Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes

The name Barbara Stokes and Green Structure Homes are synonymous with high standards, impressive quality and corporate integrity. However, it is what she does in a normal work week with these personal and professional attributes that really has the attention of not only her colleagues but also of government officials as well. And, leading a team of consummate professionals who prove themselves to be pioneers in the field of disaster relief construction is what she does. She does not do this alone and her husband, Scott Stokes, COO of GSH is right by her side to share the success they live everyday. Read more at Business Insider.

It takes vision and innovation to be a pioneer within any field especially one as demanding and competitive as disaster relief construction. In kind, Barbara Stokes has intellect and experience to not only rise to the occasion but champion the cause of disaster relief in more than eight states. This is due to her time spent studying a plethora of subjects At Mercer University which include biomedical engineering, physics, manufacturing and management, technical communication, structures and properties of materials, and thermodynamics. But, a person would need to have a knowledge of several subjects to manage a FEMA contract the size of which she has been charged with as of late. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The contract is worth 28.5 million dollars and is a huge responsibility for Barbara, her husband and the team they lead representing the name GSH of Alabama. However, the fact that this company of professionals has a foundation date starting in 2010 should explain or at least indicate the level of drive and focus they have. It’s not everyday that a business gets to handle and correspond with a government contract that includes the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Naturally, Barbara is very excited about these terms of events and she is on the record for stating so. The work she and her husband, along with their team, intended to finish is sure to improve local businesses. These changes not only improve the economy directly but also the surrounding areas as well.

GSH of Alabama does not just work in the public sector but they also handle private contracts as well. The cutting edge engineering and construction techniques they practice make them nearly celebrities in their field. At this station in her professional career, there really isn’t anything that Barbara Stokes cannot perform for any man woman or child within the United States.


Susan McGalla is Opening Doors For Women In Leadership

While many women tend to struggle when it comes to reaching high positions in the workplace, Susan McGalla has managed to find a way to thrive.

McGalla believes it was her upbringing that prepared her for a workforce that was male driven.

Unlike most little girls that grow up in a household with two brothers, Susan didn’t get any special treatment. If she wanted something, she had to work for it.

This was a lesson she carried with her throughout her life and it has enabled her to break through the noise and land multiple high level positions.

When McGalla first started working for American Eagle Outfitters there was not one women in an executive position. By the time she left in 2009 she had worked her way up to becoming the first female President at the company.

How Can Women Break Through The Glass Ceiling Like Susan McGalla?

Susan McGalla’s success shows how far we’ve come as a society. However, women are still having a difficult time getting access to the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

And while women leadership initiatives are great at highlighting the fact that women are just as capable as men to run fortune 500 companies, they don’t necessarily address the fact that most high level positions are still held by men.

McGalla believes one solution to this problem is executive sponsorships. Seeking out an executive sponsor is a great way to break the cycle of gender discrimination and create more opportunities for women.

An executive sponsor is basically an advocate for a women looking to move up in the ranks. The sponsor would recommend certain women to lead important projects. This process would open the door for other women to move up to executive positions the same way Susan McGalla did.

Seeing what Susan McGalla has been able to do is sure to inspire more women to keep pushing no matter what it looks like. And while the gender gap is still pretty wide, women like McGalla are slowly closing it.

Find out more about Susan McGalla:

The Power Behind Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks has always been known as a leader in entrepreneurship, but what you may not know is that his real super power is being a risk taker. As a risk taker, Sparks is the perfect role model for entrepreneurs in all aspects of business. As a business leader, it didn’t take long for a large business community to find out who Sparks is. A big part of his risk taking was his focus on developing new strategies. These new ventures are just what make Sparks a great leader for those who are new in business to follow. Those who want to get somewhere in the business world know to follow Marc Sparks. Learn more:


The background of Marc Sparks is vast, including experience in the restaurant industry as well as an auto insurance company. What gives a company a sound reputation? It all depends on the foundation built for customer service. Companies that are not interested in serving people are not interested in earning more business. In fact, Sparks has always been an advocate of instilling the belief that customer service is number one, prior to opening the business. Now to days in business are the same, and business owners should be equipped and prepared ahead of time to deal with complex cases should they arrive. Learn more:


A big part of Sparks’ world is also giving back. He doesn’t believe that you can be big in business and not be interested in giving back to the community in some fashion. One of the ways in which Sparks is doing this is through his organization called Marketing Sparks. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get connected to those who are important in their line of work. Sparks knows that new startups need help from those who are experienced. The program makes it easy to connect with the experts and get the training and assistance they need. Entrepreneurs are able to spend three hours with their mentors, getting help in all aspects of their business from the inception of their idea to opening their doors for business. Learn more:


The Entrepreneurial Success of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the Founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is an expert consultant to clients on marketing, branding, talent management, operational efficiency, and merchandising. She has been invited to several talk forums to offer words of advice. Susan McGalla has spoken about her views on how women can progress in business to audiences like Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Conference for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs).

The article recognizes that women have made it to the pinnacle of every field. However, women still face challenges such as inequality in the boardroom and smaller pay cuts. Despite the drawbacks, women have proven to be successful in leadership positions. There a lot of powerful women in the corporate world. Many women are breaking out of their shells in an industry that has been dominated by men. Susan McGalla is among the top female executive that has been mentioned in the article. She acts as a role model to other women. Her path can be used as a blueprint to other women to succeed in the business world. Women are good in earning trust and networking. They depend on each other for successful business decisions.

Susan McGalla has been successful as a retail executive in her P3 Executive Consulting Firm. She firmly believes that hard work is all that is required for a person to do well in life. Susan McGalla discovered herself and unlocked her potential. She believes that if she did it, then other women can do the same and become successful. All people are unique and are endowed with greatness.

Susan McGalla solely founded her firm. Before forming her company, she worked for Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. Susan McGalla also worked at Joseph Horne Company. She then proceeded to American Eagle Outfitters. Her hard work and commitment did not go unnoticed. She was appointed the President and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of the company.

After several years, Susan McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters to venture in a different direction of private consultation and retain business. In January 2011, Wet Seal company approached her with a job offer to become the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She worked with then until she formed P3 Executive Consulting. Her expertise has enabled her to attract financial executives who need assistance in marketing, merchandising, branding, and other areas.