Dr. Mark Mckenna & Contemporary Medical Aesthetics

The medical-aesthetics community has been growing by leaps and bounds as of late. This particular industry is in high-demand, and it brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis. Mark McKenna, M.D., is one of the most important players in this dynamic community. This extraordinary guy goes by many different titles, including doctor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Dr. Mark McKenna started his professional career as a medical doctor, but he would venture into other fields. The guy has completed his medical training and has graduated from the affluent Tulane University Medical Branch. He is licensed in surgery and is licensed in medicine by the Georgia and Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners.


For 2018, Dr. Mark McKenna has launched an all-new facility that specializes in medical aesthetics. This state-of-the-art facility is known as OVME. OVME is literally changing the way that people can receive minimal-invasive procedures. The company’s name is pronounced “of me,” and it offers a suite of luxurious treatment rooms as well as private consultation rooms. Some of the most technologically advanced equipment can be found here. Dr. Mark McKenna has even incorporated an Uber-style application into the program. This app can be used via smartphone, and it will direct medical-aesthetic providers to health-conscious consumers. The idea is rather genius and these services will come straight to your place of residence if need be. That’s right! OVME has broken the mold thanks to the ingenuity of Dr. Mark McKenna.


This phenomenal man has also founded numerous companies in other fields of work. Universal Mortgage Lending, McKenna Venture Investments and Uptown Title Inc., are just three of his most successful businesses. Before 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mark McKenna had a successful real estate development firm that was generating millions on an annual term. By following in the footsteps of his father, this man is looking to do many more philanthropic things in the future.

The Career And Success Of James Gregory Aziz, The Chief Executive Officer Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz, also known as James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, currently working at the National Steel Car Company. He was born on 30th April 1949 in Ontario, London. Gregory J Aziz later went to Ridley College, and after some time, he proceeded to further his education at the University of West Ontario where he graduated with a Degree in Economics.


How his career started

After James Aziz’ graduation, he went on and started working in his family’s food processing company. He later relocated to New York City where he worked for different banking and investment institutions. During his time in New York, Gregory J. Aziz started chasing the procurement of the National Steel Car Company from Dofasco. He got the ability to assist his family business in expanding to several branches not only in North American region but also to many other countries. With the help of Gregory J. Aziz, his family firm got the ability to import fresh food products from different country regions like Central America, South America, and even Europe. Find More Information Here.


Achievements with National Steel Car Company

In 1994, Greg James Aziz managed to buy the national steel car firm, located in Hamilton, Ontario. He began the journey to transform the pre-eminent Canadian company to become one among the world’s paramount railway fright vehicle manufacturing company. After purchasing the National Steel Car, James Aziz nurtured the company to its growth, enormously becoming larger in expansions of its manufacturing potential. Between the year 1994 and 1999, the National Steel Car Company experienced growth in productions of cars from 3500 to approximately 12000.


Success at National Steel Car

The dream of Greg James Aziz at national steel car company has become a reality due to his efforts in putting a lot of significance on team building, capital investment, and most particularly strong engineering. The excellence of cooperation which exists between the employees and the company’s management has played a very important role in the company, growing its labor forces from 600 to almost 3,000, in less than ten years from the time James Aziz acquired it in 1994.



Under the leadership of the influential Gregory J Aziz, the National Steel Car firm has been making tremendous performances, potentially outdoing all its rivals for many years. The company is now leading in the manufacture of rail cars in North America.

How Robert Deignan Led ATS Digital Services To The Top Firm In Its Specialty

Robert Deignan is a lifelong resident of Florida. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale and graduated from the private school St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 1992. He entered Purdue University as a student and three years later graduated with a bachelor of science degree in business management. He wanted to pursue a life on being an entrepreneur but knew that he first needed to develop more professionally. To this end he worked for other companies for the first three years after having graduated so that he could build up his skills.

For Robert Deignan’s entire career he has been involved in the technology industry. The first company he was a part of founding in this industry, in 1998, was Fanlink, Inc. This was a company that made it easy to buy and sell tickets to sports game using flip phones. The experience he garnered at this company enabled him to join a company in Boynton Beach, Florida called iS3, Inc. in June 2002. This is a software company which offers a number of technology solutions to its clients. These including securing networks, helping businesses optimize their computers, and tech support personalized for each customer.

In 2011 he founded ATS Digital Services, LLC. in Boca Raton. This company can provide support to customers regardless of what type of technological device they are using as Robert Deignan keeps employees skills up to date through offering money to pay for continuing education courses. The customer service representatives at ATS Digital Services have many tech certifications so that no matter what type of device they are using someone is able to step them through how to use it or troubleshoot any problems.

Robert Deignan has been the chief executive officer at ATS Digital Services since the company was founded. He has created an industry-leading service provider where customer service is the number one focus. As a result of this commitment his company was the very first company to have AppEsteem certify it. Being certified by this organization means that his company provides the top levels of support services to those who need help using software and hardware.


President, CEO And Humanitarian Gregory James Aziz

Native to Canada, Gregory James Aziz works for a company that is know for their engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. In fact the company he works for is one of the leading companies for this line of business, known as Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz works as the President and Chief Executive Officer for this company. This company calls Hamilton, Ontario home. National Steel Car is the only company of its kind in North America. This company has employed close to 3,000 people since its opening in 1994. And as of 1999 it had the capacity to produce up to 12,000 freight cars a year.


Greg J Aziz was born in the spring of 1949, April 30th to be precise. He was born in London, Ontario. Later in life, Gregory James Aziz decided to pursue an education at Ridley College. He later decided to further his educational opportunities and attend the University of Western Ontario, This is where he decided to major in economics. It wasn’t until the early 70’s that Gregory James Aziz decided to go work for his family business. Go To This Page for more information.


The family business named was Affiliated foods and would grow over the decade or so to become a international producer and distributor of fresh food to different countries throughout the world including Europe, Central and South America, the United States and parts of Canada. Greg Aziz worked with different banks in New York during the 80’s and early 90’s, this line of work eventually leads to the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994.


In the beginning this company started off being able to produce only 3,5000 railroad freight cars annually, since then it has almost quadrupled in production. Employment has also increased by an astonishing amount in the beginning this company employed only 600 people, now employed has increased to 3,000 employees. National Steer Car has held onto receiving the highest quality award since 1996. This company loves to help their local community. They help out local charities like the United Way and the Salvation Army. The company also host local food drives and donates to different food banks through the area.

Jeff Schneider I Father of 3 and CEO

Fatherhood is a unique aspect of life. Not everyone is able to experience it, but those that do often describe it along the lines of, “…the best thing that ever happened to me.” Sigmund Freud, renowned psychologist, philosopher, and author, asserts that, “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” Jeff Schneider, father of three children and CEO of a small, private Austin-based company, agrees. It’s ubiquitously known that being a CEO is demanding and so is being a parent. Balancing the two roles can be even more demanding, but Jeff manages to do a stellar job. Fatherhood showed Jeff just how much every child needs a role model, and Jeff is happy to be there for other kids.

Jeff Schneider has many roles that he plays. According to ideamensch.com, he’s a CEO, athlete, Manhattan-native, son, brother, uncle, friend, leader, and father. But out of all the roles he has, he’s honored most to be a father. A father to three children, Jeffry sees fatherhood as one of the most rewarding life experiences a man can have. While he has many causes that he contributes to, as a father, he has an innate, steadfast commitment to help the kids around the world. He’s made it his life mission to help children everywhere as he knows they are the world’s future. By helping our youth, he’s supporting individuals into the future for years to come. In this way, Jeffry will continue to empower others with the skills necessary to make sound decisions. Jeff certainly has faith in the power of people everywhere honing their skills, so he seeks to help all kids self-actualize. His giving demeanor is rejuvenated by giving unabashedly to the less fortunate, and he hopes to start a legacy that persuades others to do the same with their time.

Jeff Schneider works hard at work to lead his team in the right direction and to stay diligent in maintaining their health and wellness. He has a deep sense of care and connection for his employees much like a father has for his children. He wants the best for them and seeks to provide a healthy work environment that allows them to work at peak efficiency while keeping a positive attitude. When he leaves work, although he thoroughly enjoys business, he’s happy to return home to his wonderful children and three dogs. Jeff Schneider is grateful for the opportunity to lead others in addition to his family and seeks to help as many other people as he can along the way.

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Sheldon Lavin, the Man Behind the Success of OSI Group

The chairman and chief executive officer of the privately owned OSI Group, Mr. Sheldon Lavin, is a man with a vision. Having been in the food processing industry since 1970, he has known all the nitty gritty details about what it takes to have a successful business. And that explains the reason as to why OSI Group is a force to be reckoned with. Under his careful guidance, Mr.

Mr. Lavin has ensured that OSI Group has over 60 locations spread in over 60 different countries. Each of these sites has an independent management that makes sure they are uniquely running by their environment. For instance, you cannot expect the Chinese branch to operate the same way as the one in the US. The latter is so because different people have different tastes and traditions, which is something that Sheldon Lavin and his people knew too darn well and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.

On February 20, 2016, Sheldon Lavin received a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy as a result of his hard work and dedication when it comes to feeding the world. He has also invested decades of his career ensuring that OSI Group provides its employees with the best working conditions as well as pay and read full article.

Under the stewardship of Mr. Lavin, the OSI Group has expanded its field of operation, stretching far and wide. As a premier global food provider, the OSI Group has ensured nothing but the best quality. And as a result of that, every customer that has the pleasure of enjoying an OSI brand food is not only bound to enjoy it but also have all the necessary nutrition to live a happy, healthy life and his Facebook.

Some of the favorite products that are associated with the privately owned OSI Group include beef processing, pork processing, poultry processing, bacon processing, fried foods and specialty sausage processing. So, whether you are interested in beefsteak, meatballs, roasted pork, fritters, tofu, genoa salami, pepperoni and so forth, look no further than OSI because they have your best interests at hand and Sheldon’s lacrosse camp.

As a competitive and visionary CEO, Sheldon Lavin makes sure that the company has only the very best clients and nothing short of that. As a result of that, they always end up being on top of their game at all times. The latter explains why they have done business with some of the biggest brands in the food industry including Papa Jones and McDonald’s and http://www.provisioneronline.com/articles/103009-osis-sheldon-lavin-receives-global-visionary-award.

The Power Behind Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks has always been known as a leader in entrepreneurship, but what you may not know is that his real super power is being a risk taker. As a risk taker, Sparks is the perfect role model for entrepreneurs in all aspects of business. As a business leader, it didn’t take long for a large business community to find out who Sparks is. A big part of his risk taking was his focus on developing new strategies. These new ventures are just what make Sparks a great leader for those who are new in business to follow. Those who want to get somewhere in the business world know to follow Marc Sparks. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/


The background of Marc Sparks is vast, including experience in the restaurant industry as well as an auto insurance company. What gives a company a sound reputation? It all depends on the foundation built for customer service. Companies that are not interested in serving people are not interested in earning more business. In fact, Sparks has always been an advocate of instilling the belief that customer service is number one, prior to opening the business. Now to days in business are the same, and business owners should be equipped and prepared ahead of time to deal with complex cases should they arrive. Learn more: https://classroomvoices.org/marc-sparks-risk-taker-in-and-out-of-business/


A big part of Sparks’ world is also giving back. He doesn’t believe that you can be big in business and not be interested in giving back to the community in some fashion. One of the ways in which Sparks is doing this is through his organization called Marketing Sparks. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get connected to those who are important in their line of work. Sparks knows that new startups need help from those who are experienced. The program makes it easy to connect with the experts and get the training and assistance they need. Entrepreneurs are able to spend three hours with their mentors, getting help in all aspects of their business from the inception of their idea to opening their doors for business. Learn more: https://angel.co/marcsparks3


Jason Hope: Internet of Things Evangelist

One of the hot topics concerning technology these days is the Internet of Things (IoT) and entrepreneur Jason Hope believes it will revolutionize the daily lives of many. Soon smart homes will become the norm from brewing the coffee each morning to turning the lights off before leaving the house each day. Hope sees greater connectivity between a larger number of devices allowing the world to be more automatized and enjoined. The Internet of Things may currently sound like a futuristic plan that will affect only the most tech-savvy amongst us, Hope believes this vision is short-sighted and ultimately incorrect and contact him.

Jason Hope is also a very active philanthropist and maintains a grant program for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. This program allows tech hopefuls to contact Jason via his website, he then chooses the ideas he deems most likely to succeed. From this selected group of excellent ideas, he will coordinate directly with them to impart a grant that can be used to defray startup costs and expenses. These grants are helpful in covering preliminary costs that are incurred from the get-go and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Hope believes that there are sadly many worthwhile ideas that never get off the ground due to financial difficulty. It is his aim to provide the opportunity to succeed to those that may not have the necessary financial resources. In the current economic environment, many of today’s brightest minds are navigating joining the workforce while also adjusting to a reality of high housing costs and student loan payments. It is Jason’s aim that these startup grants will enable good ideas to see fruition regardless of the financial realities of the people behind them and learn more about Jason.

Time will tell how integrated our lives become with our devices, but one thing is certain, Jason Hope will continue to make a positive impact on that future. Through his philanthropic work and encouragement of up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs Hope is sure to continue giving back and contributing to the future of technology and more information click here.

More visit: http://jasonhope.com/technology/

Better Ways to Grow Your Nest Egg

Warren buffet has some good advise when it comes to making wise investment choices. He believes that it is better to grow your investment over a long-term period rather than t go with the high-cost and expensive investment options. Timothy Armour believes that it is better to go with the bottom-up investing approach and to analyze companies while building a sturdy portfolio. His approach to investing has proven to be effective and rewarding over many years.

It is wise for consumers to be wary of product labels and should instead seek out investments that are low-cost and deliver good long-term returns. It also good to challenge passive index returns. Although they can be successful, index funds don’t provide any cushion when the market hits a downturn.

The average managed fund has done far worse in the market over time, but there can be exceptions. It’s best to go with low-cost funds and find a fund manager that invests their own money alongside their investors. Overall it’s always best to try to grow your nest egg over time and to stay ahead of the crowd in those market downturns.

Timothy Armour has over 34 years of investment experience with Capital group, where he began his career in 1983 as a chief executive officer and chairman. He began as a participant in The Associates Program at Capital Group after he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. Timothy Armour is also an equity portfolio manager and is located in Los Angeles and learn more about Tim.

More visit: https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/timothy-armour/

Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is a company in the issuance of alternative sources of finance. For the company, they engage in the issuance of fast working capital using stocks as the main collateral. For this reason, you will submit your stocks for the check before they issue you a standing amount depending on the outstanding stocks you issue. If the stocks are generated in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry, you will always make better business through trading stocks. The loan can affect your life through the working capabilities. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of how the loans are incepted in this arena.

The non-recourse feature characterizes the stock-based loans. For this feature, the borrower can disengage his lending capabilities from the lender in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, they can fail to pay the loan without having any further obligation to the lender. During this case, the lender will liquidate the loan proceedings to get back their money to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, people will always do better business through working skills. As a matter of fact, we might consider using the loans to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis.

The Equities First is non-purpose feature also characterizes the stock-based loans. This is a feature that lets you get disengaged from the lender in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, you end up working for different capabilities to get better business done in a better working environment. For you to do business with the company, ensure you have enough stocks to exchange with enough money to get you on track with your stocks. As a matter of fact, no one has a better working capability in this outstanding business entity.