Better Ways to Grow Your Nest Egg

Warren buffet has some good advise when it comes to making wise investment choices. He believes that it is better to grow your investment over a long-term period rather than t go with the high-cost and expensive investment options. Timothy Armour believes that it is better to go with the bottom-up investing approach and to analyze companies while building a sturdy portfolio. His approach to investing has proven to be effective and rewarding over many years.

It is wise for consumers to be wary of product labels and should instead seek out investments that are low-cost and deliver good long-term returns. It also good to challenge passive index returns. Although they can be successful, index funds don’t provide any cushion when the market hits a downturn.

The average managed fund has done far worse in the market over time, but there can be exceptions. It’s best to go with low-cost funds and find a fund manager that invests their own money alongside their investors. Overall it’s always best to try to grow your nest egg over time and to stay ahead of the crowd in those market downturns.

Timothy Armour has over 34 years of investment experience with Capital group, where he began his career in 1983 as a chief executive officer and chairman. He began as a participant in The Associates Program at Capital Group after he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. Timothy Armour is also an equity portfolio manager and is located in Los Angeles and learn more about Tim.

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