Common knowledge dictates that the importance of the natural environment and conserving it cannot be understated. Considering how human activities play a significant role in the use and conservation of the natural resources, it then has to be taken into consideration that proper standard practices have to be taken into account and put into use to reduce the amount of destruction we expose on nature.


Chackerian, a progressive nature conservative, proposes that for continuity of the natural resources, sustainable forest management practices ought to be taken into consideration. His investments revolve around projects that are not only financially viable but also those that ensure a healthy friendly environment. He has also specialized in health care activities and founded successful companies altogether. His family’s commitment towards giving back to the society has led him to establish nonprofit organizations that are bound to benefit the general populace.

As one of the co-founders of Limonapa Teak, he supervises the cultivation of teak on acres of formerly poorly managed grazing lands which were of domesticated animals. Such soils which have been exposed by poor land practices including overgrazing led to severe deforestation and hence poor area that was still overused. Chackerian investments helped the neighboring communities get employment in sectors associated with the sustainable forest process. This is double profit since it conserved the environment and helped the community nearby get a source of living. For more details you can visit



Not only was reforestation possible, but the land was also replenished, and timber from the forests sold on the international markets. This then helped expose the knowledge that a forest is a web of intertwined systems that play an interdependence on each other. This then provides a healthy system that is economically and naturally viable to all the living organisms including humans.

This has enlightened the people about proper forestry practices, ensuring survival altogether with a well-balanced ecosystem. The ecosystem is also known to be very defiant, and with proper conservation and sustainability, it can survive and at the same provide for all people, including the neighborhood and the expanded community. Such sustainability also provides products that are of high value to the international market. You can visit to see more.