OneLogin Trust and Security

Finding a secure, cloud-based identity and access manager for your business or organization can increase productivity and security. OneLogin is a software that utilizes innovative security such a machine learning. It also increases productivity and efficiency through the use of single sign-on, and cloud applications such as Namely, Workplace by Facebook, and RemedyForce.

Besides securing every user device, OneLogin helps to reduce costs, free up time, assists in enterprise growth, has availability you can trust, and contains security and privacy initiatives.

The SSO feature saves time. Sign on once, and the user has access to a portal where they can access the company apps and the cloud which is safe behind a firewall. This puts an end to dozens of passwords that tend to be forgotten. Along with the access to apps, the user also has access to their directory in the cloud. Another time saver is the user onboarding and offboarding has automated, real-time sync, keeping all information up to date.

OneLogin can also extend cloud security to on-premises apps. OneLogin Web Access Manager is a software that securely integrates with your custom and commercial applications. This makes access easier for people, saves time, and increases effectiveness and efficiency.

OneLogin uses adaptive authentication to help keep the cloud and all users and devices secure. OneLogin adaptive authentication uses machine learning. Machine learning uses several characteristics to determine of a login is high risk, then determines the most appropriate security action. The factors machine learning uses to determine security risk are network reputation, geographic location, device fingerprinting, and time anomalies. After these factors are calculated, the program will either present a one-time password, ask security questions, or grant access.

Machine learning is an effective security measure because static rules do not have the optimal balance between security and usability. Being on a corporate Wi-Fi does not guarantee web safety. On the other hand, a remote worker may be totally trustworthy. Machine learning tracks behavior, devices, and location to build a profile.

Onelogin is software that can be trusted to keep the cloud, applications, devices and users safe, and work efficiently.