Casio Audio Was the Motivation Vipers Rock Band Needed

Casio Audi had one natural talent as he grew up: music. His parents noticed his interest early enough and supported him to practice as often as he could. Nevertheless, Casio was also mathematical, and that explains why he also took a keen interest in finance. Before he joined the university, Casio was lucky enough to meet a group of four talented singers called Yvette, Pit, Machado, and Matos, with whom he formed the Viper Rock Band.
Before meeting the band, Casio had always desired to be part of a singing group but had not met a group that was passionate enough. Consequently, when he met the four and observed the passion with which they did their music, Casio knew that he found the right match. The five formed the Vipers Rock Band in 1985 and Casio took the leader’s role almost immediately. He often talked the members into having the core values of hard work, determination, and excellence. He often told them that lethargy and lack of urgency would cost them their positions at the top of the charts. He also asked them to excel in the instruments that each played as well as their vocals since that would make them exemplary performers. Casio realized that the rock music arena was flooded with talented groups and only determination and excellence would help raise Vipers to the top.
Casio made practice sessions compulsory for all members as they needed to constantly put in long hours to their work. Luckily, none of the group members had a side job, making music their full-time job. Vipers practiced from morning to evening, a factor that made them uncontended. Within a short span, Viper Rock Band produced their first album, which shortly rose to the top of the charts. The group also did a second album, which was launched in three continents.