Jason Hope: Internet of Things Evangelist

One of the hot topics concerning technology these days is the Internet of Things (IoT) and entrepreneur Jason Hope believes it will revolutionize the daily lives of many. Soon smart homes will become the norm from brewing the coffee each morning to turning the lights off before leaving the house each day. Hope sees greater connectivity between a larger number of devices allowing the world to be more automatized and enjoined. The Internet of Things may currently sound like a futuristic plan that will affect only the most tech-savvy amongst us, Hope believes this vision is short-sighted and ultimately incorrect and contact him.

Jason Hope is also a very active philanthropist and maintains a grant program for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. This program allows tech hopefuls to contact Jason via his website, he then chooses the ideas he deems most likely to succeed. From this selected group of excellent ideas, he will coordinate directly with them to impart a grant that can be used to defray startup costs and expenses. These grants are helpful in covering preliminary costs that are incurred from the get-go and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Hope believes that there are sadly many worthwhile ideas that never get off the ground due to financial difficulty. It is his aim to provide the opportunity to succeed to those that may not have the necessary financial resources. In the current economic environment, many of today’s brightest minds are navigating joining the workforce while also adjusting to a reality of high housing costs and student loan payments. It is Jason’s aim that these startup grants will enable good ideas to see fruition regardless of the financial realities of the people behind them and learn more about Jason.

Time will tell how integrated our lives become with our devices, but one thing is certain, Jason Hope will continue to make a positive impact on that future. Through his philanthropic work and encouragement of up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs Hope is sure to continue giving back and contributing to the future of technology and more information click here.

More visit: http://jasonhope.com/technology/

Nine9 – Making It In This Business As An Actor

The reality of being an actor is that there is so much people in this business. You are not considered a special performer in this industry. You need to grow thick skin and believe and understand the fact that you are just another person that looks just like everybody else. It can be very detrimental for you confidence-wise, but it is definitely a struggle to go through this industry because it’s a tough industry. The most important thing to realize is the fact that Nine9 is here to open doors for you as an actor.

Working with Nine9 on You tube means that you can make it in this business. They guide their talent through many different experiences to provide great opportunities and get them ready for acting jobs. If you are looking for auditions and getting updates about opportunities, Nine9 should be capable of helping you get in the right direction. They have incredible people who work in and out with their talent so they are well prepared for their future. Things like getting headshots done, getting access to auditions, and doing other things all come in to play to help you getting the jobs.

Nine9 requires that all talent sign up through a submission form. They would want to do a quick interview with you to find out about your personality and discover who you are as a person. There is plenty of work involved to ensure that you are ready for this business, and the interview in person will only help them identify if you will put in the work. They will take their time and eventually start sending you out on auditions down the road when you are ready for it. There’s a lot of work involved on making it as a model or actor, but this is why Nine9 is here.

Investor and Philanthropist James Dondero

James Dondero is a big name both in the corporate and philanthropic world. He is reputed for heading large firms in the Americas credit investment market and his initiatives in supporting nonprofit programs across the country.


Currently, he is the president of Highland Capital Management, LP. Owing to his vast experience that spans over 30 years in the credit market, he has been the main drive behind Highland Capital Management’s massive success. His smart leadership has seen the company emerge as one of the largest supervisors of collateralized loan obligation in America, with the firm approximated to be managing over $21 billion in assets.


Some of the exclusive assets managed by the firm include distressed and special situations private equity, Mutual funds and ETFs as well as hedge funds.


Together with his friend Mark Okada, they co-founded the company back in 1993. He has since been tasked with overseeing investment strategies in the company.


Before co-founding Highland Capital, Mr. James Dondero worked at the Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, serving as the chief investment officer. His stay at the company proved to be a big success both in his career and to the business. He saw the company grow from a mere startup to a multi-billion company, with the company rapidly progressing to a tune of over $2 billion within a span of five years.


He has also worked with the American Express where he was entrusted with the management of over $1 billion in fixed income funds.


He is a member of several company boards. He is currently one of the board members at MGM studios and American Banknote Corporation. He is the current CEO and board member at HCM Acquisition Company.


He has supported several charitable programs across the country; with most support directed towards education and charity foundations. He recently pledged $1 million to the Family Place to support several construction activities in the charity organization.


He has also donated $2 million to support education course at the Southern Methodist University in a move that has seen the establishment of SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars program.