Julia Jackson’s Interest in the Wine Business

Background and family

Julia was born in Francisco, California, in the year 1988. She had always had interest in winemaking since childhood. Growing up, Julia Jackson was surrounded by wine and winemaking. Her father, Jess Jackson is the founder of Kendall Jackson, the wine brand. He is also a lawyer by profession while her mother, Barba Banke is the chairman and proprietor of the Jackson Family Wines. Both are into the wine business and would sometimes make Julia, and her siblings pick and sort grapes under a harsh weather. Her father made sure to equip her with necessary skills to become successful.

Julia has three siblings; Christopher, Laura and Jennifer Jackson who are also part of the Jackson Family Wines.


Julia attended Scripps College graduating with Bachelor’s degree in Arts, and later pursuing graduate studies at Stanford School of Business. She was so interested in their family business that she used to work in several of their wineries during summer vacations. In the event, Julia learned the ropes of winery production and winemaking. During this time she made friends with one French girl who would lead her to Bordeaux to learn the French culture. Julia is fluent in French and during her college years she taught French to pupils and read full article.


Today, Julia works in the International Sales Team department at Jackson Family Wines. Many wine lovers from around the world have been introduced to the family wines through her. Drawn by her passion for winemaking, Julia continues with the family business serving as a spokesperson. She works together with her siblings making sure that their family business does not collapse but continues to prosper. The family business is doing so well, that recently it earned the award for 2017 Distinguished Service Award for Wine Spectators and what Julia Jackson knows.


Apart from Kendall Jackson wine brand, the Jackson Family Business produces brands like Cambria Wines. Julia is an award-winning Julia’s Vineyard at Cambia Winery.

Nathaniel Ru’s Goals To Make His Ideas Last Longer Than Himself

Nathaniel Ru has been a believer that you can eat healthy while still being fulfilled by the choices in green foods, and you can have balance in your life without having to eliminate the meat foods. That’s why his company, Sweetgreen has become a new phenomena in the restaurant industry across the nation.

Sweetgreen has put together a menu of salads, soups and various juices and yogurts that are available at their various restaurant locations, and most of the products are purchased from local farmers and merchants.

Nathaniel Ru has been interviewed by various business and education outlets to talk about what makes Sweetgreen special.

According to Crunchbase, Nathaniel Ru told one outlet at Penn University that he believes everything he does should be bigger than himself or his fellow CEOs Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet.

He says every decision the company makes is going to have a lasting impact, and that should be one that will strengthen customer relations and serve the community at large.

Ru also wants every customer that comes through Sweetgreen’s doors to have an authentic experience that includes not only great-tasting food, but truly happy employees surrounding them and attention to each of the customer’s small needs.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends began to pay attention to healthy eating while they attended Georgetown University because they noticed most cafeterias on campus didn’t have alternatives to normal high-fat foods.

As part of their business studies, they decided to explore a healthy eating restaurant startup on campus and soon they acquired some funds to do it.

It was quite small and they had to work hard to attract customers to their small shop, but after surviving the winter of 2007 they began to feel they could build the company into something big.

They soon started receiving contributions from family and friends and they decided to open more Sweetgreen locations.

An idea that Ru and his friends had for marketing their restaurants was through music, and that was the beginning of Sweetlife. The music festival has been held outside various Sweetgreen locations in DC and across the east coast, and it’s helped attract young people to the restaurant.

But they’ve also rolled out an app that has helped Sweetgreen become somewhat of the Uber of restaurants and has made for quick ordering.

Ru, Neman and Jammet often visit Sweetgreen local stores and work alongside other employees so that they feel treated like family.

The Power Behind Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks has always been known as a leader in entrepreneurship, but what you may not know is that his real super power is being a risk taker. As a risk taker, Sparks is the perfect role model for entrepreneurs in all aspects of business. As a business leader, it didn’t take long for a large business community to find out who Sparks is. A big part of his risk taking was his focus on developing new strategies. These new ventures are just what make Sparks a great leader for those who are new in business to follow. Those who want to get somewhere in the business world know to follow Marc Sparks. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/


The background of Marc Sparks is vast, including experience in the restaurant industry as well as an auto insurance company. What gives a company a sound reputation? It all depends on the foundation built for customer service. Companies that are not interested in serving people are not interested in earning more business. In fact, Sparks has always been an advocate of instilling the belief that customer service is number one, prior to opening the business. Now to days in business are the same, and business owners should be equipped and prepared ahead of time to deal with complex cases should they arrive. Learn more: https://classroomvoices.org/marc-sparks-risk-taker-in-and-out-of-business/


A big part of Sparks’ world is also giving back. He doesn’t believe that you can be big in business and not be interested in giving back to the community in some fashion. One of the ways in which Sparks is doing this is through his organization called Marketing Sparks. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get connected to those who are important in their line of work. Sparks knows that new startups need help from those who are experienced. The program makes it easy to connect with the experts and get the training and assistance they need. Entrepreneurs are able to spend three hours with their mentors, getting help in all aspects of their business from the inception of their idea to opening their doors for business. Learn more: https://angel.co/marcsparks3