Edit-a-Thon: Indigenous People

Wikipedia recently hosted another edit-a-thon in October. This time the WikiProject focused on expanding and adding articles for indigenous people. The hope, as with other edit-a-thon projects in the past, is that articles about tribes, movements, and historical figures are expanded and new articles created. These projects have had success in the past. A 2011 Wikipedia survey showed that less than 9% of Wikipedia editors were women. An edit-a-thon and challenges were started to increase contributions from women editors and to provide coverage for several women issues that were marginalized in the past.

Why are there so many gaps when dealing with subjects like indigenous people? The main culprit is accessibility. There are many areas worldwide that either don’t have access to the internet or don’t have a fast-enough connection. A 2015 report from the FCC showed that 63% of tribal land residents didn’t have access to a broadband connection and up to 85% didn’t in the rural areas. Wikipedia’s policies can also hinder this effort. One policy highlighted was the notability of an article; whether or not the top warranted its own article. Many subjects on indigenous people may be under documented or not well known. Wikipedia articles have to be linked to multiple independent online sources to be considered notable.

If you missed this edit-a-thon, you can search for other ones online. These edit-a-thons highlight a key goal that is also important to businesses as well: increased visibility. In an increasing online world of SEO optimizing, having a presence on Wikipedia can be a benefit to your business. With over 29 million users worldwide, Wikipedia can increase your web presence and add credibility to the business. Having an article for your business can enhance visibility in search engine results as well. However, there are guidelines that you must follow when you make a Wikipedia page. The business needs to have some renown; you need to be able to link to independent articles/news articles about your business. Another key guideline is that self-promotion is not allowed. If Wikipedia finds out that a business is writing their own article it can be flagged for deletion. This is where a company like Get Your Wiki comes in. Get Your Wiki has a team of knowledgeable Wikipedia editors that will create a Wiki page for yourself or your business. Increase your online presence and reap the benefits of having a Wikipedia without the headaches of designing it yourself.

Leadership And Dedication

Understanding the needs of major corporations requires skills, experience and a specific awareness. Companies are built on more than just brilliant ideas and business concepts. A team of people is needed in order to manage all of the moving parts within a high-powered organization. Each department and division has a specific agenda. Specialist are required to meet the demand of the customers and the superiors who are appointed over there. Corporate staffing exists to address this important issue. Intelligent staffing agencies are able to seek out qualified persons for specific jobs. Keith Mann has made major strides while working in this industry for over 15 years.

It specializes in hiring investment and marketing strategist for teams that are looking to push their influence to the next level. Dynamic Search Partners has a client base that stretches across the United States, Asia and Europe. Such diversity allowes DSP to remain on the cutting edge of investment strategies. Customers expect the most progressive and innovative techniques.

Mann has a simple concept when he is developing new strategies or interviewing potential hires. It is all about filling a need. A planner and investor must understand the desires of it’s clients. Placing the proper person with the right organization is a very delicate process. If the relationship does not work it means huge amounts of wasted time and energy for everyone involved. Mann keeps on top of this issue by maintaining a non-stop work day. There must be adequate communication between every entity involved in a business transaction.

Dynamic Search Partners prides itself on diversity when interviewing candidates for various positions. Mann and his team are able to identify talent in many forms. People from different walks of life instinctively have their methods for solving problems and attaining goals. There is much to be learned from others with unique backgrounds. Keith Mann realizes that maintaining a diverse business practice provides a platform for growth and unlimited learning opportunities.

Keith Mann values the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. He knows what it’s like to be stuck in a job that’s not suitable.

Mary Pirrello is the New Texas Mortgage Bankers Association President

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello, the senior vice president of National Warehouse Lending has been appointed as the President of Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA), 2016-2017 term. Ms. Pirrello began her term on May 3, 2016 for a period of one year. She brings to the position more than 20 years experience in the industry. Mary has held a number of positions throughout her career. During her stint at NexBank she mainly focused on managing relationships and business development in the division of national warehouse lending.

Mary’s experience at the TMBA

Pirrello has been an active committee and board member of TMBA from 2007. She also has experience in the National Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and service on the MBA political action committee (MORPAC). In addition, Mary has graduated from the mortgage banking school. She was named as a Future Leader and received the James Wooten Scholarship award in 2010 from TMBA.

About TMBA

TMBA has been serving members’ mutual interests since 1917 when it was founded.

About NexBank

NexBank SSB forms part of the NexBank Capital Incorporated, a company operating in the financial services sector and serves its clients via three main businesses; mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services. It is a regional bank whose charter dates back to the year 1922. It provides customized banking and financial services to top institutional clients, financial institutions, individuals and corporations worldwide.

The financial services company provides its clients with unrivaled access to customized and sophisticated solutions offered by professionals who are highly experienced and have lots of verified track accounts of success. The regional bank is estimated to be worth $3 billion and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

EOS revolutionizes the lip balm industry

Evolution of Smooth lip balm exploded onto the lip balm scene, and this little sphere outdid the old school chap stick. Chapstick has long been the staple of the lip balm aisle, now faced fear competition. The colorful orbs with honeydew and watermelon flavors took over the scene. EOS lip balm ended up in the hands of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera and on the covers of Allure and high end beauty magazines.

Sanjiv Mehra, CEO and co-founder of EOS, tapped into a growing market and kept up with the trends. The market was demanding organic and natural products, and EOS delivered. Jonathan Teller, Craig Dubitsky, and Sanjiv Mehra looked for a market that was ready for change. The lip balm market was stagnate with very few innovative products. Burt’s Bees and other products had been developed but they were still reminiscent of Chapstick. EOS delivered a totally new product. Their goal was to create a product to engage all the five senses and they succeeded.

Their research team discovered that lip balm was being developed as a unisex product but in reality, it was mostly used by women. They decided to make a product geared towards women and to appeal to their senses. It worked. EOS grew and grew rapidly. Try the products today! EOS lip balms are now being sold on Lucky Vitamin and ULTA. Also check out: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.

How EOS Outdid Chapstick


Squaw Valley’s Water Contamination Issue Is Under Control

Squaw Valley is an icon in the ski industry. The famous ski resort hosted the Winter Olympics Games in the 1960s. For more than 50 years, skiers from all over the world have been coming to the pristine lake Tahoe area. Skiers enjoy the snow and trails in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range for at least six months a year. Squaw Valley merged with the Alpine Meadows ski resort a few years ago, so skiers could have more trails, and slopes to explore. The massive resort of Squaw Valley sits on 6,000 acres, and it is considered the pride of Northern California and Nevada when it comes to winter recreation.

The lingering drought in the West had an impact of snowfall for more than four years, but the heavy snowfall in the 2015/2016 season changed all that. The snow came back last year, and so did the skiers. The staff at the resort were expecting another great season because of an early snowfall this season. The rain soaked the area in October before the first major snowfall, and it was a torrential rain. Two water systems in Squaw Valley were inundated with water, and the wells were contaminated with bacteria. The bacteria that was discovered from the first routine tests was e. coli. E. coli is a killer germ that lives in the digestive tract of humans once it enters the body.

Read more: Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

There have been more than four hundred outbreaks of E. coli over the last 13 years. More than 4,900 people became ill from the virus, and more than 1,200 of those people were hospitalized. Thirty-three people died from the E. coli virus during that time period. So, the resort didn’t waste any time calling the Environmental Health Department and the Squaw Valley Public Service District in Placer County. Both agencies went to work on the two water systems located in the High Camp and the Gold Coast areas of the resort.  Squaw Valley provided other sources of water for the guests, and free bottled water was used as drinking water.

Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows issued a statement confirming the fact that water safety experts were called in to ensure all the appropriate methods were used to rid the water of the dangerous bacteria. The executives at Squaw Valley made the decision to stop using the water systems located in the Gold Coast and High Camp areas until health officials were convinced that all dangerous bacteria was removed from all the wells.

According to the Squaw Valley statement, three of the four wells in those two areas now have low levels of the coliform bacteria and no E. coli. Andy Wirth, the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows said that restaurants have been closed and skiers are safe.

Learn more about Squaw Valley: http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Squaw-Valley-USA/6day/mid

Business investment Principles from Todd Lubar

Not many people will think about the tough path that Todd Lubar has taken to be the successful businessman that he is today. Well, the reality about his journey in investment is that two decades ago, he was in the same situation that all the college graduates normally find themselves in, academic papers and no experience, which leads to limited employment opportunities. When Todd Lubar got out of school, the first investment that he decided to try his hand in was real estate investing and years later, it has really paid off. Soon after he started his real estate venture, Todd realized that it was where his passion lay, and he made long term investment plans based on that.
Like all other investors with limited capital, he had to find a path into the business. He decided to network. He got connection to players in the industry such as estate agents, CPAs, real estate developers and financial planners among other industry players. These connections would come in handy for him later because they formed his clientele basis when he started his first referral business.
Then, he realized that the traditional mortgage business model was putting a lot of investors at a disadvantage, mainly because not many people had the access they wished to funds that would help them do real estate development. He decided to start a lending institution that would offer alternative lending solutions to people that didn’t have a chance with the conventional system.
This business was under the sponsorship of the First Magnus Cooperation. This is what helped him achieve excellent business growth, and construct more than 7000 homes. Because of the nature of the property market, he was able to interact with many different client types and get a clear understanding of the different situations that clients go through.
He has tried his hand in other businesses such as scrap metal recycling and building demolition, which were very successful. He believes in looking for gaps in the investment market and filling them appropriately, which is the reason behind his success.

Learn more about Todd Lubar:



Study of Kabbalah to Meet Your Higher Needs

The hierarchy of needs as described by Maslow has become accepted as the simplest explanation of human behavior. We understand that our basic need must be met; we must have air, food and drink, safe shelter, loving sex and sound sleep. Only then, can one move forward to realize unique potential.

Throughout history, seekers of personal growth had to be deeply motivated to go beyond the scope of basic needs to access higher levels in life. Turning to teachings of thought itself fine-tuned expanding minds. One such teaching that has found worldwide acceptance is the Kabbalah.

Originating in ancient Judaism, Kabbalah is a now a true world religion. In an attempt to define the nature of the universe, Kabbalah embraces many schools of religions and esoteric disciplines such as: Christian; New Age; Occultism and Astrology as a way of following the order of the cosmos and finding our place in it.

Awareness of ego, learning to listen to the voice inside and becoming conscious of our choices, helps to balance the positives and negatives. Utilizing Spiritual Laws such as the Golden Rule, “We reap what we sow.” and “All people are One.” Kabbalah teaches us that each human being has within them a spark of the Creator and, as such, can create miracles. Reaching beyond a comfort zone for the sake of others links us into a spiritual dimension that brings light and positivity.

In the heart of Los Angeles, California is the world headquarters of spiritual study called the Kabbalah Centre. Here they believe that Kabbalah can be studied by anyone as a universal wisdom regardless of their previous faith.

Founded in 1922, by Ravi Yehuda Ashlag, the Centre provides Kabbalistic ideas, combining ancient wisdom with clear practical tools to help each student reach a higher level of existence. Besides a growing on-line community, the Kabbalah Centre now spans the globe with facilities in more than 40 cities.

Making It Safer – Securus Technologies

Imagine not being able to see your loved ones during the holiday? It would make you feel sad and lonely. Since there are many people that are in this situation, a company named Securus Technologies developed video visitations. These people that can’t take part in the holidays are incarcerated, and they have to stay in their correction facilities during Christmas. The video visitations were created so the prisoners would have the opportunity to see and hear their loved ones, and all the festivities during the holidays. It makes such a different to their moods, and they feel loved and wanted with the video visitations.


The company is also putting out several commercials all during the month of December. They want the public to understand why the video visitations are so good for the prisoners, and also for the facilities as a whole. With all that can happen, at least, with the commercials, the public can understand more why the video visitations are so necessary.


Securus Technologies is a company that believes in what it does wholeheartedly. They want to create a safer world for everyone, and they will succeed at doing this. Making inroads in safety all the time, they deal with both the civil and the criminal side of justice. They create new technology all the time, and invent ways to accomplish better things every week. They are company that will continue to do good things, and they are known and respected all around the world.



Entrepreneurial Prodigy Adam Goldenberg And Fabletics Are Transforing The Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg is a business prodigy. While still in high school he founded Gamer’s Alliance. The company was so successful the teenaged Goldenberg was able to sell it to Intermix Media. When the teen quit high school, traveled across the country and became COO of Intermix Media, he was the youngest person to hold the position at a publicly traded company. But that was just the beginning. Adam Goldenberg has gone on the co-found the successful companies Alena Media, Intelligent Beauty, SENSA, DERMSTORE, JustFab and Fabletics. The keys to his success has been his vision and skill at product development, marketing and management.

Founded in conjunction with Don Ressler and actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an international sensation that’s growing like wildfire. The affordable, stylish, versatile athleisure wear clothing, swimwear and accessories the company offers has struck a note with consumers worldwide. Plus JustFab, Fabletics’ parent company also co-founded by Adam Goldenberg, with its $650 in annual sales since 2010 is among the fashion industry’s fastest growing brands ever.

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Fabletics has done so well providing clothing for women, the company is turning some of its attention to men. The company has recently developed FL2, a men’s subscription fashion line. The Fabletics brand was initially a subscription only retailer. However, its success has led to the expansion into brick and mortar stores. Fabletics has opened stores in Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio and other places throughout the country. Plus it plans to open between 75 and 100 stores over the next five years. So far the stores have an annual revenue of $250 million after 15 months.

The new focus of Fabletics is to become all-inclusive. That means offering stylish, affordable, active and swimwear in sizes to fit plus-sized women around the world. This enables more women to enjoy the personalized shopping experience and beautiful styles the company offers. The fashion landscape is changing quickly. With Fabletics’ fashion subscription model and its commitment to celebrate all women regardless of size and shape by offering them athleisure for business and pleasure that exceeds their expectations, Adam Goldenberg and Fabletics is ushering in a sea-change in the fashion world. They’re using digital retail to reimagine the fashion industry using data and personalization.

Follow Fabletics On: www.fabletics.com