One Planet Awards Recognizes Troy McQuagge as the CEO of the Year 2016

The prestigious One Planet Awards honored Troy McQuagge as the chief executive officer of the year. It is a premier global awards program that honors business plus professional excellence in industries. Thus, organizations such as private and public agencies, startups, or for-profit and non-profit firms are all qualified to submit their nominations and take part in the awards. One Planet Awards honor categories such as executives, teams, marketing, and organizations.

Troy McQuagge stated that he was honored to be the CEO of the year and for receiving peer and industry recognition. Furthermore, he added that the award belonged to the entire USHEALTH Group team. He revealed that the company’s mission demanded the provision of innovative coverage that grows as the health care needs of customers increase.

Troy McQuagge

McQuagge is a business executive and entrepreneur from Panama City, Florida. He presently lives in Coppell Town, Texas, where he also works. McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida, and for more than 30 years, he has gained invaluable experience in sales.In 1995, he joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI). UICI later changed its business name to HealthMarkets in 2006 when private equity investors purchased it. McQuagge also served as the president of UGA, which was an insurance agency of HealthMarkets.

In 2010, McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group and promptly began renovating the company’s captive distribution agency known as the USHEALTH Advisors. In 2014, he became the President of USHEALTH Group because of the success he had achieved at USHEALTH Advisors. Today, he has led the company in achieving extraordinary success in the competitive health insurance market.

USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding firm that is located in Ft. Worth, Texas. It focuses on providing innovative health coverage for small business owners. The company’s goal entails coupling the talent of its workers and agents to market insurance products that are highly competitive and profitable. It also aims to provide credible customer services in all phases of its operations. Presently, it is one of the biggest and most successful health insurers in the United States.

Jeffrey Schneider, Founder & President of Ascendant Capital


Jeffry Schneider is a dad, a husband, a marathon runner (he participated in both Ironman and half Ironman races), a triathlete, and most importantly, the founder and the chief executive officer of Ascendant Capital Limited Liability Company located in Austin Texas. His updates on social media sites such as Twitter reveal a man with an in-depth passion for business and someone who is widely informed of the current happenings in the world of business. The Manhattan Native began his long term career in the financial services industry in his hometown soon after graduating from the Amherst’s University of Massachusetts.



He has worked for a good number of reputable financial services firms where he gained his vast professional skills. Among the things that make him stand out are his extensive knowledge, experience in alternative investment strategies, as well as his ability to nurture great relationships with his customers. Jeffry Schneider believes that alternative investments offer an amazing way for diversifying holdings, and reducing volatility judging from where the market sits today. Alternative investments have experienced growth in the past, which is expected to accelerate in the coming years.


He started working with Paradigm Global Advisors in 2002 where he held an executive position. It was here that he gained yet another crucial skill – analyzing managers. He used the newly acquired skill then and the ones he had obtained earlier to venture into the business world alone. This move saw the birth of Ascendant Capital. Jeffry Schneider has also worked at Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Alex Brown & Sons and Axiom Capital Management( in an executive position).


Apart from his involvement with Ascendant Capital, Schneider exhibits a commitment to help meet the needs of the less fortunate members of the society. He works in close collaboration with several charitable organizations inclusive of The Gazelle Foundation, Wonders, and Worries; Good Loves We Deliver and the Cherokee Home for Children among many others. Schneider is an avid traveler (he has traveled widely in Europe, Asia, South America, and many more), enjoys working out, and also values and pursues different other things that promote good overall health. He currently resides in Austin.





2016’s Chief Executive Officer of the Year Gold Winner Named

On 10th January 2017, the Chief Executive Officer of the year 2016 Gold winner finally got announced. The prestigious award went to Troy McQuagge. One Planet Awards hosted the awarding ceremony.


Interesting facts about One Planet Awards


One Planet Awards is a globally coveted prestigious awards program which has dedicated its efforts to recognizing professional and business excellence from all industries in every corner of the world. To be considered for this award, any organization in any country is required to submit their nominations. They can nominate anyone from both private and public, profit and non-profit, small or large organizations and even startups.

The categories which are eligible for nominations include services and new products, teams, executives, public relations, corporate communications and marketing to mention but a few. The judges for these awards are extraordinary individuals from a variety of industries and their nominations are due to the applications they submit.


Troy McQuagge’s unique role which contributed to his selection


Troy McQuagge first joined USHEALTH in the year 2010. Due to his previous experiences and unique leadership capabilities, he was able to bring about a massive significant transformation. He began his reign by re-building USHEALTH Advisors who were the central captive distribution agency.

The resulting success of his actions led to his promotion. He was nominated to serve as the President and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group in the year 2014. His tenure was characterized by rapid growth and profitability marked by numerous successes. This increase is in spite of the health insurance market being highly competitive.


Troy McQuagge’s speech as he accepted the award


In his address upon acceptance of the award, Troy McQuagge expressed his joy and humility in being named as the Chief Executive Officer of the year. He went ahead to state that the award does not belong to him only but to everybody involved in the USHEALTH Group. The award, he said, is enough proof to the company’s commitment to solving problems related to the healthcare system.


What the USHEALTH Group does


Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, the USHEALTH Group focuses on providing innovative healthcare coverage to both business owners and self-employed people. Their goal remains to combine all talents of both employees and agents to meet the competitive market and acquire competitive insurance products.




Leadership And Dedication

Understanding the needs of major corporations requires skills, experience and a specific awareness. Companies are built on more than just brilliant ideas and business concepts. A team of people is needed in order to manage all of the moving parts within a high-powered organization. Each department and division has a specific agenda. Specialist are required to meet the demand of the customers and the superiors who are appointed over there. Corporate staffing exists to address this important issue. Intelligent staffing agencies are able to seek out qualified persons for specific jobs. Keith Mann has made major strides while working in this industry for over 15 years.

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