Bruce Levenson Encouraging Students to Take More Interest in the Nonprofit World

When Bruce Levenson was in the NBA, he was a visionary leader and an exceptional administrator, says ESPN. Now the former Atlanta Hawks owner has taken his vast experience in the business realm to the world of nonprofit organizations. Levenson today devotes a significant amount of his time and resources to the Do Good Institute, an initiative that he and his wife Karen helped start in conjunction with the University of Maryland.

The Do Good Institute is a revolutionary idea that hopes to create a new generation of brilliant leaders in the nonprofit world. The course equips undergraduate students with the information and motivation to take an active interest in the volunteering and nonprofit world. By making the campus a Do Good campus, the initiative hopes to inspire students to give back to the society. Additionally, the Do Good Institute looks to produce the next generation of model leaders in the nonprofit sphere well-equipped to compete with their counterparts in the corporate sector.

The results of the Do Good program have been impressive. Some of the students who went through the initiative are now founders of nonprofit organizations that are making a big difference in their society. One such student, Ben Simon, is the founder of Imperfect Produce, an initiative that aims to minimize the amount of wasted produce considered below retail standards. Levenson hopes that in the future other campuses can incorporate the Do Good idea in their curriculum.

Levenson attended the University of Washington before enrolling for law studies at the American University. His first career as a journalist was with the Washington Star. Later, he invested in the Atlanta Hawks, UCG and TechTarget among other businesses. See,

Currently, Levenson supports various philanthropic causes, among them the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the I have a Dream Foundation. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and three sons.

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