Dreaming of Starting or Expanding a Small Business in Newark? What You Should Know About the Newark Community EDC

There’s a new non-profit corporation that every Newark business professional should know about. Founded by Mayor Ras Baraka, the Newark Community EDC could help you start a new business or improve the business you already run.

According to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Kevin Seawright, the mayor started the Newark Community EDC in 2015. The Corporation evolved out of the Brick City Development Corporation with the main goal of helping small businesses throughout all of Newark’s communities, not just the big businesses downtown.

Kevin Seawright also stated that the Corporation is looking to work with any small business owner with a solid business plan. They’ve already funded loans for convenience markets, clothing stores and jewelry shops.

In addition to extending loans to promising Newark small businesses, Kevin and the staff of the Newark Community EDC encourage potential business owners and managers to come in and learn more about how to successfully run a business. Potential smb owners can learn about:

  • Managing and reporting finances,
  • Taxes and accounting, and
  • Credit reporting best practices

Kevin Seawright and other staff also try to give potential business owners some idea of how close they are to starting a new business. Some potential business owners need to fix their credit or raise money some other way. Others need more counseling and advice on how to run a business.

The Newark Community EDC wants small businesses to find success in Newark. This will only encourage diversity and goodwill throughout the community and improve everyone’s quality of life. Small businesses have always done a huge part to encourage community growth throughout America.

If potential business owners are only a few steps away from running a successful business, the Newark Community EDC will extend a loan to them to get the business started.

In order to secure the funding the Corporation uses to help small businesses, the Newark Community EDC works closely with the SBA. The Corporation also doesn’t show specific preference to women or minority owned business models.

They will extend a loan to anyone with a solid business plan they feel will work successfully in one of Newark’s bustling communities.

Hair Care Mistakes You Should Never Commit

Your hair should receive special care if you want it to remain healthy and glowing. However, many people make simple mistakes that render their efforts to care for their hair futile. It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that human hair is a delicate part of our bodies that should be handled carefully and only acceptable methods of care should be applied.

Everyone wants to look beautiful so it can be assumed that the mistakes people make while trying to care for their hairs are not deliberate. If you are not aware of such mistakes, here are several you should avoid to keep your hair healthy and young.

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Don’t be a cleaning freak

You may think cleaning your hair daily or more frequently makes it better but in reality you are destroying it. This only gets rid of healthy oils, thereby rendering your hair lifeless and lackluster. If you have to clean it frequently, then use mild conditioners and a lot of water.

Haphazard conditioning

Conditioning is a process that requires a lot of care, so you should not just attempt things before you understand what your hair needs. If you have fine hair, consider conditioning its roots as well since these are the parts that are more likely to break. Additionally, ensure while conditioning you rinse the hair thoroughly until the water after rinsing comes out clear.

Failure to brush before washing

When the hair gets wet it also becomes weak and will easily tangle. To prevent the formation of snarls, you should brush the hair before cleaning.

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WEN By Chaz is an online retail that stocks beauty products specifically targeting hair care and skin therapies. The company was established by Chaz Dean, whose love for photography led him to meet with several celebrities, who wanted to have the best hair care products on Sephora. Wen By Chaz has won the hearts of many customers since the company offers unique products that are designed for different purposes.

Among the ladies, Chaz has earned a positive reputation for offering products that no other beauty company has managed to offer for decades. Visit the official YouTube channel of Wen for more information.

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Dick DeVos Shows How Career And Philanthropy Can Work Hand In Hand

The first member of the DeVos family I became aware of was Dick DeVos, who became President of AmWay in 1993 after a short, but successful stint as the President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise; DeVos has become a major part of the philanthropy scene in the U.S. through his devotion to the cause of education reform in many different areas of the U.S.

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An interview with Betsy DeVos in the Philanthropy Roundtable details the work she and her husband, Dick have completed to make sure as many families as possible have access to the best educational options available. Both Dick and Betsy DeVos have both been major donor’s to the Republican party, but have made sure their educational reform options have crossed party lines to take in lawmakers from each and every political party. Dick and Betsy DeVos have also made sure the work they have completed continues when new laws have been passed; the work continues with marketing options paid for by the DeVos family to make sure as many members of communities featuring school choice know of deadlines and their rights as possible.

Dick DeVos has always maintained an interest in the local community of Grand rapids, Michigan the DeVos family have always called home; DeVos has completed many programs in the area designed to aid the local community, including his work with the Grand Action Plan and improvements being made in the airline industry in the area. This devotion to Grand Rapids is something I have always been impressed by and can be seen in his work with his of Windquest Group, which is an investment company DeVos has used to back local businesses he feels are in need of support and an injection of funding, according to Wikipedia.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s Tips for Success

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a prominent Venezuelan born entrepreneur who is now a Panamanian business executive. Only 25 years old, Figueroa has already seen tremendous personal success. In fact, he currently holds three executive positions. As treasurer, director, and president at five different high-ranking Panamanian businesses, Figueroa is experienced in the many different sectors it takes to run a business.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s tremendous success has led him to become a generous mentor to his fellow young entrepreneurs. Understanding that it takes great drive and perseverance, Figueroa knows that entrepreneurial success is not for everyone. However, for those willing to take risks and work hard, he has compiled a brief but helpful list of tips.

Figueroa’s first tip is to, “be a ground breaker.” This, he asserts,is what divides the businessmen from the true entrepreneurial minds. While finding an untapped market and figuring out how to turn it in to a near instant recipe for success doesn’t seem that simple, Figueroa asserts that sticking with the venture is the way to succeed. Likewise, his second tip is to “be flexible and mobile.” He says utilizing the internet and cheaper labor can instantly relieve young entrepreneurs of unnecessary startup costs on adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com. In other words, it is important to remain open to all available options when first starting out.

Figueroa goes on to remind young entrepreneurs that success is not purely academic.  Lawyers and other skilled individuals can help you to officiate your business, and you can concentrate on the creative side. What is more, Figueroa suggests you find yourself a good business partner, only settle for someone you can trust and who will provide complimentary skills.

Figueroa’s next two tips are avoid shortcuts but minimize costs. In order to avoid shortcuts, simply work hard to the best of your ability. Starting a business on instagram.com from the ground up is no easy feat, it takes time and, of course, lots of effort. You can help to minimize costs by splitting business costs with other young businesses. Figueroa suggests, for example, sharing an office space.

Lastly, Figueroa warns entrepreneurs to plan for failure.  Pay attention to your short comings and always look to improve. Furthermore, learn for the industry. Just as Figueroa offers up a batch of helpful tips, young businesses can learn from the success of others.

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