Lawrence Bender: A Film Producer With a Knack for Creativity That is Hard to match

Lawrence Bender has worked on many Hollywood blockbuster films. He is a well-renowned movie producer and has seen great success since he arrived on the film scene in the ‘90s. Originally born in the Bronx, New York, he actually believed his future was in civil engineering. He dad had a background in civil engineering and he heard the career path was safe and full of open jobs. So, he went to the University of Maine and gained his full degree in civil engineering. However, he noticed that he has no true passion for engineering and eventually meandered towards the world of the arts where he first studied dance and then moved on to the film world after a crippling injury stunted his dance career.

He worked on several films before gaining his big break as a producer on the film Reservoir Dogs. The film was salty and contained a high level of both violence and profanity. The movie was also written by Quentin Tarantino and was one of Quentin’s biggest movie breaks as well. The movie was produced in 1997 and was a bit revolutionary at the time. At first, the level of violence and profanity shocked audiences. However he match between Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino was a very smooth fit and the two managed to develop a movie that delivered the storyline in a way the captured audiences and left them begging for more. The soon quickly adopted the title of a cult classic and of one of the best independent films ever made.

Since then, Lawrence Bender has become a household name and his choice in which movie he works on has been stunningly sound. With films like Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards and Good Will Hunting under his belt, he has built a reputation as a producer that can transition his style to glorify the original script, while still adding signature touches.

For example, Lawrence Bender worked on Django Unchained, which is a movie known universally for the power of the plot line and the depth of character development achieved by the actors. The movies he works on tend to empower the underlying story line while adding a level of creativity that is hard to match.