Andrew Rolfe And His Chairmanship Of The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund is one of the finest educational organizations in the world, and it is chaired by Andrew Rolfe. He has spent many years ensuring the organization is well-funded, and he knows that there are a number of children who will see their lives changed by his work. This article explains how Andrew Rolfe is supporting the Ubuntu Fund with his skills in finance.

#1: How Are Donors Solicited?

Donors are solicited for donations that have no stipulations whatsoever. Andrew has brought about many new donors who are willing to give to any part of the organization, and he helps stretch the money farther when there are no limitations on its use. Andrew is a strong proponent of the education of young children in South Africa, and he cannot help these children unless they have the money to do so.

#2: What Are The Children Given?

Andrew ensures that every child is given a proper education that is offered by some of the best teachers in the country. They endeavor to hire people who love children, and they work hard to help kids when they have no other way to go to school. Andrew knows that funneling money to schools and teachers will help children learn more every day.

#3: The Dream Of College

The dream of college is quite important for many children who want to have better lives, and they will see their situations improve because of the money Andrew has raised. The work that the Ubuntu Fund does sends children to college to help them lead better lives, and they become the leaders of the future in South Africa.

The Ubuntu Fund is one fo the strongest campaigns to help children in all of South Africa. Andrew Rolfe does quite a lot of work chairing the organization, and he knows how to put children in places where they will learn more. These children are disadvantaged at the moment, but they will become the leaders of tomorrow because they have been educated by the best teachers in some of the best schools that were built by the Ubuntu Fund.