Fabletics Are Keeping it Real and Fabulous

Friendly, unique or even attentive. Feeling like you have just returned from a house of friends or family, being valued for coming in and just being different than the ordinary businesses around you.


Smart Advertising for Fabletics


As the advertising and sales pioneer St. Elmo Lewis said: “The mission of an advertisement is to attract a reader” and picking out three good values that represent the company and later establishing conducting business that supports these values can be very helpful in the journey of branding or re-branding a business. It is useful when new products come out.


One of those aspects that should not be taken lightly and definitely shouldn’t be treated like a joke. Surely, people wouldn’t treat something as important as a joke you say? Well, there have been hiccups and examples in the world of branding.


Creating a meaningful relationship with clients and make it long-lasting will raise the value of the brand, so make the values understandable for the customer base.


Nothing else but the experience and happiness of your customers matter in the end. The way they feel when they interact with your business and the overall experience people take away once they leave will define the brand for them.


Personal Brand for Everybody Not the Few


That is exactly what brands like Fabletics have done with their product. Launched in 2013 Fabletics have been upping their game all the time. Katie Hopkins for most people is just an actress, and she doesn’t have a business degree.


But she was involved in every single aspect of creating the brand and enjoys the 200% rise in revenue. It equals 235 million dollars.


More than one million paying members appreciate the brand now. They have created stylish sportswear from quality materials. The positive reviews are still coming in, and it is one of the driving aspects of any good business. It attracts new clients as well.


People read reviews way more than they used to. Advertising is changing as an area that business needs to put some money in. A good business also means building relationships with the customers, and Fabletics so far are doing a good job of it.


The Interaction Matters


Their website is easy to use, and it even has a little Life Quiz people can fill out to find which kind of Fabletics outfit suits them. There are different options for different amounts of exercise, so picking the right one is easier this way. This little interactive thing makes shopping slightly more enjoyable. Companies that create this back and forth game for their customers are the ones moving the market.


People come back because they enjoy this kind of personal approach and value the high standards the company set out to follow. Kate Hudson set out to create athleisure sportswear she would love to use herself. It is always a more personal approach, and customers value that.


Many companies scoff at spending money on that kind of bonding, and it probably wouldn’t work in a massive factory. However, smaller businesses who are trying to present to values should look into investing money in something the whole team can do together.

Chris Burch – A Business Visionary And Investor With An Acute Interest In Fashion And Technology

While it may not seem obvious upfront, but if you look closely, there is a very strong relationship between technology and fashion. Even though both these industries has seen some massive growth and transformation in the last couple of years, it can be said without a doubt that it has grown together as well at many levels, and helped push each other and create trends along the way.



One of the very popular examples of how fashion and technology are closely related can be seen in the evolution of devices used for listening to music. Starting from the trend of using boom box in the 70s to cassette decks in 80s and then more advanced Walkman, portable CD players and now the iPods, it can be seen and said validly that people experienced a fashion sense in using these devices. More technology is considered fashionable, more popular its use became. And, this is what led to the widespread popularity of the personal music players.



Today, fashion designers such as Anouk Wipprecht are bringing technology and fashion together in an unthinkable way, by designing a dress that paints itself and patent worthy drink-making dress. Another branch of fashion is looking at using technology to create fashion, which is more focused on protecting us such as safety gear for cyclist designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, and Frontline Gloves designed for firefighters by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. The use of recyclable materials for manufacturing fashion clothing is also another trend that is inspired by technology.



How technology and fashion are integrated, and how it supports each other can be seen in how the Google Glass finally got the attention it was looking for. It is a product, which even after being futuristic and highly advanced for its time, was not received well upon its launch. But, this changed once the fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, used Google Glass in her fashion show. The mainstream media picked up the clue, and people were intrigued by the idea of using Google Glass, causing that much-needed interest for the product, which lacked earlier.



One of the famous personalities who has been closely monitoring this synthesis between fashion and technology, and believes it opens the door to numerous opportunities, is Chris Burch. He is a popular serial entrepreneur, who has invested in many different industries, including real estate, fashion, and technology. His career started at a very young age when he was still studying at Itchica College and formed a company named Eye Apparel with his brother Bob, a company that grew to be valued at $165 million before he sold off the company.



At present, he is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is an investor firm that is guided by his entrepreneurial values and looks out for lucrative opportunities in the market to invest in. He is a visionary in the business field and has invested in many start-ups that are thriving businesses now.