Malcolm CasSelle – Video Game Entrepreneur Creates WAX

Malcolm CasSelle has made a living off video games, and he’s not a developer, he’s not an investor, he is an innovator. CasSelle is a graduate of both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford. It was there, in two of the most prestigious schools in the country, that he achieved his knowledge of computer science and blockchain technologies. He assists in the operations of one of the most popular third-party video game marketplaces in the world. Players of first person survival and first person shooter games have been using OPSkins for years to purchase and sell cosmetic skins for their knives and guns.

Malcolm CasSelle has taken one step further into the world of virtual asset training. He has created a system called WAX that he hopes will expand to include not only all different types of video games, but also virtual goods that have nothing to do with gaming. By using WAX, CasSelle intends for even competitors of his other company, OPSkins, to have to resort to using WAX. WAX enables the use of several different types of cryptocurrencies and country currencies in one place, and makes it possible for merchants to effortlessly post their goods on multiple sites at once – assuming they all use WAX.

When a person decides to begin using WAX, they will receive a universal widget for their desktop. Everything you need to do can be handled from this overlay and it can even be used while you are gaming. With WAX, you won’t have to close your screen or wait hours at a time for your transactions to complete.

About Malcolm CasSelle

After CasSelle finished his education, he founded a company called Netnoir, a media company and one of the first of its kind. He then moved on to a company called Xfire. Xfire was a specialized community for video game fans. The platform brought together news, video streaming, customized profiles and a number of other features way before other companies like Twitch and Steam were invented.

GoBuyside is a Unique International Recruiting Platform for Finance Careers

GoBuyside is a closed-ended recruitment platform that offers recruiting services for investment firms. GoBuyside has recruited for over 10,000 firms in 16 countries around the world. GoBuyside works with hedge funds, equity firms, fortune 500 companies, and more to find top-tier candidates around the world. It is headquarter in New York City, New York. GoBuyside’s platform is almost like social media for career seekers. Candidates are able to log on and see all the open positions. Then they are able to submit themselves. From there, GoBuyside uses exclusive technology to screen potential candidates, choosing only the best to present to clients. They work with over 500 recruitment platforms to thoroughly vet and filter candidates, ensuring that clients get top-tier employees. GoBuyside recruits candidates for careers in the areas of Asset Management, Credit, Corporate Development, Hedge Funds, Investment Advisory, Growth Equity, Private Equity, and Venture Capital. Read this article at Accesswire.

GoBuyside was founded in 2010 by Arjun Kapur. He graduated from John Hopkins University with a degree in Economics, and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Unlike most people in the 21st century, Kapur is not on any social media platforms personally although GoBuyside is on all major social media platform and actively recruits through them. Kapur feels that avoiding social media makes him a more productive entrepreneur. Kapur’s strategy for ensuring GoBuyside’s success is an old-fashioned principle–great client service. Although this principle may be old fashioned, it is still one of the best ways to ensure a strong, long-lasting business relationship.


GoBuyside doesn’t only recruit top-tier talent for their clients. They also have top-tier employees working at their company. One great example is Christian Long, an Analyst at GoBuyside. Christian Long graduated with a degree in Sociology from Colgate University. He attended graduate school at St. Lawrence College in Ontario, Canada where he studied Business Administration. After college, he worked as a Research Analyst for Excelsior Capital Asia in Hong Kong. He then went on to become a Research Manager at Mosaic Research Management in Boston, and he has also been a Research Manager for Guidepoint in New York. Christian Long is a highly qualified employee and represents the type of talent that GoBuyside has to provide the best service for their clients. Read this article at Nasdaq.

Dr. David Samadi: His Passion About Early Prostate Cancer Detection Can Save Lives

Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi, is a well known robotic prostate surgeon in New York who is passionate about letting men know that they should get tested for prostate cancer. He makes an appearance every week as a medical correspondent on Fox News, letting men know that when prostate cancer is caught early on, when there are no symptoms, the cure rate is 90 percent. Dr. Samadi is also a Fox News medical contributor. He promotes exercising more; eating a healthy diet and drinking less too help lower the risk of all types of cancers.

Dr. David Samadi trained in general surgery and urology at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. Samadi also attended Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City for a fellowship in urology, and then he traveled to France, attending Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil for his robotic prostatectomy fellowship.

Dr. David Samadi invented the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART), allowing men from around the world to benefit from the minimally invasive surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. SMART, which has tactile feedback for the surgeon, helps preserve male potency. Samadi has visited Greece, Israel, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, Germany and France to train surgeons in robot-assisted prostatectomy procedures.

Samadi TV, the doctor’s website, contains a wealth of useful information about prostate cancer and its treatment. Anyone who is considering visiting Dr. Samadi, or who wanted to know more about the subject, can find what they need on Samadi TV. There is a list of symptoms, videos on topics ranging from prostate health to medical news and more. Additionally, there are links to Dr. Samadi’s posts that he has written for the Huffington Post. He is a regular contributor, writing about topics such as probiotics and kidney health, in addition to prostate cancer.

In Dr. David Samadi’s custom unit at Lennox Hill Hospital allows a patient to recover in large, private rooms with concierge services and a private chef. Patients from 45 countries have visited Samadi’s unit at Lennox Hill, taking advantage of the private security offered for their privacy.

Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media:

Vijay Eswaran and True Determination

Vijay Eswaran is an indefatigable businessman who comes from Malaysia in the Southeastern part of Asia. He was born in the state of Penang in the fall of 1960. He attended a couple of prominent educational institutions as a young and bright-eyed adult. One was the London School of Economics located in London in the United Kingdom. The other was Southern Illinois University in the Midwestern region of the United States. Eswaran is QI Group’s Executive Chairman. He’s its Founder, too. He’s an executive who has great familiarity with all aspects that relate to the business world. He’s also an author and philanthropist. He adores giving the general public access to his words of wisdom via his writing skills. He also adores supporting charitable causes that are so valuable to him and to the people he knows and encounters day in and day out.

Eswaran has an Indian cultural background. He’s an encouraging figure who truly understands the power of dedication and hard work. He paid for his education through a part-time job as a taxi driver. This position covered his studies in both management and accounting. Eswaran got straight to work after completing his education. He dove into the workforce without any hesitation. He landed a position as an information systems engineer for a handful of different firms. These were located all across North America and the Southeastern region of Asia. He worked for IBM for some time.

A major financial dilemma took place in Asia toward the end of the nineties. Vijay Eswaran responded to the problematic situation by creating an in-depth direct selling network. This was based in the Philippines. He employed an interesting blend of ecommerce and direct selling techniques through this effort. This network, with a little time, would turn into what is now known everywhere simply as QNET. The company rapidly expanded and gained powerhouse status in less than a year. It wasn’t exclusively a success in the Philippines, either. It also did amazingly well in other parts of Southeastern Asia. The QI Group currently has a staff that consists of approximately 1,500 individuals total.

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Kodak Company Receives A Negative Report From Sahm Adrangi’s Company, Kerrisdale Capital

Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, founded by Sahm Adarangi. It was founded in 2009 and it is located in New York. It is a private investment manager that deals with investments that are likely to bring a long-term value as well as special situation investments. Kerrisdale Capital has a membership affiliation with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Institutional Investor.

Recently, Kerrisdale Capital published a negative report about Eastman Kodak Company, giving an explanation as to why they have been short positioned in this long existing commercial printing and imaging company. Kodak’s stock has suddenly risen to more than double, that is to 187%, ever since they announced of the partnership to launch a platform for blockchain-enabled image licensing and photo-centric cryptocurrency.

According to Kerrisdale, the Kodak’s announcement is nothing but mere attempt to put at bay the ICO craze that will do nothing to set it free from its poor state of the event and the unstable and non-manageable capital structure. It is highly impossible for Kodak to make a value of over $300 million shortly after licensing its product to a blockchain project, states Kerrisdale Capital in the report. Just a day before Kodak made the announcement, the company’s board members awarded themselves shares so conveniently, while a questionable stock promoter was to handle the PR matters and a German copyright group trolls present themselves as “ blockchain-enabled image platform managers.” Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

Kerrisdale Capitals states that even though blockchain, as a technology, has the capacity of disrupting several companies, this may not be the case as their use by KODAKOne in media rights licensing since it accomplishes nothing. Kerrisdale report says that it’s a completely silly idea for KODAKOne to think that they can find a solution to the copyright infringement problem by the use of a crypto-asset and smart contracts. The resources needed for copyright enforcement cannot be reduced by a blockchain. Sadly, those behind the KODAKCoin have no credibility on the blockchain. This attempt is not a solution but the last result of bankruptcy.

About Sahm Adrangi.

Sahm Adrangi is the CIO at Kerrisdale as well as the founder. Previously, Sahm Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management as an Investment Analyst. He has also worked at Chanin Capital Partners as well as with Deutsche Bank, in a leveraged finance group. He is a graduate of Yale University with an Economics’ degree.


Blowing The Crowd Away With Their Designs, Academy of Art University

Within the world of Arts and Education, there is a meeting, a school, which teaches young and aspiring artists all of the tips and tricks, methods and tools for creating some of the best art the world has ever seen. This school is called the Academy of Art University and it is located in San Francisco, California.

This school was originally founded in 1929 as an advertising art school where students would learn to make the cartoons and posters for the advertisements of the time. It was founded initially by Richard S. Stephens who was a painter and lead magazine editor.

In 1951 Stephens passed leadership of the University to his son of the same name until 1992 when his daughter took hold of the reigns, leading the school to further success, participating in the bi-annual New York Fashion Week event since 2005.

The Academy of Art university School of Fashion held its 21st runway showcase this last year in September of 2017 and many of the students had amazing pieces to show. A total of ten recent graduates were on the floor to debut five womenswear pieces as well as two menswear pieces.

The diversity of the students themselves lends a great deal of appeal to the whole show, from mainland China to a small town in coastal Maine, not to mention several students from some rather faraway places as well.

The amazing arrangement of ideas from such a broad spectrum of design techniques were amazingly presented, all of their hours of hard work on top of their down to the last minute fixes were some of the most amazing pieces to date, truly stunning the audience present.

The Academy of Art University received their regional accreditation in 2007 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Academy of Art University has always maintained a standard admissions policy for any and all applicants who meet the basic criteria for admission.

The Academy of Art University teaches a disciplined approach to the implementation of both the most essential and basic techniques as well as the more advances tools and tricks to develop critical thinking on the spot.

The RealReal Is Increasing Their Customer Base With Pop-Ups

After their first physical location in New York City was successful, The RealReal has plans to invest in another store in 2018. According to the director of marketing for the company a brand is legitimized by stores. Allison Sommer discussed the stores of the future on Tuesday at a Miami conference. In 2016 the New York pop-up location for the RealReal earned $2 million after opening their doors in SoHo. This motivated the retailer to test new markets by using pop-ups. The typical value of an order at the store exceeds the online orders times six. Allison Sommer believes once the customers see the value and cool features of the brand they become loyal.

The pop-ups for RealReal are building awareness of the brand. Evan after the wrap of the pop-up in San Francisco the yearly increase in online buyers was 500 percent. The upcoming pop-up in Las Vegas is hoping to experience the same success. Additional pop-ups will appear all over the united States during the course of the year. RealReal is attempting to find the customers not as accustomed to the pop-ups as Los Angeles or New York. They are becoming increasingly popular with the digital brands due to their high rate of success. Not every RealReal pop-up will include a flower shop and cafe like the flagship in New York. The pop-up series is about experts, gemologists and authentication specialists there to help the customers.

The employees hired by RealReal have experience at places including Gucci and Sotheby’s. Allison Sommer wants employees interested in much more than commission. The VIP customers will enjoy private shopping events. There will be educational workshops including The History of Chanel and How to Value a Diamond. These workshops are designed to bring in additional traffic. A consignment office in the store will be available for the consignors. This will enable them to receive quotes for the price of certain items. If the quote is accepted the item is left with the store and sold online.

RealReal is now six years old. They are the online luxury startup with the most funding. Their sellers are a critical part of their success.

Israel to Expand

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat who has been stationed in the United Kingdom since 2011. His work includes negotiating international trade agreements with potential Israeli allies and increasing general rapport with officials through acts of diplomacy.

Daniel Taub is a dedicated, passionate and a self-sacrificing individual who attempts to do as much as he can to benefit his country. Since he has been working in the United Kingdom he has managed to not only increase trade between his country and theirs but has managed to increase trade by a staggering 200%.

This means that over three hundred Israeli businesses have decided to move storefronts to various areas throughout the UK in order to sell their products and their services. This agreement is responsible for increasing the economy of the state of Israel significantly and promises to continue to do so through the unforeseen future.

Daniel Taub has not always been a citizen of the state of Israel. Interestingly enough he was born and raised as a national of England and has lived the majority of his life in the very country that he has been negotiating with since 2011. His interests in Israel are produced from his devotion to his faith.

Taub is an Orthodox Jew who has always seen Israel as being the promised land for his people. He took a family vacation to Israel in 1989, where he immediately fell in love with the country.

After moving there and gaining Israeli citizenship he joined the defense force as a combat medic and then transitioned from that position of servitude into diplomacy. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

While he has been a godsend in the UK, his attention has always mainly been focused towards his own county. Taub has recently stated that he would be resigning from his post in England and return home to Israel in order to develop positive relations with the Arabic nations there.

There has always been bad blood between the Jewish community and Islamic states. Since he has focused attention on the Middle East, however, Taub has been able to positively increase relations between Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Both of these countries have been declared enemies of Israel since they attempted a combined invasion that opened the events of the Six-Day War. In order to stop future conflicts, diplomats like Taub are working around the clock to increase relations with others and build friendly bonds with nations.

OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin: A Multitalented, Caring, Visionary Leader

Many people around the world associate the name Sheldon Lavin with the global food processing company the OSI Group. That’s because Lavin has been the owner of the company as well as its CEO for almost 50 years. What many people don’t known is that Lavin’s educational background is in accounting and financial services. He became aware of the OSI Group when they approached the financial services firm he owned looking for funds to purchase equipment and expand into a new facility. Lavin got them the funds and was so impressed with the company he began investing in it.

Lavin took control of the OSI Group in the 1980s and set it on a path that led to its expansion into the global food services market. Lavin not only had the financial acumen to help the company to grow, he also had a clear vision of what was possible for it to become. One reason for the company’s global success is its ability to produce culturally sensitive products designed to satisfy the tastes of people from a variety of cultures. Under Lavin’s guidance, the OSI Group now serves millions of customers throughout the United States, Central and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Australia.

The thoughtful, caring nature of Sheldon Lavin has also helped to make the OSI Group a leader in the food processing industry. Lavin has instituted award-winning policies for worker and food safety as well as environmental sustainability. He also created programs that provide a wide range of benefits for workers and their loved ones. Plus, he has an open door policy where any worker can go to him with ideas, questions and concerns. Lavin regularly has meals with rank and file staff members, encourages everyone to call him by his first name and has created a family atmosphere in the company.

Although Sheldon Lavin is over 80 years old, the husband, father and grandfather remains active in the OSI Group’s daily activities. He also shares his time, talent, expertise and resources with a number of charitable organizations including the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Asked about the keys to his success, Sheldon Lavin said humility has been most important to him. Good business leaders must be humble enough to learn from their workers, colleagues and customers. Lavin also stressed the importance of investing in human capital and surrounding oneself with smart, ethical and moral people.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page:

Jeremy Goldstein: Meeting in the Middle

Jeremy Goldstein is a man who knows a thing or two about executive compensation law and how it works for companies. He is the main partner at his own law firm in New York City and writes columns about and answers legal questions when they arise. Jeremy Goldstein holds a Masters Degree in law from Chicago University and a Bachelors Degree from Cornell University. His J.D came from New York University

Jeremy Goldstein has been at the center of many major executive compensation mergers over the past decade and gives of his own time to serve on boards and charities in order to help the local community. Some of the mergers that he has been involved in are Goodrich being bought by United Technologies Corporation, Verizon Wireless merging with Alltel, and Phillips Petroleum Company merging with Conoco. Jeremy Goldstein also serves on the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee for the American Bar Association and he is a member of the Leadership Council for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is often asked to speak on the topics of executive compensation law and other subjects pertaining to law. In an article for the New York City Enquirer, Jeremy Goldstein talks about a middle ground when it comes to incentive-based compensation.

The main thread of the article discusses Earnings Per Share. Jeremey Goldstein knows that a battle can loom over employees making good money versus the long-term aspects of what the company wants to do. He suggests that companies and employees meet in the middle. Companies should not do away with the pay for performance premium. Instead, companies should state in a contract that executives and CEO’s should be held to the same standards as their employees. If the CEO makes the right decisions in moving the company forward then the CEO should be paid. If the CEO does poorly the incentive should be taken off of the table. If the contract can be structured in this manner then everyone will benefit. Employees and CEO’s can still make money and the company can strive for better results in the future. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who knows how to make the law understandable to normal people. He knows that compromise is the best policy for a business, Keeping the CEO and the employees happy is central to business success. This is a man who understands that principle better than most.