Cancer Treatment Centers of America Release New Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently developed a new partnership with Allscripts and Nanthealth. They have created a new custom oncology treatment platform. This new system is meant to hold information about cancer care that has been provided by thousands of oncologists throughout the United States. Having this information readily available to doctors will be convenient and helpful throughout the treatment process.
Clinical Pathways, the new system, has the ability to display all possible treatment options for a particular type of cancer treatment within a matter of seconds. This can be done for multiple treatment options side-by-side for comparison. Doctors never need to second-guess what has been in the system because it has been provided by experts in their field. The price of the treatments is also included in the comparison. Clinical Pathways goes as far as explaining how to be calmer and happier during the treatment process, all with the click of a mouse. This is a world wide web created specifically for the use of oncologists to provide the best available treatment to patients.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America were founded by a man named Richard J. Stephenson, and had noble beginnings. His mother died of cancer. He was not happy with the way that his mother’s cancer was handled, so he decided to create his own CTCA hospital in 1988. Since then, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have received multiple awards for their top-of-the-line treatment and service. Their customer satisfaction ratings are extremely high.
CTCA knows that cancer requires personalized care. This is why they always have experts available. Their doctors specialize in treating only cancer – so you can be confident that they are experienced in their field. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America can help with the physical and emotional toll that cancer takes on people.