Chris Burch – A Business Visionary And Investor With An Acute Interest In Fashion And Technology

While it may not seem obvious upfront, but if you look closely, there is a very strong relationship between technology and fashion. Even though both these industries has seen some massive growth and transformation in the last couple of years, it can be said without a doubt that it has grown together as well at many levels, and helped push each other and create trends along the way.

One of the very popular examples of how fashion and technology are closely related can be seen in the evolution of devices used for listening to music. Starting from the trend of using boom box in the 70s to cassette decks in 80s and then more advanced Walkman, portable CD players and now the iPods, it can be seen and said validly that people experienced a fashion sense in using these devices.

Today, fashion designers such as Anouk Wipprecht are bringing technology and fashion together in an unthinkable way, by designing a dress that paints itself and patent worthy drink-making dress. Another branch of fashion is looking at using technology to create fashion, which is more focused on protecting us such as safety gear for cyclist designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, and Frontline Gloves designed for firefighters by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. The use of recyclable materials for manufacturing fashion clothing is also another trend that is inspired by technology.

How technology and fashion are integrated, and how it supports each other can be seen in how the Google Glass finally got the attention it was looking for. It is a product, which even after being futuristic and highly advanced for its time, was not received well upon its launch. But, this changed once the fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, used Google Glass in her fashion show. The mainstream media picked up the clue, and people were intrigued by the idea of using Google Glass, causing that much-needed interest for the product, which lacked earlier.

One of the famous personalities who has been closely monitoring this synthesis between fashion and technology, and believes it opens the door to numerous opportunities, is Chris Burch. He is a popular serial entrepreneur, who has invested in many different industries, including real estate, fashion, and technology. His career started at a very young age when he was still studying at Itchica College and formed a company named Eye Apparel with his brother Bob, a company that grew to be valued at $165 million before he sold off the company.

At present, he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is an investor firm that is guided by his entrepreneurial values and looks out for lucrative opportunities in the market to invest in. He is a visionary in the business field and has invested in many start-ups that are thriving businesses now.

Mike Baur Provides over 20 Years Of Private Banking Experience To The Swiss Startup Factory

Over the past few decades, there has been billions of dollars each year generated through online sales. The use of the Internet by businesses as a way of selling products and services has become very common. There was a time that many people were reluctant to make a purchase on the Internet. While there are still people who do not make purchases online. The number decreases every year. The Internet has become a part of daily living for millions of people and making purchases online is no different than making purchases in a store.


The technology that operates behind the scenes regarding ecommerce, security, and orders are not seen by the people who make purchases, but the technology has improved tremendously in all areas. Online transactions have become much easier and safer in many ways. As technology innovations continue to come to the market, the things that can be done on the Internet continue to expand.


The Internet has been the path to success for many business people over the past few decades. Many people are starting to realize the potential of running digital companies. This has created a group of people referred to as digital entrepreneurs, which are people who want to start online businesses. Although this group of people is eager to start companies online. Many of these people realize that they need help to start and operate a successful digital company.


For digital entrepreneurs who are looking for help regarding the development of a digital company, there are companies that can help. One of these companies is the Swiss Startup Factory. Located in Switzerland, the Swiss Startup Factory has received high praise from many who have come in contact with the company.


The Swiss Startup Factory provides a variety of ways to help digital entrepreneurs. This includes training programs, mentorship programs, consulting, and other assistance methods. The Swiss Startup Factory was started in 2014. Three partners came together to start the company. Mike Baur is one of the partners.


As a partner in the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur provides help with the development of the various types of assistance that are provided to clients. In addition, Mike Baur helps to provide assistance to clients. He has over two decades of experience in the private banking industry, and he understands the various aspects that go into starting a digital company.


Mike Baur brings a lot to the table regarding his set of skills and talents that are utilized at the Swiss Startup Factory to help clients learn and understand how to start a digital company.


Comparative Law And Relevance To Modern Governance Systems

Getting the right tools for a government requires the intervention of professionals in different capacity. Most governments across the world make laws that help them to deal with different types of problems. One of the ways they are able to come up with useful laws is by using comparative laws to get ideas that lead to the development of great laws. Comparative law is a field that has seen massive adoption among governments across the world and is one of the ways through which experts of law can speed up the process of developing new laws.


Information is a powerful tool and those who get the right information are privileged enough to understand how things work and can easily see the flaws that are present in a system. In law, having the right ideas always makes things easy and especially when developing laws for integration into a constitution. Professionals in different capacities are able to draft laws that are ideal and designed to cater for the needs of a community. Borrowing information from other regions where some problems have been contained more easily is one of the best ways of coming up with great laws that are made to address the problems that a community faces.


Development and adoption

Comparative law began spreading and its influence allowing the development of better laws for different territories. Today, comparative law serves many governments and is a perfect tool through which governments can propose the development of new laws that serve the people better.


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned professor of law who has been working with governments to support them during the constitutional development processes. As stated by, he majors in constitutional law and comparative law with focus on developing new laws for countries and working on restoring peace among communities that suffered violent conflict. Sujit has also taken part in the constitutional development processes of several countries in the world including Nepal, Libya, South Africa and Ukraine to mention a few.


His engagements as a professor also led him to work with the United Nations in several missions that targeted restoring peace in some areas and building structures that would help drive development. Sujit Choudhry researches on a number of issues and has been offering information about governance and constitutional development.

Discover more of him at:


Jose Borghi Describes Women In Advertising And Brazilian Society

CEO of advertising firm, Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi, says that while women are reaching new heights of success in the professional settings, much works still needs to be done. He points out that the gender gap in pay and relations has improved significantly over the past decades in both Brazil and the rest of the world. Still, discrepancies exist between the two genders. Mr. Borghi believes it is a remnant of the machismo that existed in Brazilian society.

Jose Borghi says that the success of women should be applauded and built upon to create more success. He points out a survey that was completed almost three years ago by the research group, Data Popular on the portrayal of women in advertisements. The study found that about 56% of respondents said that marketers did not portray real life women in ads. This is a worrying statistic says Jose Borghi.

Women are a major customer of all kinds of products and services. They represent roughly half of the total population of Brazil. In response to these figures, some Brazilian advertising companies have responded by altering their image of women in ads to better reflect their real life counterparts. Jose Borghi says that this is a step in the right direction and a good thing. When women are more accurately portrayed by marketers, then they are more likely to build a closer relationship with their female client base.

There are also other benefits to placing women in ads and making them fit with the real life woman in Brazil. By empowering Brazilian women in advertising campaigns, women are said to benefit on all levels of Brazilian society. Featuring women in ads and displaying them more realistically can boost the status of women in society and help shatter machismo in Brazil.The communication and advertising sector where Jose Borghi works in, he says is remarkably progressive. Women hold just as much leadership positions in the marketing and communications field as men do. The Mullen Lowe Brazil CEO says that his industry is a bright spot for women. In many other fields such as finance and law, for example, women make up a tiny proportion of the executives despite holding more education overall than men do.

Jose Borghi believes that women should be payed equal wages for the same work. This is unfair to women and hurts society. When women suffer, the entire society suffers. When women are strengthened and are empowered then society benefits. The marketing industry is taking steps to empower women and has opened up many pathways for successful women. That is something Jose Borghi is proud to be part of.


Jose Borghi: An Advertising Professional and Co-Founder of Borghi Lowe

Jose Borghi is the man behind high-profile campaigns like the Mammals Parmalat. He founded one of the most prominent advertising enterprises in the business- Mullen Lowe Agency.As a young man in junior high school, Jose didn’t even know which career to pursue. That changed when his sister asked him to accompany her to the Castro Neves Theater to watch a performance. The presentation turned out to be TV commercials that received accolades at Cannes Film Festival. This is what inspired Jose, and he quickly knew he would venture into advertising as his career, although he hardly predicted that he would win a Cannes award in the future.

Jose Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente. He graduated with an Advertising degree from PUC-Campinas. Jose also worked for other successful agencies such as Leo Burnett, Talent, and FCB. He opened his company alongside his partner, Erh Ray but later sold the firm to Lowe in December 2006. The name of the company became Borghi Lowe with the two partners sharing the presidency.

Borghi Lowe later entered into new mergers and changed its name to Mullen Lowe Brazil. Here, Jose is dedicated to the creativity and innovation sectors. According to him, creative advertising attributes its success to the persistence to go after what you want. At a very early age, Jose Borghi realized that no one was going to give him anything and that nothing would come by luck, grace or fate. He understood that if he didn’t put in his own effort, then it would just be hearsay.

Throughout his career, Borghi has worked with great advertisers of the advertising sector such as Asia Motors, Kellogg, Honda, Delta Airlines, April, Leaf Group, American Express, Alpargatas among others. These works gave birth to campaigns that have defined the public memory and history of Brazilian advertising, such as the memorable “It’s Love” the Sazon as well as the “Mammals” Parmalat.

With his regular works and talent, Jose Borghi has earned an outstanding reputation in the advertising industry and the admiration of other ad agencies. He is currently considered to be in the list of 20 most powerful advertising in Brazil. According to a survey carried out by IBOPE, Jose’s agency is one of the largest advertising companies in the country.

Laidlaw & Company Understands Investment Banking

One of the most misunderstood areas of the banking industry is investment banking. While many people know about investment banking by the name, many people do not understand investment banking. Although there are many things about investment banking that people tend to misunderstand, one of the main things that is misunderstood about investment banking is the type of client that usually wants to use an investment bank.


The type of client that usually wants to use an investment bank for banking services has a lot of available cash and a high net worth. This type of client does not need money. The client wants to use money for either investment or business purposes. The amount of money needed for the investment or business purpose is typically a high dollar amount that can be millions of dollars.


In addition to needing substantial amounts of money for the desired purpose, the clients of investment banks usually have complex financial or banking situations related to the business or investment deal. Investment banks have investment bankers who are highly skilled individuals who can help clients with the various issues surrounding their investment or business deals.


Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank that can meet the needs of clients who require substantial amounts of money or assistance with their investment or business deals. Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank that has been around for a very long time.


The investment bank has locations in the United States and Europe. Laidlaw & Company understands investment banking and how to meet the needs of its clients. The company serves all types of clients including private institutions, public institutions, and individuals.


I think that Laidlaw & Company is a smaller investment bank that is ready to expand. The company has a rich tradition that it can use to reach out to new clients while still holding on the steady group of clients that it currently maintains.

The Effects of the Internet

With the current technology, online reputation is one of the most important assets someone possesses. Whether you are a job seeker with uncomfortable pictures, a manager with bad press habits or a business owner with negative reviews, online reputation can be altered in certain ways.

Online reputation matters when applying for college, asking for a promotion, starting a business, developing a business partnership, searching for a job, talking to the press, borrowing a loan, buying a house, attracting new customers and even going out on a date.

No matter who you think you are, someone is always Googling you at any instant. It can either be a family member, friend or an acquaintance. You will want them to find impressive things about you.

How to repair online reputation;

  • Remove all the content that can cause you trouble. Photos and information on your social media accounts or blogs that are uncomfortable should be pulled down. You should also ask your friends to remove your bad pictures in case you are tagged.
  • Changing your username to a more anonymous one in case you made embarrassing comments on blog posts or social media.
  • Make your name unique to avoid a situation where you share a name with a famous person, criminal or a prolific online persona.
  • After making all the necessary changes, it is important to stop making the same mistakes so that the negative reputation can be pushed down the pecking order. Only feed Google with data that gives a positive reflection of you.

How to prevent online reputation mistakes as from link;

  • Keep what is private to yourself. This involves personal secrets, hateful opinions and lewd photos. Never share any material that can be used against you.
  • Monitor the developing online reputation. Quickly identified developing information to be able to shut it down in case it is malicious.
  • Use services like Google alerts which can email you in the case of query.
  • Never ever get angry online. People can say hateful words on the internet but creating a fight shows how petty you are.
  • Use robust passwords and secure devices. This can help you fight off malicious hackers who can easily ruin your online reputation.


Alternative Financing Solutions with Equities First Holding

Equities First Holding has been in operation since the year 2002 when it was founded by Al Christy. Since then, the firm hasn’t changed its headquarters and is operated from Indianapolis, Indiana. This does not hinder its operation nationwide and globally as it has maintained offices in other states such as New York. The company has experienced a lot of success such that it has established subsidiaries elsewhere in the globe. Some of the known subsidiaries are Equities First Holding Hong Kong, Equities First Holding London, Equities First Holding Singapore and Equity First Holding Australia. The secret behind its success is that it has maintained its integrity and transparency mission. This way, it has helped eliminate the unscrupulous dealers that had given the stock-based loans a bad name. They would refuse to return the stocks upon maturation of the deal.

Until today, Equities First Holding has managed to conduct more than 600 transactions that have been estimated to generate a revenue of about $ 1.6 billion for the firm. The success that the firm is experiencing may also be due to decisions that banks are making concerning margin based loans. Due to the tough economic times where banks are losing much money from borrowers, they have decided to tighten borrowing procedures for margin loans. Moreover, the pre-qualification factor eliminates a lot of people who now turn to stock-based loans. Banks are also making borrowing difficult by raising their interest rates and at the same time making the rates volatile; they can change anytime.

Equities First Holding addresses all these issues. First, there is no need for pre-qualification. The interest rates offered by EFH are also fixed and low. Finally, the customer can choose to walk away from the deal without further obligations. To achieve this, EFH hires the best counsel to ensure that all parties involved get to benefit. The firm deals with all type of people and institutions without discrimination on gender, race, private or public and even small or big. The current chief executive officer of the firm is Al Christy and remains dedicated to seeing the firm develop to one of the best alternative shareholder financing company in the USA and the world.

Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings has made its way into the business arena. This is a company that was incepted in 2002 with about 14 years of professional experience. For this reason, the company has worked to achieve the issuance of loans using stocks as collateral. The company is now leading these alternative financial solutions to those people and companies who do not qualify for the credit-based loans. This company has also been adopted to offer solutions in the financial world as one of the most trusted companies in the world. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis. Its regional offices are scattered all-over-the-world in places including Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, and South Africa.

Since Equities First Holdings was intercepted in 2002, it has completed more than 2,000 transactions. This is a major milestone. For this reason, we can all see that they are conducting their business with stock based loan is an effective manner. For the company, these transactions mean nothing more than their daily business. The company also has trended to become one of the next best options for those seeking fast working capital. Equities First Holdings has issued more than $2 billion to its customers in loans. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy, is in charge of more than 50 employees of the company.

Equities First Holdings have gained the trust of any as the best option to get your financial capabilities safe. If you want urgent capital without stating the use of the money to qualify for the loan, then Equities First Holdings is the other alternative financial company to issue a loan with a non-recourse feature. If you fail to acquire enough money to pay the loan, your stock will be liquidated to get their money back. For this reason, they will not come back after you to seek the loans.

There is a difference between the stock-based loans and margin loans, while most people consider the two loans to be same. Many differences separate the two. As a matter of fact, margin loans require you to state the loan use to qualify. On the other hand, this is not the case with the stock-based loans.

The Texas Banker’s Association Holds Its Annual Conference

The banking industry is an industry that has tremendous amount of information available that can be used by banking professionals to help banks and banking professionals grow. However, the information is sometimes difficult to access and utilize because of the large size of the banking industry. As a result, events such as the Texas Banker’s Association 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A conference is a great way to bring banking professionals from various locations together.


At the organization’s annual conference this year, John Holt, the CEO and President of NexBank Capital served on a discussion panel. The conference is a forum provided for banking professionals to share and discuss opportunities and challenges facing the banking industry. Conferences of this nature are very helpful to banking professionals.


The banking industry has many types of banks. The specifics of each banking type provides banking professionals with various views of the banking industry. In addition, the various views make banking operations vastly different between banking types. This is why conferences are a great opportunity for banking professionals to get together to discuss the banking industry and to learn from one another.


The various banking types serve different clients. The clients for different banking types tend to have similar needs but each banking type has specific aspects that attract various clients based on the banking services provided. The differences and as well as the aspects that are similar between banks all have important roles in how banks operate on a daily basis. The opportunity to share banking knowledge and information is beneficial to the banking industry as a whole, the individual banking institutions, and banking professionals.


NexBank Capital is a financial company that provides a variety of financial products and services. The various operations of the company are centred on several businesses, which include mortgage banking and commercial banking.


NexBank is a popular banking company that has performed well in the highly competitive banking industry. The company has outstanding leadership and a solid business foundation. NexBank has a wide variety of clients that cover numerous markets. The company has an excellent reputation in the banking industry.