Wes Edens, Always Ascending

Growing up on a ranch in Montana, Wes Edens loved climbing mountains. He moved away to Oregon to attend Oregon State University where he graduated with a BS in Finance and Business Administration. Always striving upward, he established his career at Lehman Brothers, becoming a partner and managing director. Five years later he moved on to manage the private equity division of Black Rock Asset investors. In 1998 Wes Edens had proven himself as a savvy investor and was one of five partners who founded Fortress investment group. He specialized in hedge funds, private equity funds and real estate ventures. He helped to take the company public in 2007, taking him to number 369 on Forbes Magazine’s Billionaires list. He was promoted to co-chairman of the board of directors at Fortress in 2009, reviving the company’s stock price after the recession of 2008. His take-home pay is currently around $52 million.

According to employee reviews on the website glassdoor.com, Fortress Investment Group is an interesting and fast-paced place to work. Most have a positive outlook on the company and specifically state that they enjoyed working with so many smart and aggressive investors. They also enjoy the rewards for hard work and social activities. Nobody complains about the pay. Wes Edens is definitely not all work and no play. He is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and helped the city build a new arena for the team. He more recently has invested in an e-sports team called FlyQuest.

Recruiting top level players for the game League of Legends, the team hopes to do well in the North American Championship Series. The large tournaments regularly sell out stadiums for their events as well as having millions of streaming internet viewers. Wes Edens still enjoys mountain climbing as well as horse jumping, which has actually caused him more serious injuries than some of his rock climbing escapades. He has climbed many of the world’s most picturesque peaks and continues to plan more high altitude adventures with no signs of slowing.

The Secret Behind the 80 Years of IC System Operations in the Market

It may be easy to survive some market forces that come in the first months of operation; however, it takes a stronger propeller to overcome wild market storms and waves if you have been in operation for 80 years. Many companies come and go especially in the modern market, others run bankrupt but IC System Company has been able to sail through the waters and has turned out to be one of the most successful companies.

IC System was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938 with an aim of offering their customers integral and ethical services which as a matter of fact, they have been driving on these two principles for 8 decades. Basically, the Company is well known for innovation and enforcement in accounts receivable recovery industry. This is well seen when they became the very first agency to use computers instead of typewriters all over the United States back in 1968 (Bloomberg).

The IC System has its headquarters in St. Paul, in Minnesota and has not failed even in a single day to offer their clients honest and ethical solutions so as to improve their financial outcomes. Their team of representatives is well trained on the same principles hence satisfying their clients fully. They aim at becoming the best and most trusted receivable management agency among the other creditors. The core values of IC System determine every operation in the company. Some of the Company’s core aspects include: respecting their customers, integrity, delivering great performances that are beyond expectations of customers, taking pride in what they do, and innovating new ways of doing things.

There is a culture in IC System that, if an employee identifies their colleagues demonstrating the above core values, they nominate them into Core value Award which is given to one person quarterly. In 1981, the company came up with its own in-house charity committee, E.C.H.O, which is made up of various employees who love helping the community and even their fellow employees through charity works. For example in American Cancer Society, Arming Heroes, White Bear Lake Food Shelf, American Red Cross and other charities. No wonder they have received several Awards.