Louis Chenevert’s Achievements in the Business World

Better results are obtained when one gives all that is pertained to what they do. Louis Chenevert applied this in his day to day work. He has been able to work with three different manufacturing companies that have benefited from his work.

Louis is a great businessman who is based in Canada. He was born in Quebec, Canada. With a degree in production management from HEC Montreal University, School of Business, Louis was ready to face the ever-competitive field of business.

He started work with General Motors Company where he was the production manager. His magnificent work there earned him a promotion to the General Production Managers. These duties changed too as he now was responsible for overseeing general production at large scale. Louis worked for General Motors for 14 good years. In the year 1993 Louis joined Pratt and Whitney Canada dealing with the manufacture of aircraft engines. For the first six years, he worked as the vice president then later on promoted to be the president where he again served for eight more years. Even though working with Pratt was a challenge, Louis did his best and managed to increase the efficiency of the company and also the profits made.

This outstanding result amazed board members from United Technologies Corporation who later handed him a job as the chairman of the corporation. His post rose to the president then at the end he becomes the CEO. Louis managed to work with the two companies together, that is, UTC and Pratt and Whitney Canada. He introduced technology and innovations into UTC having in mind the long-term success of the company. He knew skilled labor goes hand in hand with technology and innovations for quality products that will always satisfy the needs of their customers. This in return strengthens the bond between the customer and the company due to the trust created through their products. Louise worked for UTC until late 2014 when he decided to step down.

Currently, UTC is one among the best manufacturing company in the global markets something worth praising Louise for due to quality output. Louis always had the determination and innovative thinking while at work, a quality every leader should have.

Louis got some awards too such as the United Service Organization (USO) Distinguished Service Awards. Apart from this, he has a Doctorate Honors from the HEC Montreal University.


Why Look for Beneful Coupons?

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Coupons are Easy to Find

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It’s Affordable

Even without coupons, Beneful is considered to be an affordable brand, even though it’s much more nutritionally sound than some of the bargain brands that are out there. If you want to make sure that you are feeding your pet a nutritional food but if you can’t afford to spend a ton of money on dog food, you might find that Beneful provides the perfect solution at the perfect price.As you can see, if you are a dog owner, it can pay to look for Beneful coupons. Then, you can try this popular dog food with your pet.


Equities First Holdings – Good Cash Flow Management Helps in Growth of Your Business

Accomplishing a positive income does not happen by chance. You need to work for it. You have to examine and deal with your income and manage the inflow & outflow of your money. A positive income is really expected to make profits. You require enough money to pay your workers and your business suppliers with the goal that you can make products. That is the sale of merchandise and that will assist in generating profits. However, if your business has no cash to make such products, you don’t make any profits. You need cash to seek cash and that is where the known pioneer in alternative lending Equities First Holdings comes. The company can give you stock-based loans in addition to other financial solutions to make your startup business grow.

Most entrepreneurs consider growth to be the solution for cash-flow challenge. That is the reason they regularly accomplish their objective of developing the business just to discover they have expanded their trade stream issues in the process. Get ready for development and the related trade costs in advance, so they don’t come as amazement. Whether seeking for financing or for guidance, Equities First Holdings professionals in the field will enable you tackle the menace that your business might face as it grows up.

One way of monitoring the condition of your business is through persistent assessment of your income. That helps you to determine whether your business is acquiring the amounts of profits as planned from beginning. This additionally helps you show signs of improvement at making income projections you can depend on as you settle on business choices about extending your business and dealing with your current bills. Does your company need stock-based loans? At Equities First Holdings is the place to seek all the answers. The company is based in Indianapolis and has been providing world-class financial solutions for approximately 15 years.


Business investment Principles from Todd Lubar

Not many people will think about the tough path that Todd Lubar has taken to be the successful businessman that he is today. Well, the reality about his journey in investment is that two decades ago, he was in the same situation that all the college graduates normally find themselves in, academic papers and no experience, which leads to limited employment opportunities. When Todd Lubar got out of school, the first investment that he decided to try his hand in was real estate investing and years later, it has really paid off. Soon after he started his real estate venture, Todd realized that it was where his passion lay, and he made long term investment plans based on that.
Like all other investors with limited capital, he had to find a path into the business. He decided to network. He got connection to players in the industry such as estate agents, CPAs, real estate developers and financial planners among other industry players. These connections would come in handy for him later because they formed his clientele basis when he started his first referral business.
Then, he realized that the traditional mortgage business model was putting a lot of investors at a disadvantage, mainly because not many people had the access they wished to funds that would help them do real estate development. He decided to start a lending institution that would offer alternative lending solutions to people that didn’t have a chance with the conventional system.
This business was under the sponsorship of the First Magnus Cooperation. This is what helped him achieve excellent business growth, and construct more than 7000 homes. Because of the nature of the property market, he was able to interact with many different client types and get a clear understanding of the different situations that clients go through.
He has tried his hand in other businesses such as scrap metal recycling and building demolition, which were very successful. He believes in looking for gaps in the investment market and filling them appropriately, which is the reason behind his success.

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Entrepreneurial Prodigy Adam Goldenberg And Fabletics Are Transforing The Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg is a business prodigy. While still in high school he founded Gamer’s Alliance. The company was so successful the teenaged Goldenberg was able to sell it to Intermix Media. When the teen quit high school, traveled across the country and became COO of Intermix Media, he was the youngest person to hold the position at a publicly traded company. But that was just the beginning. Adam Goldenberg has gone on the co-found the successful companies Alena Media, Intelligent Beauty, SENSA, DERMSTORE, JustFab and Fabletics. The keys to his success has been his vision and skill at product development, marketing and management.

Founded in conjunction with Don Ressler and actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an international sensation that’s growing like wildfire. The affordable, stylish, versatile athleisure wear clothing, swimwear and accessories the company offers has struck a note with consumers worldwide. Plus JustFab, Fabletics’ parent company also co-founded by Adam Goldenberg, with its $650 in annual sales since 2010 is among the fashion industry’s fastest growing brands ever.

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Fabletics has done so well providing clothing for women, the company is turning some of its attention to men. The company has recently developed FL2, a men’s subscription fashion line. The Fabletics brand was initially a subscription only retailer. However, its success has led to the expansion into brick and mortar stores. Fabletics has opened stores in Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio and other places throughout the country. Plus it plans to open between 75 and 100 stores over the next five years. So far the stores have an annual revenue of $250 million after 15 months.

The new focus of Fabletics is to become all-inclusive. That means offering stylish, affordable, active and swimwear in sizes to fit plus-sized women around the world. This enables more women to enjoy the personalized shopping experience and beautiful styles the company offers. The fashion landscape is changing quickly. With Fabletics’ fashion subscription model and its commitment to celebrate all women regardless of size and shape by offering them athleisure for business and pleasure that exceeds their expectations, Adam Goldenberg and Fabletics is ushering in a sea-change in the fashion world. They’re using digital retail to reimagine the fashion industry using data and personalization.

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