Milan Kordestani – Equestrian, Farmer, CEO?

When you think of most nineteen year olds, you’re not thinking of Milan Kordestani.

Born in Stanford, California, Kordestani began horseback riding at the age of ten years old. His first interaction with horses was not a pleasant one. While riding a trail, he was forced off of a horse. Determined to keep on, he reassumed his position on the horse and rode all the way back to camp. One might say this particular story is a proper example of the work ethic and drive of Mr. Kordestani.

Kordestani rode training horses for a few years before he began professional horse riding earning his first major achievement by winning the first leg of the Triple Crown in 2015, Fourth in the World Championship Horse Show, and Third nationally at the American Royal.

While his achievements are substantial, Kordestani isn’t satisfied with horseback riding championships. During his sophomore year of high school, Kordestani founded Milan Farms with the goal of providing for consumers who want simple, pure, and honest food product choices.

His company focuses on producing quality organic/free range poultry and eggs, as well as organic mint and saffron. Milan Farms offers options that strike a balance between respecting the traditional methods of farming and raising livestock with innovation and product development geared toward providing a continually better product. Founded in 2015, the company expanded to three farms in 2016 and distributes eggs across the west coast and Colorado.

While poultry products play a big part at Milan Farms, organically grown saffron is their main source of inspiration. In an agricultural first, Kordestani developed a method of growing saffron hydroponically using microfiber sponges. Under Milan Farms, he continues to push for research and innovation in hydroponic and aquaponics to grow and craft the highest quality saffron for his customers. The concept of agriculture, in its very existence, is a living and breathing thing. Set on perfection, Milan Farms continues to tweak its water delivery systems, experimenting with different salinity and mineral levels to cultivate the best possible product for their customers.

Mr. Kordestani would have it no other way.