How Fortress Investment Group was Instrumental in the Acquisition of Assets in New York

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998 as a private equity firm. It excelled in most of its transactions thereby establishing itself as a trendsetter. In 2007, it was highlighted as the first private equity firm to offer large-scale services in the NYSE. Later, it diversified in the global investment matters. For instance, it directs 43 billion dollar assets that belong to 1750 investors. They include hedge funds, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles. Moreover, it employs an adjusted return that is based on strong risks. This enables investors to invest in its business for a long time. Its headquarters are in New York where nine hundred people have been employed.

All the three principals of Fortress Investment Group are based in New York. They include Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens. Furthermore, it specializes in various areas. They include capital markets, operations management, asset-based investing, and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Other areas entail companies and institutions that require specific knowledge in the given sector. Its expertise is significant in the management, finance, price, and ownership of the physical and financial assets. In the operation management, Fortress Investment Group uses great tools from the investment it makes. During its portfolio management, it evaluates strategic, operational, and structural facts. They are mostly based on the ground.

For the past twenty years, Fortress Investment Group is experienced in Acquisitions and Mergers. Its employees have a good relationship with the corporate members and the other stakeholders. Its experience enables the capital markets to list it annually. Furthermore, it secures its financing from equity markets and debts. Fortress Investment Group’s long experience in the management of portfolio companies has enabled it to acquire great institutional knowledge. It covers many industries that offer diverse services.

All its employees contain quality knowledge that is useful in their particular area of deployment. The goal of its establishment was to create a new investment firm. It would then be an alternative strategy to the private equity and cutting-edge vehicles. A growth in the assets was witnessed in the past five years were 400 million dollars increased to 3.9 billion dollars. By 2007, they accumulated to 32.6 billion dollars.

Shafik Sachedina- Giving Back To His Profession And Community


Shafik Sachedina birthplace was in Dar-es-Salaam. He was born in 1950. Sachedina studied at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School Program, part of the University of London, England. After completing his studies at the University, Sachedina started his practice of dentistry. Shafik Sachedina has lent his expertise and experience in the dentistry field in England for many years.

Sussex Health Care

Sussex Healthcare began its operation as a lone faculty in 1985. Today Sussex Health Care has 20 facilities located in the United Kingdom that serve as residential care homes. Unlike typical care home of this type, Sussex Health Care mission is giving their patients a better quality of life. The healthcare organization offers educational and recreational activities for all its patients. Patients also enjoy delicious meals made from natural recipes: a staff of qualified chefs oversees the patient’s menus.

With Shafik Sachedina as joint chairperson of Sussex Health Care, he is instrumental in instituting many of the advantages that the healthcare offers its residents. Currently, Sussex Health Care just completed construction of a gym for its residents, along with providing personal training services. Occupational therapy services and physiotherapy services are part of the healthcare benefits available to all patients at Sussex Health Care.

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The Institue of the Ismaili Studies

The Institue of Ismaili Studies primary mission is research. The institute promotes the study of Muslin’s society and culture. Dr. Shafik Sachedina supervises the activities and programs that the institute offers. Sachedina also coordinates relations with Aga Khan, the guiding force of the study of Muslim societies and cultures. Sachedina serves as a member of Aga Khan’s board of governors.

Giving Back to The Community

Dr. Shafik Sachedina enjoys giving back to his community. He is devoted to doing volunteer work with the Jamati and Aga Khan institutes. With Sachedina’s expertise lent to both Sussex Health Care and his mission for a stellar healthcare environment in the care of the elderly, he has contributed his time, talent, and expertise immensely.

Dr. Sachedina is a role model to physicians worldwide to be active and give of their talents to their communities.

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Wes Edens: An Impressive Career Walk

Wes Edens is a renowned businessperson who co-founded the Fortress Investment Group alongside other principals in 1998. He is named to be a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks as well as the owner of the FlyQuest e-sport team. Wes has a rich career journey that began way after achieving his undergraduate studies. He pursued a degree in Finance and Business Administration after which he graduated in 1984 from the famous Oregon State University. Immediately in 1987, he was ready to serve and took up a chance at Lehman brothers serving as partner and managing director up to 1993. The next move was at BlackRock Asset Investors, which was a private equity division of the larger BlackRock firm. He served in the similar position up to 1997.

After this exit, he went to co-find Fortress Investment Group, which works on investment management services.Within a short time of operation, Fortress had started gaining a lot of recognition and fame as it expanded. In 2009, Wes became the co-chair in the company. During his serving in this position, Fortress was able to rise after some challenges that hit earlier. Wes Edens created an esport team called FlyQuest in 2017 that he solely owns. This is a journey full of determination and commitment to excellence. While serving in the company, one of the major achievement was helping and facilitating the purchase of the Springleaf Financial Service. He had seen the potential within the company and sped up the acquisition.

This body increased in value more by 27 times that saw the investment of the company high. Apart from his service at Fortress, Wes gladly serves as the chairman of the Nationstar Mortgage. This is a business dedicated to working in the home equity lending sector. The company acquired it in 2006. In the year 2014, Wes Edens did a major purchase together with Marc Lasry for Milwaukee Bucks. He stills serves and fosters leadership and professional expertise in the firm. He resides in the beautiful city of New York with his happy family. Together with his wife, Wes Edens is dedicated to serving the needy through his philanthropic spirit and charitable initiatives.

The Excitement of Online Dating Returns Thanks to Whitney Wolfe

When online dating first entered the scene, people were so excited. One thing that excited them is how easy it seemed to be to find someone. However, as the years passed, online dating has become a bit harder for people. As a result, a lot of people have walked away from online dating in frustration. Some people have given up hope on finding a date because they could not have any luck with online dating. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has gotten involved with online dating. She is no stranger to online dating. This is one of the reasons that she was able to make the right type of changes.

‘ello London. 👋🇬🇧 @thetimes

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Whitney Wolfe did not originally want to start another dating app. However, she was talked into it by Andrey Andreev. The only thing is that she did not want a repeat of her experience with Tinder. She also did not believe she can offer something new with online dating until she has thought about a rule in dating that has been unwritten. Many people go by this rule to this day. This rule is about women taking a passive role in dating. This is one thing that she did not agree with.

Given that Whitney Wolfe has considered herself a feminist at this point, she has decided that she can bring forth Bumble as a way for women to be empowered. Whitney Wolfe has used Bumble to send a message to women. This message to women is that it is okay to be assertive and pursue what they want. Whitney Wolfe has decided that she is going to stop being passive. So far it has worked well for her. She has used her ideas to move women forward in ways that other feminists have not thought about. However, she has made herself a high profile individual which attracts all types of attention.

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Wes Edens, Always Ascending

Growing up on a ranch in Montana, Wes Edens loved climbing mountains. He moved away to Oregon to attend Oregon State University where he graduated with a BS in Finance and Business Administration. Always striving upward, he established his career at Lehman Brothers, becoming a partner and managing director. Five years later he moved on to manage the private equity division of Black Rock Asset investors. In 1998 Wes Edens had proven himself as a savvy investor and was one of five partners who founded Fortress investment group. He specialized in hedge funds, private equity funds and real estate ventures. He helped to take the company public in 2007, taking him to number 369 on Forbes Magazine’s Billionaires list. He was promoted to co-chairman of the board of directors at Fortress in 2009, reviving the company’s stock price after the recession of 2008. His take-home pay is currently around $52 million.

According to employee reviews on the website, Fortress Investment Group is an interesting and fast-paced place to work. Most have a positive outlook on the company and specifically state that they enjoyed working with so many smart and aggressive investors. They also enjoy the rewards for hard work and social activities. Nobody complains about the pay. Wes Edens is definitely not all work and no play. He is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and helped the city build a new arena for the team. He more recently has invested in an e-sports team called FlyQuest.

Recruiting top level players for the game League of Legends, the team hopes to do well in the North American Championship Series. The large tournaments regularly sell out stadiums for their events as well as having millions of streaming internet viewers. Wes Edens still enjoys mountain climbing as well as horse jumping, which has actually caused him more serious injuries than some of his rock climbing escapades. He has climbed many of the world’s most picturesque peaks and continues to plan more high altitude adventures with no signs of slowing.

End Citizens United Says Yes To Elissa Slotkin

End Citizens Unites has advocated for Elissa Slotkin for the midterm elections that occur this year. Slotkin is one of may candidates that ECU is advocating, as they attempt to stack the deck for their quest to end Citizens United. A former agent for the CIA Slotkin has her gaze set on a 8th congressional district seat. The seat is a prime one as it belongs to Mike Bishop, whom End Citizens United lauds as huge supporter of Big Money. Big Money refers to the corporations that fund and support campaigns. Once upon a time corporations had limits and rules they had to follow. Since the 2010 ruling in the Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission such limitations have been rescinded.

This is mostly due to the face that the 2010 ruling expanded free speech to corporations.The decision was controversial immediately with any advocating that it would ruin future elections. Many PACs rallied against it, fighting for election reform. The lines have been tightly drawn ever since, with advocates for reform falling mostly on the Democrat side of the spectrum. For candidates like Mike Bishop it means more funding, more television ads, and it means that he supports policies corporations want. End Citizens United is dedicated to fighting candidates like Bishop, supplanting them with candidates who advocate for election reform.

These candidates can amend the first amendment to relegate itself to the person. This would bring limitations back on the head of Big Money, and would ensure that elections are fair. Slotkin may have a long road ahead but with End Citizens United on his side he has good chance for an upset. He is the incumbent though so it will not be an easy task. ECU’s mission in general is not an easy task but hard work and perseverance can get anything done. For now the fight is just beginning.

Clay Hutson’s self-belief brings a change in his life

Clay Hutson is a businessman and a sound engineer and has managed to stand out in the entertainment industry. He currently owns a firm that works closely with artists. The firm is in charge of designing, marketing, managing as well as overseeing tours.

Talent is critical in pushing us to our success, for Clay working as a sound engineer is not only his passion but also a talent. Since an early age, Clay Hutson was always interested with live shows. His enthusiasm lead him to pursue a course in theatre design. Soon after completing his college, Hutson worked in different companies as a sound engineer.

Clay Hutson was later put in charge of the live shows, despite the pressure from the live shows. Clay still enjoyed his work. Having the right attitude helped sharpen his skills in the competitive entertainment industry. He is now one of the most sort after sound engineer and as a manager.

The onset of Clay Hutson’s enterprise.

Clay lost his job in the company he was working in, but due to the skills, he had gained. Clay felt he was ready to start on his own, he thus decided to establish his company which would not only provide employment for him but for other and also offer the best services in the sector.

Establishing a business is a big step, and this was a bold step for Clay. Not knowing what would happen and yet setting up the company shows how confident and ready Clay Hutson was. It is therefore essential to be prepared to step out of the comfort zone to see a difference in your life.

As an entrepreneur, one habit that has made Clay Hutson the success he is today is working in paces, Clay plans on what is happening at the moment, he will also make a plan on the next day’s activities, and finally, he assigns everyone in the office a responsibility. This makes it easier for him to monitor the progress.

Clay Hutson is a great inspiration to the young people and those aspiring to join the business world. However, his journey has not been without challenges. In a recent interview, Clay revealed the piece of advice he would give to the younger him. For Clay honesty would be a big part of his life, being honest with himself and those around him would be one of the changes he makes in his life. Clay would also spend more time with his family.

For young entrepreneurs using some of the tips, Clay has learned in his journey will be a great tool in achieving success in the new ventures.

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Leaves Critics Mystified.

Critics had mixed reviews over Sean Penn’s controversial new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Penn, an actor, Oscar winner and former husband of Madonna and Robin Wright, penned this new story, described as a dystopian satire by USA Today. In the small novel, Bob, the divorced main character, lived in the California suburbs but did not get along with his neighbors. He worked part-time jobs but also worked undercover, killing old people with a mallet. Bob still found time to make comments on American culture, most of them negative. Pappy Parian narrated the book, a pseudonym for Sean Penn. There was another character in the book named Fletcher, based on El Chapo, Penn’s friend. Penn once interviewed El Chapo in real life and the article he wrote caused controversy during the President Obama tenure.

The character, Bob Honey in the book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” spoke of disillusionment when it came to the state of America, especially during a cross-country road trip. The fictional figure wrote a letter to the American President, who resembled Trump. In the missive, Bob Homey criticized the president’s actions, his faulty presidency and the state of politics in modern-day America. Bob mentioned assassinating the president too. There were climactic scenes at the Republican National Convention and a dramatic scene after assassins killed police officers. In a poem at the end of the novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” Penn also made negative comments about liberal groups too, like the #MeToo movement for not recognizing due process and the rights of the accused.


USA Today and Entertainment Weekly found the book confusing and chaotic. They liked parts of the book but panned Penn’s prose and style, which made the book hard to read. Critics mentioned that the character Bob seemed more like Penn; Bob Honey was like not a fictional character. The book was more of an autobiography than a fictional novel. This approach may appeal to a small number of readers, especially Penn’s fans or for readers who like dystopian novels. Atria published “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” It is 160 pages.

Jacob Gottlieb Visium’s Life

The Visium Asset Management Organisation is on top of the list of healthcare hedge funds in the country. The brainchild of Jacob Gottlieb Visium has been in operation since 2005 and recently hit the $8 billion dollar mark in terms of assets. The firm’s CIO has had an interesting history that he used to help the firm rise through the ranks.

Gottlieb was born to parents of Polish origin who moved to the US in the early 1960s. His whole life has revolved around economics and healthcare thanks to his parents who did so well in the two fields. His father taught economics while his mother was a largely successful pediatrician.

He was still in his formative years when he first got involved in economics. A stock selection competition was held at his school and he beat top competition to take home the top price. His father took a keen interest in his abilities and helped him set up a trading account.

Gottlieb later joined Brown University where he completed a BA in economics. This did not keep him from pursuing medicine at the New York University Medical School. He then went to the St. Vincent’s Hospital for his internship program.

The Wall Street proved to be more lucrative as he put his medical pursuit on hold to establish a career in the economic world. He worked tirelessly and soon became a Chartered Financial Analyst. In 1998 he joined Sanford C. Bernstein to actively engage in trading stocks. He specialized in global healthcare given his medical background.

He later joined Merlin Biomed Group but was only there for a few months before Balyasny Asset Management came calling. By this time he had established himself as a leading healthcare portfolio manager.

In 2005 Gottlieb took the bold step of going out on his own. He mobilized an active team and established Visium. It has since experienced massive growth and has provided employment opportunities to 170 individuals.

His active role at Visium Asset Management has not prevented him from offering his services to non-profit institutions in his hometown. The Robin Hood Foundation, Covenant House and Math for America have all had a taste of his exceptional skills.

Jim Simons,an accomplished mathematician, was the brain behind Math for America. Based in New York the organization was founded with an eye on science, education, technology and math. Jim sought to ensure that schools in New York get and keep the best teachers in the four disciplines. The organization offers fellowship trainings to the teachers and has been in operation since 2004.


Dr. Mark Mckenna & Contemporary Medical Aesthetics

The medical-aesthetics community has been growing by leaps and bounds as of late. This particular industry is in high-demand, and it brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis. Mark McKenna, M.D., is one of the most important players in this dynamic community. This extraordinary guy goes by many different titles, including doctor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Dr. Mark McKenna started his professional career as a medical doctor, but he would venture into other fields. The guy has completed his medical training and has graduated from the affluent Tulane University Medical Branch. He is licensed in surgery and is licensed in medicine by the Georgia and Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners.


For 2018, Dr. Mark McKenna has launched an all-new facility that specializes in medical aesthetics. This state-of-the-art facility is known as OVME. OVME is literally changing the way that people can receive minimal-invasive procedures. The company’s name is pronounced “of me,” and it offers a suite of luxurious treatment rooms as well as private consultation rooms. Some of the most technologically advanced equipment can be found here. Dr. Mark McKenna has even incorporated an Uber-style application into the program. This app can be used via smartphone, and it will direct medical-aesthetic providers to health-conscious consumers. The idea is rather genius and these services will come straight to your place of residence if need be. That’s right! OVME has broken the mold thanks to the ingenuity of Dr. Mark McKenna.


This phenomenal man has also founded numerous companies in other fields of work. Universal Mortgage Lending, McKenna Venture Investments and Uptown Title Inc., are just three of his most successful businesses. Before 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mark McKenna had a successful real estate development firm that was generating millions on an annual term. By following in the footsteps of his father, this man is looking to do many more philanthropic things in the future.