Choosing to Fly with the Fagali Airport

In 1990, the Fagali Airport was owned by the local government and used primarily for military purposes. Unfortunately, due to noise and pollution violations, the airport was closed and no longer used for testing and training. Despite remaining abandoned for many years, Polynesian Airlines found a niche in the market for a high-quality airport that offered both local and international travel. The company also knew that it had to adhere to special guidelines so that noise and environmental reports wouldn’t be made by local residents or those traveling to the Somoa Islands. To this day, the Fagali Airport offers high-quality flights at affordable rates using a facility that uses special features to cut down on pollution and noise.

There are multiple airlines within the Fagali Airport, which include both local and international travel. For international travel, Somoa Air is the airline for you. It offers flights to North and South America, Canada and some parts of Europe. Some of the other airlines include Polynesian Airlines, South Pacific Airways and Pogo Pogo Air. The airport was recently awarded a safety award from the International Flight Association thanks to its 250 employees working diligently to create a safe and secure flying facility for those traveling to and from Somoa.

If you will be traveling to or from the Fagali Airport, there are many amenities and features that promise to make your flight more convenient. These include an in-house restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with beverages and desserts. You will also find multiple restrooms, vending machines, gift shops and cafes that you can use when you’re within the facility and have already gone through security. Despite being one of the smallest airports in the world, Fagali Airport is one of the busiest with over 30,000 flights leaving every single year.

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Sheldon Lavin and His OSI Group: Global Growth Company with Local Ties

Global expansion for many companies means, transferring impersonal assets and outsiders to the next country. Not OSI Group. This high growth international food company seeks out local people and manufacturing facilities first.

A fundamental business strategy for the OSI Group and CEO Sheldon Lavin is a belief in local tastes and cultural distinctions. Food tastes are integral to local culture. It is important for the company to tap this resource. OSI will spend considerable capital on learning idiosyncrasies of the local market. Management teams are tasked with providing the company, locally sourced food at better price points. OSI then integrates the global corporate structure to provide excellent economies of scale. Local management teams are given near-complete autonomy to operate as it sees fit.

OSI’s global partners and vendors are comfortable with this relationship. Day-to-day management decisions are made in the best interests of corporate, but also the local economies. This provides the benefits of a global company, working at an efficient local level.

CEO Sheldon Lavin believes in brisk global expansion, technology and deep commitments to quality. These fundamentals allow the company to maintain a competitive edge. OSI continues to move into underserved markets around the world. One of its recent acquisitions was BAHO Food, a Dutch company. The purchase in August 2016 provided new manufacturing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. A distinct advantage to the acquisition was the distribution channels it gained in 18 countries throughout Europe. Flagship Europe is another recent purchase, giving Sheldon Lavin and his OSI Group even more distribution.

Home for this global behemoth is Aurora, Illinois. OSI serves dominant chain restaurants around the world. Sheldon Lavin does not want OSI to forget where it grew up. The company continues to serve and expand its local market. The recent purchase of a soon to be shuttered Tyson foods plant saved a lot of the plant’s employees. It also gives OSI expanded local production capabilities.

The local community and relationships are important to OSI. Sheldon Lavin believes local connections are the cornerstone of global growth. The company maintains constructive relationships with the Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America. Global growth opportunities continue to fuel this local company.

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Meet Dr. Saad Saad; An Experienced Surgeon Who Made Great Medical Inventions

The medical industry has many players who make treatment easy and successful. Surgeons are essential in this industry as they help in many complex medical situations. There are many surgeons across the world who are certified and work hard to ensure that patients undergo successful surgery operations. Dr. Saad Saad is one of the surgeons who have many years of experience. He earned a medical degree with honors from Cairo University. With his determination to become a leading surgeon he went to England for internship,, and later moved to the USA where he got certification from the board as a pediatric surgeon.




To be certified in the US as a surgeon is not easy. One has to undergo progressive specialized training and surgical practices. Additionally, the surgeon has to take challenging exams and tests every ten years. Dr. Saad accomplished all that, and that enabled him to become a leading surgeon ready to serve patients with expertise. He has worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for many years and helped many patients ranging from young kids to adults. He worked at King Specialized Hospital where he performed simple to complex surgical procedures. While at the facility he was highly respected as his skills and experience in surgical operations were exceptional. Learn more:




Apart from being a leading surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad is an expert who is highly innovative when it comes to medical devices. He has two medical inventions in his name, and that has enabled him to be more recognized in the field of surgery. He has invented a device that can locate catheters inserted in patients’ bodies. Catheters are inserted in human bodies for specific functions such as draining gases and fluids, providing access to surgical instruments among other functions. To locate catheters in the body, X-ray is performed which comes with risks as a result of radiation mostly when it is done more than one time. Thus, Dr. Saad invented the device that is portable and utilizes electromagnetic energy to locate catheter in the body. The device is safe as it saves patients from X-ray and MRI scans.



Surgeons use endoscopes to look inside patients’ body parts like esophagus, lungs, bladder, stomach, and colon. Endoscopes’ lens while inside the body gets fogged up and this obstructs the view. For that reason, Dr. Saad Saad has invented a suction-irrigation device that clears up the lens to enable doctors have a clear view. This helps the doctors while they are performing endoscopy procedures during surgery. He has used this device, and it has worked perfectly well with his patients. As a result, many doctors today are taking up this invention.


Fortress Investment Group-Asset Management at Its Best

Are you looking for an excellent asset manager, one that will not fail you no matter what? You are always in the right hands when you consult Fortress Investment Group. The asset manager, now twenty years old, is one of the best in the world having accrued a lot of experiences.

Fortress, as you are aware, has one of the most notable workforces in the world. Therefore, Fortress Investment Group is a worthy partner because it has not disappointed any of its clients since day one. The company, which offers services in capital markets, asset investments, operations management, and mergers and acquisitions is not the best but rather the only best.

However, Fortress Investment Group is nothing without its team of capable leaders. The corporation’s executive gets composed of individuals who bring more than enough to the table. It is these combined skills and experiences that have made Fortress a real titan in its niche. Fortress Investment, currently under the stewardship of Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens has received hard blows over the years yet emerged victorious.

Fortress, having been active for the better part of the century, presently holds assets worth over forty billion dollars. Recall, there are more than a dozen companies out there that offer similar services as Fortress, but somehow, the asset manager has been able to become the world’s most trusted partner.

The institution has gone the extra mile of scaling up and currently appears on the New York Stock Exchange list. In truth, getting listed on the NYSE does not come easy and in any other IPO for that matter. Getting listed has brought good tidings to the asset management provider as it has boosted the confidence of consumers across the divide.

You can never go wrong with Fortress Investment. The company, thanks to its robust management structure, has been able to build its good name. As they say, fortune favors the bold. Fortress, thanks to its successes has been able to attract the attention of people and corporations from the four corners of the earth, something that has made the institution become Softbank’s darling.

Softbank has been watching the asset management corporation for the better part of this decade all because of its superb deeds. The company, thanks to its significant net worth has had no other choice other than to acquire Fortress Investment Group at a hefty price. Fortress Seeks $2 Billion for Debut Direct Lending Pool

Before 2017, Fortress Investment was an independent entity, but the times have since changed. The organization that has been dominant for over ten years now follows orders barked by Softbank. Softbank, having looked into the future, sees Fortress as the only solution to its predicaments.  Fortress pays $66M for SuperValu distribution center in Pompano Beach

Plans are already underway to see to it that Softbank extends its reach to a bigger target population. Recall, Fortress has all the numbers Softbank needs to scale up, one of the reasons why the company never felt a pinch before and after the acquisition. Therefore, the future gets set now that Softbank and Fortress Investment Group have chosen to walk together in a long and treacherous journey.



Sheldon Lavin leading expansion of OSI Group

There are many food production companies in the world, but few are in the league of OSI Group. This is one of the largest food production companies with a presence in many locations around the world. The company headquarters are found in Aurora, Illinois. The company produces protein foods which are packaged and sold to large retail sellers such as supermarkets, food chain restaurants. OSI Group is privately owned and has a presence in 17 countries, and it is still opening more branches. It is headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin assisted by President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald. The company is not only providing food to the people but also job opportunities in areas where they have plants. Currently, there are about 65 processing plants in various parts of the world. In China, the company recently built seven new plants to enhance the supply of food products which is now in high demand.

One of the areas Sheldon Lavin is focusing on as it tries to expand its business operations to many parts of the world is Europe. The European market is large due to the high consumption of processed foods. The company recently bought Baho Foods, a Dutch food company which has subsidiaries both in Netherlands and Germany. By the time, OSI Group was acquiring this company; it was making supplies in 18 European countries. After the acquisition, it means that this will be a new market for OSI Group. Baho Foods will, however, continue operating under its name but will now be doing its food processing operations under OSI Group. OSI Group is expected to ramp its food production and increase sales in Europe through this new acquisition.

This is not the only acquisition that is going on in Europe. OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin is determined to exploit this market to the fullest. It has acquired another company known as Flagship Europe which was later named “Creative Foods.” under this new management the company is now producing frozen poultry and pies. With the entry of OSI Group, Flagship Europe will now be able to supply its products to many places in Europe. It will be looking forward to applying the same tactics it has used in the United States and Asia, where they dominate. OSI group is also focused on Spain and Germany. It is already in the process of expanding the plants in these two countries to meet the high demand for their products. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company looks destined to make more changes in incoming years.

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Equities first holdings is a type of business well known to provide its customers with services that equip them financially so they can be in a position to run their businesses.The Equities First Holdings delivers these shares around the world. The global company has entirely of offices around the world. One of those countries is Australia.Equities First Holding global company has its offices in 3 locations in Australia; Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. All these offices are meant to accommodate the growing business.

The Melbourne office was relocated to the heart of the city to provide better space to assist all the clients and staff leaving room for more expansion. The firm is meant to offer credit to its customers and are not restricted on the use of the money. By doing so clients needs are met and business are able to grow.So far the firm has completed more than 700 transactions worth more than $ 1.4 billion till date, offering customers high loan to value at low fixed interest rates. Equities First Holdings has contributed to the tremendous growth of so many business firms around the world compared to other financial institutions. The company has been able to achieve its goals.

The renowned Clayton Hutson

Clay Hutson is a renowned sound engineer, stage manager and tour producer who has worked with a variety of notorious musicians and famous speakers. Hutson has the ability to take an act into an arena and make the show memorable, exciting and alive and filled with surprises. Hutson utilizes his over 25 years of experience to deliver a flawless show, again and again. Because of his solid history, acts like Pink, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, Marilyn Manson, Garbage and One Republic to name a few, trust Hutson with the complex staging of their shows.


Clayton Hutson grew up in Nashville Tennessee and became interested in music at an early age. Hutson earned his bachelors degree in theater design from Central Michigan University and continued his education by earning his masters in business administration from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Clayton spent time learning about the industry working for other management companies. After he gained enough experience, he set out to create his own niche and start his own company.


Hutson values hard work, and relies on checking and double checking his work. During a big show he cannot afford to have anything go wrong. Hutson is dedicated to his work and believes that hard work is the key to success. As a part of his service Hutson provides sound engineering, live production, rigging, production design, stage management and logistic services. Hutson’s clientele is typically established from references and word of mouth from satisfied clients. He also has a web site and relies on Linkedin to gain business.


Clay Hutson has learned through good and bad times how to expand on his established knowledge and come back stronger than ever. A solid work ethic and putting in the hours needed to ensure perfection is how he keeps up with the continually changing music performance industry. Also a passion for your career is key to success, if you love what you do, it never seems like work.


Hutson enjoys spending time with family and wishes he could have more free time to spend surrounded by friends and family. He also enjoys wood working and crafting. Learn more:


David McDonald has done some played an essential role in the OSI group over many years. He serves as the president of the OSI group. During his early days, David McDonald lived in lowa farm. While he was staying in lowa firm, he developed interest in agriculture. David was determined in finding better ways to improve agriculture farming. In the year 1987, He graduated from lowa state university with a degree in animal science. After school, he practiced his career for four years with the main aim of getting more experience.

In the year 1991, David McDonald joined a company that was based in Illinois, Chicago. The company was known as the OSI industries. He was so hardworking and loved working for this organization. After working for many years for this organization, Mr. McDonald was promoted to be the OSI president and chief operations, officer. He has been dedicated to managing the OSI group activities, because of his role in the company he has been awarded with Wallace E.Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI Group is the world leading supplier of value-added protein products around the globe, for example, beef patties and Sausage Links.OSI group has opened many branches across the world, eight of their working companies are based in China. David McDonald identifies China as the most profitable country if right strategies are planned.OSI group has put more resources in China to boost the organization operates. Mr. McDonald is targeting to change the OSI group to be the leading company in supplying poultry products. Because of this plan, OSI group collaborated with DOYOO Group company in the year 2012.OSI group concentrate on identifying various opportunities in the world and trying to meet them.

OSI Group is targeting to extend its market share in most of the countries. For instance , in Europe the OSI Group has acquired the Baho food which was a great step in extending the company share. McDonald termed this achievement as a significant investment, which was going to make a great impact in the organization in the future. He also added that, the acquisition of the Baho Food will assist the company in improving its product demand. Mr McDonald has coordinated the OSI Group employees all over the world and the organization is making tremendous progress.David always emphasize to the employees to consider the taste and preferences of their customers.This has helped the OSI group to supply specific products to targeted consumers.

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