Shafik Sachedina- Giving Back To His Profession And Community


Shafik Sachedina birthplace was in Dar-es-Salaam. He was born in 1950. Sachedina studied at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School Program, part of the University of London, England. After completing his studies at the University, Sachedina started his practice of dentistry. Shafik Sachedina has lent his expertise and experience in the dentistry field in England for many years.

Sussex Health Care

Sussex Healthcare began its operation as a lone faculty in 1985. Today Sussex Health Care has 20 facilities located in the United Kingdom that serve as residential care homes. Unlike typical care home of this type, Sussex Health Care mission is giving their patients a better quality of life. The healthcare organization offers educational and recreational activities for all its patients. Patients also enjoy delicious meals made from natural recipes: a staff of qualified chefs oversees the patient’s menus.

With Shafik Sachedina as joint chairperson of Sussex Health Care, he is instrumental in instituting many of the advantages that the healthcare offers its residents. Currently, Sussex Health Care just completed construction of a gym for its residents, along with providing personal training services. Occupational therapy services and physiotherapy services are part of the healthcare benefits available to all patients at Sussex Health Care.

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The Institue of the Ismaili Studies

The Institue of Ismaili Studies primary mission is research. The institute promotes the study of Muslin’s society and culture. Dr. Shafik Sachedina supervises the activities and programs that the institute offers. Sachedina also coordinates relations with Aga Khan, the guiding force of the study of Muslim societies and cultures. Sachedina serves as a member of Aga Khan’s board of governors.

Giving Back to The Community

Dr. Shafik Sachedina enjoys giving back to his community. He is devoted to doing volunteer work with the Jamati and Aga Khan institutes. With Sachedina’s expertise lent to both Sussex Health Care and his mission for a stellar healthcare environment in the care of the elderly, he has contributed his time, talent, and expertise immensely.

Dr. Sachedina is a role model to physicians worldwide to be active and give of their talents to their communities.

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Mina Ebrahimi taking the reins of the hospitality industry through exceptional service

It is essential to celebrate milestone achievements in life or throw a party to have a good time. On such occasions when you want to treat people around you, either a simple luncheon, corporate dinner or just breakfast you can call on Saint Germain Catering. The catering company is owned by Mina Ebrahimi who started it back in 1998, at the time serving the Tysons Corner, VA market. Mina started out working in her parent’s bakery where she was attracted to the business of catering, and since then she has been one of the most successful professionals in the field.

Under her leadership, Saint German Catering has grown to be one of the largest catering companies in the US. This has made her named in the list of top 40 women under 40. Her company now has enough resources and workforce to handle more than 200 events in a single day comfortably. It also serves up to seven thousand clients everyday spread across Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. Mina Ebrahimi has ensured that her company offers a variety of menus including cuisine from all corners of the globe.

She makes sure that she supports local farmers by purchasing meat and cheese from the farmers around her area. Mina strongly believes in customer satisfaction, and she makes sure each of her clients is satisfied, regardless of the size of their events. According to Mina, her team does not compromise on quality, be it a private lunch for one person or a big wedding party for more than a thousand people.

More about Mina Ebrahimi

Through her company, Mina Ebrahimi supports many charitable initiatives and is a generous giver to the community. She has established the Mina Ebrahimi foundation which supports women entrepreneurs reach their goals by helping them access funding. Mina is a bid dog lover and has over the past years donated funds, directed to eliminate mammary cancer in dogs through the U Penn’s Tumor Research Program. Additionally, she supports, the Bite Me Cancer foundation, operation home front DC, Penn Vet Working Dog Center, ovarian cancer detection program, dog anesthesiology research and interventional paws.


Sheldon Lavin leading expansion of OSI Group

There are many food production companies in the world, but few are in the league of OSI Group. This is one of the largest food production companies with a presence in many locations around the world. The company headquarters are found in Aurora, Illinois. The company produces protein foods which are packaged and sold to large retail sellers such as supermarkets, food chain restaurants. OSI Group is privately owned and has a presence in 17 countries, and it is still opening more branches. It is headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin assisted by President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald. The company is not only providing food to the people but also job opportunities in areas where they have plants. Currently, there are about 65 processing plants in various parts of the world. In China, the company recently built seven new plants to enhance the supply of food products which is now in high demand.

One of the areas Sheldon Lavin is focusing on as it tries to expand its business operations to many parts of the world is Europe. The European market is large due to the high consumption of processed foods. The company recently bought Baho Foods, a Dutch food company which has subsidiaries both in Netherlands and Germany. By the time, OSI Group was acquiring this company; it was making supplies in 18 European countries. After the acquisition, it means that this will be a new market for OSI Group. Baho Foods will, however, continue operating under its name but will now be doing its food processing operations under OSI Group. OSI Group is expected to ramp its food production and increase sales in Europe through this new acquisition.

This is not the only acquisition that is going on in Europe. OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin is determined to exploit this market to the fullest. It has acquired another company known as Flagship Europe which was later named “Creative Foods.” under this new management the company is now producing frozen poultry and pies. With the entry of OSI Group, Flagship Europe will now be able to supply its products to many places in Europe. It will be looking forward to applying the same tactics it has used in the United States and Asia, where they dominate. OSI group is also focused on Spain and Germany. It is already in the process of expanding the plants in these two countries to meet the high demand for their products. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company looks destined to make more changes in incoming years.

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How Robert Deignan Led ATS Digital Services To The Top Firm In Its Specialty

Robert Deignan is a lifelong resident of Florida. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale and graduated from the private school St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 1992. He entered Purdue University as a student and three years later graduated with a bachelor of science degree in business management. He wanted to pursue a life on being an entrepreneur but knew that he first needed to develop more professionally. To this end he worked for other companies for the first three years after having graduated so that he could build up his skills.

For Robert Deignan’s entire career he has been involved in the technology industry. The first company he was a part of founding in this industry, in 1998, was Fanlink, Inc. This was a company that made it easy to buy and sell tickets to sports game using flip phones. The experience he garnered at this company enabled him to join a company in Boynton Beach, Florida called iS3, Inc. in June 2002. This is a software company which offers a number of technology solutions to its clients. These including securing networks, helping businesses optimize their computers, and tech support personalized for each customer.

In 2011 he founded ATS Digital Services, LLC. in Boca Raton. This company can provide support to customers regardless of what type of technological device they are using as Robert Deignan keeps employees skills up to date through offering money to pay for continuing education courses. The customer service representatives at ATS Digital Services have many tech certifications so that no matter what type of device they are using someone is able to step them through how to use it or troubleshoot any problems.

Robert Deignan has been the chief executive officer at ATS Digital Services since the company was founded. He has created an industry-leading service provider where customer service is the number one focus. As a result of this commitment his company was the very first company to have AppEsteem certify it. Being certified by this organization means that his company provides the top levels of support services to those who need help using software and hardware.

OSI Group’s President David McDonald Has Been Very Excited About Recent European and Australian Expansions:

Whether you know it or not, you have in all likelihood eaten food items before that were produced by OSI Group. The Aurora, Illinois based food processing and solutions company is one of the global leaders in the field of food wholesale to food service and retail organizations. Anyone would recognize McDonald’s restaurants as a household name, but they might not realize that the food the fast food giant serves is provided by OSI Group. OSI Group also provides food products to other recognizable industry names such as Papa John’s and KFC, just to name a few more. The company was founded as a local meat grocer in Oak Park, Illinois just a few years after the turn of the Twentieth Century and had been growing ever since. The company now has major operations in seventeen different countries globally in which a total of eighty facilities operate. The company has been on a continual path of expansion over the last forty plus years under the guidance of visionary executives such as Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. These expansions have continued recently with some significant gains in the European and Australian markets.

OSI Group’s President and board member David McDonald has been with the company since his 1987 graduation from Iowa State University. His role with OSI from the very beginning saw him involved in company expansion and growth initiatives and he continues to work hard in these areas today as one of the firms top executives. David McDonald believes that the growth of partnerships have been a major driving factor in why OSI Group has been able to succeed at expanding to such a global level of success. David McDonald foresees this sort of success continuing along the path it has been on in the coming years. In his assessment, David believes the company will accomplish this by both continuing to do what it has always done, provide its customers with the best possible service, while also continuing to find ways to innovate and come up with the most creative solutions for customers in an always changing market.

Recent years have seen big gains for OSI Group. Of particular note have been the company’s expansion efforts in Europe which have seen the acquisitions of Dutch company Baho Food and British company Flagship Europe as well as a huge upgrade to the processing capacity of the firm’s plant in Toledo, Spain. OSI Group also recently announced a major merger with Australian food provider Turi Foods. David McDonald has expressed his excitement in regard to this exciting development and emphasized that the merger is a huge boost to OSI’s ability to serve is Australian customers at the highest level possible.

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Louis Chenevert’s Achievements in the Business World

Better results are obtained when one gives all that is pertained to what they do. Louis Chenevert applied this in his day to day work. He has been able to work with three different manufacturing companies that have benefited from his work.

Louis is a great businessman who is based in Canada. He was born in Quebec, Canada. With a degree in production management from HEC Montreal University, School of Business, Louis was ready to face the ever-competitive field of business.

He started work with General Motors Company where he was the production manager. His magnificent work there earned him a promotion to the General Production Managers. These duties changed too as he now was responsible for overseeing general production at large scale. Louis worked for General Motors for 14 good years. In the year 1993 Louis joined Pratt and Whitney Canada dealing with the manufacture of aircraft engines. For the first six years, he worked as the vice president then later on promoted to be the president where he again served for eight more years. Even though working with Pratt was a challenge, Louis did his best and managed to increase the efficiency of the company and also the profits made.

This outstanding result amazed board members from United Technologies Corporation who later handed him a job as the chairman of the corporation. His post rose to the president then at the end he becomes the CEO. Louis managed to work with the two companies together, that is, UTC and Pratt and Whitney Canada. He introduced technology and innovations into UTC having in mind the long-term success of the company. He knew skilled labor goes hand in hand with technology and innovations for quality products that will always satisfy the needs of their customers. This in return strengthens the bond between the customer and the company due to the trust created through their products. Louise worked for UTC until late 2014 when he decided to step down.

Currently, UTC is one among the best manufacturing company in the global markets something worth praising Louise for due to quality output. Louis always had the determination and innovative thinking while at work, a quality every leader should have.

Louis got some awards too such as the United Service Organization (USO) Distinguished Service Awards. Apart from this, he has a Doctorate Honors from the HEC Montreal University.

Stream Energy Presents Stream Cares

Stream Energy is an organization that thrives on helping others. From day to day business to philanthropic efforts, the health of the community is what’s the most important. Stream Energy hires independent contractors to build relationships with people in the community. The bonds are built on trust and their ability to match clients with the products and services they need. Some of the services that Stream offers are mobile phone plans, fixed-rate energy, telemedicine, and virtual doctors. The information given by contractors can change the quality of a client’s life. Some clients may not have known that any of these discounted services existed.

Stream Energy owns Stream Cares which is a philanthropic organization that partners with other non-profit businesses such as the Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, Hope Supply Co., and the Salvation Army. Stream works every day to ensure that the people in the community are safe. One great example of this is Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm. It dumped more than 50 inches of rain on Houston Texas. A lot of people in the community lost their homes, pets, and even loved ones. It was great that Stream Energy was so quick to jump into action to help rebuild the community. They immediately released funds to help fund the recovery. Another example of Stream giving back was the tornadoes that touched down in North Texas on the day after Christmas.

Stream quickly utilized their partnership with the Salvation Army to raise money for the community. Thousands of dollars were raised. On top of that, they matched the funds which doubled the total amount of funds raised. Stream Energy also sponsors events for the community. One example is the annual Splash for Hope event. The company partners with the Hope Supply Co. to give children and all-expense paid day of fun at the local waterpark. Associates of Stream come out and volunteer to ensure that the children are safe and to get a piece of the fun of course. Altogether Stream Energy pays the cover and meal costs for more than 1,000 children. Stream is a fantastic company, and the support that they provide to their community is commendable.

O2Pur and Their Selection of E-cigs Products

Electronic cigarettes are achieving more and more popularity among customers, and so is vaping. Both are relatively new even though a form of vaping can be traced back in time. The increasing popularity of these recreational activities created a demand for products of high quality and at an affordable price.

The American company O2Pur started providing such products in 2013, and over the years it has grown to be one of the most relied upon sources for the United States. The company is based in the city of Salt Lake in Utah.

On its online store, O2Pur offers a variety of different products in several categories. Those include nicotine salts and e-liquids, 30 VG and 70 VG e-liquids, 10 ml bottle and pens, and box mods, to name a few. The company focuses on expanding its selection and providing clients with a wide choice of different flavors.

The box mods are their latest addition to the selection of the online store, and the product has quickly become a popular purchase among users. A box mod is primarily for users of the electronic cigarette. It has a compartment for a battery, and in many cases, it comes with one already. A box mod is square in shape which gives the object its name. There are regulated and unregulated box mods.

At O2Pur, a client can also purchase some accessories for the box mod such as dual coils, batteries, mini charging cables which are good for travel, as well as speed chargers with four ports for higher productivity, and more.

Having been in the business for several years, the company of O2Pur has formed a strong relationship with their buyers. The company has placed an emphasis on providing products of high quality to their clients, giving them the variety they need in terms of flavor, and all of that at an affordable price.

The company assists when choosing what product to purchase as well. The good communication between the provider and their clients make it easier to purchase electronic cigarettes, vaping liquids, and other accessories in an informed way about the products.

Vijay Eswaran Offers Business and Advice

One of the best things about success is that it gives people the confidence and the wisdom to share some of their experiences with others. With Vijay Eswaran, he is someone who has found something that he enjoys. This is one aspect of success. One of the reasons that this is important is because when people try to start their own business, they are not going to get paid to work for the first bit of time. However, people that are very passionate about their work are going to put in the work that is needed in order to make profits.

In Vijay’s case, he has found the very thing that he is passionate about. He has also learned how to share his passion with others so that they will get on board with the business activities if they are interested. Vijay’s business involves helping people get what they need so that they will be able to live productive lives. He is also willing to provide people with opportunities to build something that can get their lives in a better state. This enables Vijay to come up with some very helpful solutions that are going to empower people in areas that are not prosperous.

One of the ways that Vijay Eswaran empowers people is that he offers advice on how to approach business and life in general. His advice goes far beyond the usual tips and tricks. As a matter of fact, he goes straight to the spiritual areas when it comes to his advice. This is one of the reasons that people who take his advice make plenty of meaningful changes. Vijay offers information that will help people make it to the next level of success. Vijay is also one of the entrepreneurs that can successfully help other entrepreneurs.

Different Ways To Market With Market America

People who have decided that they want to make money online through marketing are going to have to figure out the challenge of finding the right marketing method. This is the important step to making money with Market America. When people do their research, they will find that there are tons of marketing methods they can use. Each of them is only as effective as the person that is utilizing it. The trick is to get enough people to notice the products so that some will buy them. The techniques may be different, but the overall goal is the same.

One of the common ways to make money with Market America is through guest blogging. This is where people write a post on a blog that has a lot of traffic. One of the reasons this is very effective is that it is one way for people to become aware of the blogger and bring traffic to their blog. This can also get them interested in buying products through their link to Market America. Therefore, this is one of the best ways for a blogger to make money and gain some recognition. The only thing he has to do is link to his blog from his guest post.

One of the most important things to do with Market America is to make sure that one is providing some kind of content in order to get people interested in the user. This can be through social media, which is another method besides guest blogging. For people who know how to use social media, this can be one of the easiest ways to get visits and sales. All that is needed is engagement so that one will gain enough trust for themselves and Market America. As people get involved in their platforms, they gain more of a presence which can be used for generating income.