Equities first holdings is a company that has made huge difference in the way we offer financing. The company was originated by Al Christy Jr in Indianapolis Indiana, Christy had discovered that it was getting extremely impossible to qualify for loans from the traditional banks due to the need for physical collateral and other very stringent conditions.

In 2002, he founded the company as a means to provide these customers alternatives to their financial needs. Equities uses the stocks and shares of the customers to secure the loans while using less than stringent terms to qualify them. They also offer lower interest rates to make them handle the repayment faster, since then the company has made remarkable difference in giving the customers financing.

Equities has businesses in five countries, they are the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Australia and China. They are moving into,New territories as they grow in popularity.

OSI Food Solutions Upgrades Spain Facility To Meet Chicken Demand

Despite OSI Food Solutions being a global manufacturer of food products many people haven’t heard of them. This despite the fact that they are ranked as the United States 58th biggest private company and that they brought in $6.1 billion in revenue in the fiscal year ending on December 31st, 2016, according to Forbes. They were founded in 1909 and were known for many years at Otto & Sons until they changed their name around 1975.

OSI Food Solutions has production facilities in 17 nations. One of these is located in Spain and it provides products such as chicken, beef, and pork. Their value-added food is supplied to companies in the food service industry as well as retail food brands. Their Toledo, Spain facility recently needed an upgrade as both Spain and Portugal, the two nation’s this facility provides food to are both eating more chicken than ever. The managing director of their subsidiary, OSI Spain, said that over the past decade growth in this market segment has been averaging 6 percent each year. He added that over the past three years this has accelerated to 8 percent growth in demand for chicken products.

The leaders of OSI Food Solutions performed a number of upgrades which cost a total of $20 million. The most important improvement was adding a high capacity production line. Once this work was completed this facility doubled their chicken output to 24,000 tons a year. In total the now produce 45,000 tons of protein-based food products annually.

The other improvements had to do with food safety, a critically important thing at OSI Food Solutions. They added outdoor cameras so that they could detect unauthorized people entering the premises. They also added indoor cameras which monitor the food to make sure it is always being processed correctly. They also put in a new cutting-edge firefighting system as part of this plant upgrade.

It’s not just food safety which is treated very seriously by OSI Food Solutions. They also do what they can to limit the impact of their business operations on the environment. This focus led to their earning the Globe of Honour Award in 2016. This is an award very selectively handed out by the British Safety Council. The British Safety Council monitors a company for 12 months, all the way from the boardroom to the processing plants, to make sure they are demonstrating excellence when it comes to environmental management.

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Larkin and Lacey

Larkin and Lacey admit that their publication, New Times, was a thorn in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s side. He had already banned their reporters from his press conferences and threatened to have them arrested. However, when the publication released an article detailing how the Sheriff was concealing commercial real estate, the Sheriff took drastic legal action.

He claimed that the article made his name and personal home address available online and that according to the Arizona law, this was a felony. So for the next 3 years, he would work to have the investigative reporter who wrote article prosecuted. And on the day of court, Lacey published an article which questioned the constitutionality of what was happening as well as the lawfulness of the subpoena.

Arpaio wasn’t happy with this and had the two arrested for revealing grand jury secrets–namely the contents of the subpoena. However, Larkin and Lacey would not be in jail for long. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://james-larkin.com/ and http://james-larkin.com/press/

Their story was picked up by several publications and the story went mainstream. In no time, the Maricopa County Sheriff had to close the case and release the CEO and executive editor. They were also awarded a 3.75 million settlement for their improper arrest.

They eventually used the settlement to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund. They gave grants to organizations throughout Arizona that worked towards migrant-rights. They also now have a website that discussed the First Amendment right and free speech.

This was not the first time that the Sheriff deprived citizens of their rights. In fact, Arpaio had a long history of abusing his inmates. Whether he was denying them their medications, forcing them to wear pink underwear, making women give birth while chained to their beds or feeding them rotten fruit, the conditions he created were dire.

They were so bad that an unprecedented amount of inmates committed suicide during his six-term office. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Perhaps one of the most notable of Arpaio’s scandals involved racial profiling. In Melendres v. Arpaio, the Sheriff was accused of having his deputized citizen posse round up Latinos so that he could determine whether or not they had American citizenship. These actions resulted in a class action suit which led to a $70 million settlement in favor of the Maricopa County citizens.

But even still, he would not serve time for his actions. Instead, the judge would order him to make reforms to his process. And when he did not, he was found in contempt of court and scheduled to face at least 6 months of prison time. However, he would never serve any time for this as Donald Trump would inevitable pardon him.

According to Larkin and Lacey, Arpaio is a brilliant politician–admittedly the only thing that they can respect about him. He used his support of Trump to leverage a pardon.

The two journalists also suspect that Trump granted the pardon to Arpaio so that he could appeal to the voters who were in support of Arpaio. However, perhaps these are the types of things that they hoped to uncover when their careers first start, working on their small University of Arizona paper.

Todd Lubar Starts A Business Sharing His Knowledge Of Business With Entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who makes his home in Potomac, Maryland. Todd Lubar says that he has run a number of successful ventures in a variety of industries including scrap metal and real estate. Most of his experience is in mortgage and financing but he’s always willing to apply his business skills in any area of the economy. His favorite thing to do, though, is to get families into homeownership through providing great mortgages to them. He is said to have a really strong work ethic by his peers and is always to put in the hard work it takes to close a deal.

Between his soft and hard skills at business, Todd Lubar has developed the skills necessary to excel in business. He opened a new company a few years ago called TDL Global Ventures LLC where he helps other entrepreneurs find success in their new ventures. He is the president of his company and leads a team he put together of other entrepreneurs. He teaches people opening new ventures such vital business skills as streamlining processes as much as possible, operational management, and how to lead others. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar says that he was encouraged to be an entrepreneur by his parents from an early age. He grew up in Washington D.C. and could be found at a street corner selling lemonade when he was seven during the summers and he would show back up in the winters to sell passerby’s hot chocolate. During the winter he would also earn money by knocking on doors and offering to shovel sidewalks clear of accumulated snow. Check out Yelp to see more.

His professional career started in 1995 after he graduated from Syracuse University. Todd Lubar’s first professional position was in the real estate industry. This was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he learned how to conservatively evaluate a mortgage application.

As for the scrap metal business, this took place during the recession which started in 2007. He opened a business in this industry as well as other industries. He launched a successful nightclub, for instance, and also opened a company where he demolished old buildings and hauled off the remains so that something new could take their place.

Doctor David Samadi – Inventor Of The SMART Robotic Technique

Doctor David Samadi was born in Iran in the Persian Jewish nation where he grew up. In 1979 Samadi left Iran. He attended Stoney Brook University, where he received a biochemistry degree. He graduated from Stony Brook School of Medicine, New York as an M.D. in 1994. Dr. David Samadi received his postgraduate education in urology at Montefiore Medical Center. In 1996, he received his training in Proctology from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. While attending Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center he finished his oncology fellowship in Proctology.

What Is The SMART Robotic Technique?

The SMART Robotic Technique was developed by Dr. David Samadi in treating cancer of the prostate. Instead of performing open surgery for prostate cancer, this less invasive method along with the DaVinci Surgical approach is better. Dr. Samadi is an expert in the medical field of diagnosing and treating Urologic diseases and cancer of the prostate. Using the SMART and DaVinci robotic surgery the results are great leaving the patient’s recovery time less than with the traditional method. This method leaves almost no scarring.

Dr. Samadi TV Began September 2017

Dr. Samadi Sunday Housecall TV answers questions on prostate health. He stresses the importance of getting screened for early detection and treatment. Dr. Samadi TV airs each Sunday beginning at 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. EST. He is seen on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube live. He uses social media to reach a wider audience.

Awards Received By Dr. Samadi

During his distinguished career, Dr. Samadi received many awards, which included the Vitals Patients’ Choice Award, which he received in 2008 – 2014.In 2014, he was given the New York Super Doctors award. In 2010 – 2011 Dr. Samadi received the Most Compassionate Doctor awards. In 2009-2012 and 2015 Dr. David Samadi received an award by New York Magazine as Best Doctor.

Dr. David Samadi’s Comment On Mitt Romney’s Prostate Cancer

Mitt Romney was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent prostate surgery. Dr. Samadi believes that Mitt Romney’s projected outlook after having prostate surgery was good.

Dr. David Samadi’s Interview by Ideamensch

During the interview of Dr. Samadi had with Ideameasch he was asked about his day at work. Dr. Samadi stated that he woke up in the mornings at 4:30 a.m. and arrives at his office at 6:00 a.m. He spends a productive hour and a half at the office before performing two to three surgeries every week.

The Chainsmokers Explains their New Track Sick Boy in an Exclusive Interview

After giving numerous hits in the past four years such as Selfie, Don’t Let Me Down, Closer and others that remained on the top charts for months, the Chainsmokers have come back again after nine months with their new album. They just released one of the songs from their album ‘Sick Boy’. In an interview, the duo talked about the meaning behind their new song and explained its meaning. They talked about how the song reflected the struggle of people who want to find their identity in the crazy world.

Pall and Taggart both accepted that the last couple of years had been an enormous success for them and it was time for them to try out new things with their music. They did not want to remain bound to EDM and wanted to do something darker. Their new single song ‘Sick Boy’ is much darker and much different from what they have done in the past. They are willing to push themselves, and it is not just through the lyrics but also with their music. They know that music moves very fast and it is up to them to give their fans something different. What they have been doing so far has already been heard, and other musicians are doing the same kind of music. With their new album, they want to break the stereotype and provide something new and unusual to music listeners. Instead of creating something that they people will like, they are looking to create fresh music, something that people have not heard before. Another new thing about The Chainsmokers duo will be that they would be working with new producers and it is something that they are excited about.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart met each other just a few years back while Pall was working as a DJ and Taggart created music and was an upcoming producer. They came to realize that they had similar taste in music and wanted to create something magical. Once their song ‘Selfie’ went viral, there was no looking back for the duo. Over the years, they have created some great songs and even won one Grammy Award.


Perry Mandera – Founded Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986

Perry Mandera starts a successful transportation company out of Illinois that manages to accumulate over $200 million dollars in business a year. This business was designed to help various types of stores distribute its goods nationally and internationally; and, it does so very well, serving thousands of customers in the process. Throughout Mandera’s successful progress with his company, he suddenly becomes recognized by the state of Illinois for his level of productivity with the company.

Perry Mandera learned about many various aspects of transportation and shipping while serving in the United States Marine Corp. During his service, he would drive large trucks which would serve as his foundation of where his experiences as a truck driver would develop.

After discharging honorably from the Marine Corp, Mandera would work for various trucking companies where he would succeed excessively. Over time, he would realize that working for someone would not be the path on which he would like to travel on for the rest of his life so he made a risky move – He would start his own company.

In 1986, Perry Mandera would start the full-service transportation company,‘Custom Companies’. This business is designed to handle customer transportation requests both domestically and internationally through services related to, but not limited to: freight forwarding, truck loading and LTL.

The company would be an extreme positive for not only customers, but, well, of course employees, but not for the simple reasons of quality of life, but for reasons related to positive experiences amongst colleagues. Employees have stated numerous times that the work environment of Custom Companies has been nothing short of amazing and ranks working for the company as the top among all other companies in which they’ve had a place of employment.

Perry Mandera’s devoted and systematic approach to his company would become a hit and as a result would draw attention from the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA). In 2000, ITA would grant Mandera the honor as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium”.

Aside from being founder of Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera is also founder of a very cherished charitable organization, ‘Custom Care Charities’.

To see more info, visit his (Linkedin) account.


O2pur Entrance In The E-Cig Market

The world of traditional cigarette smoking is slowing being washed away and at a first pace. What is responsible for this is the entrance of the E-cigs. The E-cigs rely on a new technology that allows customers to sip in their daily dose of nicotine without having to burn the real tobacco. Companies such as British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, and Reynolds-American are the big players in the e-cig market with each trying to get the more significant piece of the market share.

Philip Morris, for instance, has made great strides in the electronic cigarettes market with its IQOS device. The device resembles a pen and allows for a cigarette to be inserted in it. This device works in a way that users can use the flavored e-liquid rather than the real tobacco. Reynolds-American has also not being left behind as they also have delivered in their unique way with its Vuse E-cig product, which has performed tremendously well earning it a big brand tag in the United States. Another of its previously successful brand is the Blu E-cig which also did well in the market.

British American Tobacco has also done its bit of tapping into this lucrative market. With its iFuse glo product, the company is relying on its newly developed technology know as heat-not-burn which burns that heats the real tobacco into vapor which the user sniffs in.

But now, there is a new market entrant the O2Pur. O2Pur is a company that has now tapped in the e-cig market with several of its e-cig products. The Alpha Vending, LLC Company that manufactures it uses a technology that gives smokers the opportunity to have a free-smoke feel. It mainly comes in the form of a Vape system. The O2Pur offers users the pleasant smell, no smoke and an easy to use time. The different company products come with a free starter kit.

In a nutshell, the E-cig market is growing ever big and more people warming up to the whole new smoking technology. It is anticipated that more E-cigs products will continue to grace the market as the manufacturers try to get hold of the more significant piece of the market share.

How Waiakea Water Is Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

The bottled water industry is a $100 billion industry around the world. Unfiltered tap water from your kitchen faucet can contain chemicals, hormones, toxic metal salts and pesticides. It is difficult to wade through the hundreds of bottled water companies on the market today. Many companies claim their water is oxygenated, or enhanced with vitamins to help them stand out from the crowd. Drinking fresh water on a daily basis is important to help cleanse the body and remove toxins.

Waiakea Water is a bottled water company based out of Hawaii. Hawaii is known for having some of the freshest food and water sources in the world. Waiakea Water is a young company, established in 2012. They sell volcanic water that is filtered through volcanic rock that travels through the Mauna Loa volcano.

Waiakea Water is also doing their part for the environment. Every year, over eight million tons of plastic water bottles are polluting our oceans. Over 50 billion plastic water bottles were sold in the United States. Only 25 percent of those bottles were recycled. Waiakea Water is one of the few businesses that is certified carbon neutral. To help reduce their carbon footprint, they use low-emission trucks to transport their products.

They also donate over 3 percent of their profits to local nonprofit organizations. This year, they created the first ever fully degradable bottle. Every bottle they produce will be done by using 100 percent recyclable plastic. A regular plastic bottle can take over 1,000 years to degrade, while a Waiakea Water bottle will only take 15 years.

Waiakea Water has become so successful and was named one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in America. They are the first of its kind with a mission to provide delicious and healthy water without harming the environment. Waiakea Water is determined to inspire other water bottle companies to follow suit by using 100 percent biodegradable bottles.


Malcolm CasSelle – Video Game Entrepreneur Creates WAX

Malcolm CasSelle has made a living off video games, and he’s not a developer, he’s not an investor, he is an innovator. CasSelle is a graduate of both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford. It was there, in two of the most prestigious schools in the country, that he achieved his knowledge of computer science and blockchain technologies. He assists in the operations of one of the most popular third-party video game marketplaces in the world. Players of first person survival and first person shooter games have been using OPSkins for years to purchase and sell cosmetic skins for their knives and guns.

Malcolm CasSelle has taken one step further into the world of virtual asset training. He has created a system called WAX that he hopes will expand to include not only all different types of video games, but also virtual goods that have nothing to do with gaming. By using WAX, CasSelle intends for even competitors of his other company, OPSkins, to have to resort to using WAX. WAX enables the use of several different types of cryptocurrencies and country currencies in one place, and makes it possible for merchants to effortlessly post their goods on multiple sites at once – assuming they all use WAX.

When a person decides to begin using WAX, they will receive a universal widget for their desktop. Everything you need to do can be handled from this overlay and it can even be used while you are gaming. With WAX, you won’t have to close your screen or wait hours at a time for your transactions to complete.

About Malcolm CasSelle

After CasSelle finished his education, he founded a company called Netnoir, a media company and one of the first of its kind. He then moved on to a company called Xfire. Xfire was a specialized community for video game fans. The platform brought together news, video streaming, customized profiles and a number of other features way before other companies like Twitch and Steam were invented.