which has been frustrating to many professionals. On the other hand, they appreciate how the white coats keep substances off their clothes.

Dr. Reddy says that medical and other professionals can wear the traditional tie and collared shirt, the business casual look, a dress shirt with chinos/khakis, a collared shirt with dark jeans, and dark khakis with turtlenecks. He also stated that the dress code does count even with the white lab coat on.

The Immaculate Mighty Fortress Church

Although most of the churches date back to the ancient times either in the historic or prehistoric ages, the architectural art therein is magnificent. From the monumental view to the artistic interior designs, these churches have stood steady amidst all weather conditions implying the durability of the construction materials. Minnesota to be precise has the eye-catching historic to modern worship chapels which is their cultural heritage.

The St. Paul Assumption church was designed way back in 1870 after another one in Munich Germany. It has a glaring interior and a Romanesque revival architectural style. Synonymously is the Assumption or Grasshopper Chapel was built following a grasshopper plague end. The Episcopal Church of our Savior has a unique stone field and timber construction in the upper sections. Architect John Sutcliffe is the force behind this church in Little falls. Fowler Methodist Church is an arched design with square steeples on either side by Warren Hayes completed in 1894. Another church still in Minneapolis is the Hennepin Ave United Methodist church with close resemblance to the latter but with rural Gothic Antics.

Incognito by the National Register of Historic Places is the St. Mary’s Church in New Trier of 1909 in the French Beaux style. The Spanish founded St. Andrew had tastefully colored clay tiles on the roof. Apparently, it is an arts academy. Stella Marie Chapel in St. John University has a spectacular lake view and is a tourist attraction. The Catholic Church has several chapels with state of the art design such as Christ the King-Browerville, St. Columbia Church, Hopperstand Stave and Unitarian Church-Duluth among others.

About Mighty Fortress Church
The Rhema Bible Training graduate, Bishop T.R. Williams is the founder and senior pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. The church is centered on the spiritual, physical and economic growth. It has outreach programs and support ministry along with preaching.

Its unselective soul winning and approach has grown its popularity. People are encouraged to attend church as they are. The modern style of worship, culture integration, Bible teaching and evangelism as some outstanding features incorporated. Word of God is Taught extensively and discourage evil.

Bishop Williams has been in ministry for over 30 years serving in different capacities. He has two degrees from St. Thomas College and Midwest Christian College Seminary. Bethel University and North Central University similarly are his alma mater with masters and bachelors respectively.

For more information follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

Views Of Felipe Montoro Jens On Concessions And Sanitation Services

There was bound to be a lot of discussion when the government announced the concessions it was going to make through a partnership with BNDES, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. Hence the views of Felipe Montoro Jens, a leading name in infrastructure projects, were really relevant here. Edison Carlos is the president of Trata Brasil. This is an institute that is associated with actions on basic sanitation. He stated that the basic sanitation services in Brazil will undergo major improvements with regard to management as well as in the structural and the resource areas. In addition, there will be a reduction in the waste levels too.

Till now, 90% of the basic sanitation services in Brazil were being provided by the public agencies. Now getting a private initiative is a great idea as both these forms of management will be able to work better once they act in a complementary manner. This is because the government bodies have a lot of experience while the private players have access to resources.

Felipe Montoro Jens has maintained that losing water is leading to a major loss of financial resources from various state-owned companies. Since the private enterprises have more resources, hence they can avoid the water being wasted. Besides, these private companies make use of advanced technology too. This is crucial with regard to the water management. The current situation in Brazil requires the rigor of such organizations in order to perform a significant improvement financially in these public institutions.

Felipe Montoro Jens further commented that the efficiency of an organization is not based on the kind of administration it has. There needs to be an alignment between its operation and the citizen’s needs. Even the costs will make an impact here, as per the infrastructure expert, Felipe Montoro Jens.

How to Turn Your Business into A Succesful Venture by Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, innovator and one of the most creative CEO in the technology and software industry. He has dedicated his entire life towards making an impact in every person’s life. Eric Pulier understands the role of helping upcoming entrepreneurs. For this reason, he helps them raise money that is necessary to actualize their dreams. He has plenty of information and insights that you can use to pursue your interests in the business.

Eric Pulier considers his passion for technology as the main driving force towards software business. It is in this line that he came to his realization; no matter how good the idea is, the availability of a market is crucial. From that day, Eric went on a mission to ensure that his technological ideas were able to reach the biggest possible number of consumers.

Eric Pulier is a venture capitalist. His career requires him to be always on the move searching for the best ideas to invest in. Owing to his experience in the field, he has developed a skill and can quickly discern the particular entrepreneurs that are passionate about their ideas and who want to change the world. Such entrepreneurs should be ready and willing to dedicate long hours to achieve the success that they have been aiming for. To achieve greater success, he has learned the importance of delegation of responsibilities.

Eric Pulier started his first company; the Digital Evolution in the year 1994. He believes that one of the tough tasks was to get at least one client to buy his product. He used word of mouth to market the firm, in that way, he was able to attract both the employees clients to enterprise. He then nurtured the company for four years before it was legally acquired. The company taught how to persevere and maintain the highest possible standards for client service. For more info about us: click here.

Eric Pulier graduated from high school in 1984. He then went to Harvard University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Arts majoring in American Literature and Arts. After his graduation from Harvard, he decided to venture into the corporate world. Since then, he has dedicated his life and wealth to help the less fortunate in the society. These include kids suffering from chronic illness. He is also involved in other philanthropic activities. The most famous being the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The community focuses on generating and offering funds to various educational programs to the people who have Sclerosis.

Rocketship Education values students dreams

Rocketship Education is a public elementary charter which serves as a non-profit education center. The school helps to enroll the children from low-income earners family and those with special needs. Rocketship School values the dreams of young developing minds of the children. Their education system is tailored to meet the need of every learner as per the family directives.

Rocketship Education had some struggles in its early stages of establishment. It started a decade ago in California in a church basement in San Jose. The school is committed to building an approach that is educational oriented, scalable and sustainable in making the Rocketship community fortunate through providing achievements to learners who come from needy communities nationwide.

The teaching methods are made to meet each student differences. The approach of instruction is learner centered, and each teacher is required to take time with the individual student to personalize the learning system. The school also integrates teaching with technology to enhance better understanding and retention capabilities.

Parents are also engaged in the academic learning process so that Rocketship can personalize learning. The school plans and conducts annual door to door visits to the homes of their students to assess the effort of the parents towards their children education. Parents should be the ambassadors of education to their kids.

Through Rocketship parent leadership programs, families have the voice to demand political attention. They can hold the elected leaders accountable to enable an excellent education system that will thrive and help many generations to come. The aim of fighting for better education in middle level and high school is because Rocketship Education has not yet established a high school where the kids can join after the primary.

Unlike other institutions of learning, Rocketship values the concept of diversity. Therefore, they enroll all kids regardless of their religion, social class, ethnicity, creed or race. The school staffs are diversified to make sure learners acquire different cultural experiences. Moreover, Rocketship believes in meaningful-inclusion model. They cater for students with the disabilities and ensures that they are treated equally in every aspect of learning.


David Giertz Living a Productive Life After Retirement without Financial Worries

Any person needs to have a solid retirement plan to ensure that they can spend their retirement years without having to depend on anyone else and doing what they love. It is not always easy to create a perfect retirement plan on your own, and it is when you need the expertise of a financial advisor. They can help you pick plans for investment that can give you good returns when you retire.

According to David Giertz, one should not just think about the future alone and live the present too. While most believe that it might not be possible, but according to him, it is not. He shares a few tips that can also individuals to live responsibly and still enjoy their retirement years. The first thing a person needs to do is decide how much money you need once you retire. It depends on what you would like to do such as taking dance classes or traveling the world. Based on it, you need to create a budget and setting aside funds every month for it. It will leave you with enough money that you spend on pleasurable activities without any worries.

David Giertz is one of the leading financial advisors in the country offering a broad range of financial services to his clients. As the former President of the Nationwide sales and distribution center, he is the person behind its success. Before joining Nationwide, he worked with Citigroup for about ten years.

David Giertz has 30 years of experience in the financial industry and is not afraid to share his knowledge with others who can benefit from it. He is also involved in many community organizations including being one of the Trustees of Millikin University. He has helped thousands of retirees’ live productive lives after their retirements and advises more individuals each day for their retirement years.

Find out more about David Giertz:

Matthew Autterson Sorts Out Plans for Investors

Financial planning can be a very difficult thing to do sometimes. People do not always know exactly how they want to spend the money that they are making on investments, but there is someone in Colorado named Matthew Autterson that can help.


Matthew has already proven himself to be a viable source of information when it comes to financial advising, and he has had leadership roles as a board member for things like the Denver Zoo and the Denver hospice. He has had a plethora of different jobs, but people may know him best for his role with the resources Trust Company. At one time Matthew was the president of this company that provided financial advisement services to more than 200,000 clients. Under his leadership Matthew Autterson was responsible for as many as 15,000 registered financial advisors. This gave him a lot of room to grow as a leader in the financial industry.


Matthew has certainly become a staple to all of those that are in need of financial help, and now he is working for WIN Wealth Management and bringing forth the same type of resourceful tools for people that want to improve their financial portfolio. There is a lot of praise for what Matthew Autterson is able to do.


Matthew has become well-known in Colorado, and there is a great amount of interest spreading for what he is doing in the financial sector. there certainly is a lot to consider when people look at the different type of investments that are out there. So many people will say that they want to invest in stocks, but Matthew knows that there are other things that people can put their money into if they are not totally comfortable with stocks. The key is to make investments that actually bring some type of return on investment.


Any money that is just sitting idle in a savings account is not allowing you any chance to make more funds. That may be the main reason that people are going to appreciate what Matthew is able to do.


Matthew can help a lot of people that want to build their financial empire, but it is going to take time for investors to sort out plans. That is why it helps to work with Matthew on a regular basis. This gives him a chance to get a feel for the investment strategies that clients want.