ClassDojo is a Teacher’s Dream Come True

Believe it or not, teachers are people too. They have their struggles and challenges like everyone else. They also have dreams. One of the biggest things that teachers dream about is having a class full of wonderful students. Some teachers are living this dream. However, many of them are still pushing toward this goal. Thanks to ClassDojo many more teachers have realistic chance of having the best classroom and teaching experience possible.

So, what is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an application or software program that has been designed for smartphones and tablets. The app can also be used on computers or laptops. However, it is best suited for personalized mobile technology.

The app is useful because it allows teachers to interact more with parents, students and their administrators. Teachers use this app to send messages to parents throughout the day about their child’s performance in class. Some days might be better than others for many students; but at least their parents will know what is going on.

Before the internet, video, text messages and hand-held phones; it was kind of hard for a parent to know everything that was going on inside of a classroom with their child. ClassDojo has overcome this problem. As long as a teacher and their student’s parents download the app; it will help to make positive changes in the classroom.

How does ClassDojo benefit the education environment?

ClassDojo doesn’t make all the bad things go away. However, it just makes the environment better than what it is. Teachers can use ClassDojo to send pics or videos to parents about their child’s positive performance. They can also communicate any concerns long before a parent/teacher conference is scheduled to come around. In short, ClassDojo is a little app that is helping teachers to fulfill their dream of a better classroom.