José Henrique Borghi: Choosing Professional Advertising Service

Advertising tells consumers how the product or service they are considering will enrich their life. It takes the right skill and resources to be able to craft compelling advertising message , and implement it effectively.

José Henrique Borghi has advertising and marketing resources and is well known in the industry. As one of the leading advertising experts in Brazil, José Henrique Borghi helps business owners and companies promote their products to the right audience and increase revenue.

Business owners and companies sell products and services through advertising , enabling them to attract prospects and potential customers for their offers. Internet advertising is becoming increasingly popular and many entrepreneurs and organizations are finding it very convenient to use as well as cost effective.

Brand identity is easily established and communicated to the consumer through advertising. The advertiser develops advertising message that appeals to a specific audience. Consumers are attracted to brands that they they are familiar with. If you want to establish your brand identity, you need the services of a reputable advertising agency .

José Henrique Borghi has an advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, which is highly regarded in the industry. Mullen Lowe has been providing excellent promotions for businesses and organizations for years and numerous clients rave about the top notch services they have received.

José Henrique Borghi and the advertising specialists at Mullen Lowe are committed to generating consumer demand for your product or service through properly planned advertising campaign that targets the audience that is most likely to purchase your offer.

José Henrique Borghi will select the media outlets you will use to send out your message to the public and establish a suitable advertising schedule. He is knowledgeable about targeting the right your audience effectively. To get started, contact José Henrique Borghi right away.

Jose Borghi Describes Women In Advertising And Brazilian Society

CEO of advertising firm, Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi, says that while women are reaching new heights of success in the professional settings, much works still needs to be done. He points out that the gender gap in pay and relations has improved significantly over the past decades in both Brazil and the rest of the world. Still, discrepancies exist between the two genders. Mr. Borghi believes it is a remnant of the machismo that existed in Brazilian society.

Jose Borghi says that the success of women should be applauded and built upon to create more success. He points out a survey that was completed almost three years ago by the research group, Data Popular on the portrayal of women in advertisements. The study found that about 56% of respondents said that marketers did not portray real life women in ads. This is a worrying statistic says Jose Borghi.

Women are a major customer of all kinds of products and services. They represent roughly half of the total population of Brazil. In response to these figures, some Brazilian advertising companies have responded by altering their image of women in ads to better reflect their real life counterparts. Jose Borghi says that this is a step in the right direction and a good thing. When women are more accurately portrayed by marketers, then they are more likely to build a closer relationship with their female client base.

There are also other benefits to placing women in ads and making them fit with the real life woman in Brazil. By empowering Brazilian women in advertising campaigns, women are said to benefit on all levels of Brazilian society. Featuring women in ads and displaying them more realistically can boost the status of women in society and help shatter machismo in Brazil.The communication and advertising sector where Jose Borghi works in, he says is remarkably progressive. Women hold just as much leadership positions in the marketing and communications field as men do. The Mullen Lowe Brazil CEO says that his industry is a bright spot for women. In many other fields such as finance and law, for example, women make up a tiny proportion of the executives despite holding more education overall than men do.

Jose Borghi believes that women should be payed equal wages for the same work. This is unfair to women and hurts society. When women suffer, the entire society suffers. When women are strengthened and are empowered then society benefits. The marketing industry is taking steps to empower women and has opened up many pathways for successful women. That is something Jose Borghi is proud to be part of.


Jose Borghi: An Advertising Professional and Co-Founder of Borghi Lowe

Jose Borghi is the man behind high-profile campaigns like the Mammals Parmalat. He founded one of the most prominent advertising enterprises in the business- Mullen Lowe Agency.As a young man in junior high school, Jose didn’t even know which career to pursue. That changed when his sister asked him to accompany her to the Castro Neves Theater to watch a performance. The presentation turned out to be TV commercials that received accolades at Cannes Film Festival. This is what inspired Jose, and he quickly knew he would venture into advertising as his career, although he hardly predicted that he would win a Cannes award in the future.

Jose Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente. He graduated with an Advertising degree from PUC-Campinas. Jose also worked for other successful agencies such as Leo Burnett, Talent, and FCB. He opened his company alongside his partner, Erh Ray but later sold the firm to Lowe in December 2006. The name of the company became Borghi Lowe with the two partners sharing the presidency.

Borghi Lowe later entered into new mergers and changed its name to Mullen Lowe Brazil. Here, Jose is dedicated to the creativity and innovation sectors. According to him, creative advertising attributes its success to the persistence to go after what you want. At a very early age, Jose Borghi realized that no one was going to give him anything and that nothing would come by luck, grace or fate. He understood that if he didn’t put in his own effort, then it would just be hearsay.

Throughout his career, Borghi has worked with great advertisers of the advertising sector such as Asia Motors, Kellogg, Honda, Delta Airlines, April, Leaf Group, American Express, Alpargatas among others. These works gave birth to campaigns that have defined the public memory and history of Brazilian advertising, such as the memorable “It’s Love” the Sazon as well as the “Mammals” Parmalat.

With his regular works and talent, Jose Borghi has earned an outstanding reputation in the advertising industry and the admiration of other ad agencies. He is currently considered to be in the list of 20 most powerful advertising in Brazil. According to a survey carried out by IBOPE, Jose’s agency is one of the largest advertising companies in the country.