Sheldon Lavin and His OSI Group: Global Growth Company with Local Ties

Global expansion for many companies means, transferring impersonal assets and outsiders to the next country. Not OSI Group. This high growth international food company seeks out local people and manufacturing facilities first.

A fundamental business strategy for the OSI Group and CEO Sheldon Lavin is a belief in local tastes and cultural distinctions. Food tastes are integral to local culture. It is important for the company to tap this resource. OSI will spend considerable capital on learning idiosyncrasies of the local market. Management teams are tasked with providing the company, locally sourced food at better price points. OSI then integrates the global corporate structure to provide excellent economies of scale. Local management teams are given near-complete autonomy to operate as it sees fit.

OSI’s global partners and vendors are comfortable with this relationship. Day-to-day management decisions are made in the best interests of corporate, but also the local economies. This provides the benefits of a global company, working at an efficient local level.

CEO Sheldon Lavin believes in brisk global expansion, technology and deep commitments to quality. These fundamentals allow the company to maintain a competitive edge. OSI continues to move into underserved markets around the world. One of its recent acquisitions was BAHO Food, a Dutch company. The purchase in August 2016 provided new manufacturing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. A distinct advantage to the acquisition was the distribution channels it gained in 18 countries throughout Europe. Flagship Europe is another recent purchase, giving Sheldon Lavin and his OSI Group even more distribution.

Home for this global behemoth is Aurora, Illinois. OSI serves dominant chain restaurants around the world. Sheldon Lavin does not want OSI to forget where it grew up. The company continues to serve and expand its local market. The recent purchase of a soon to be shuttered Tyson foods plant saved a lot of the plant’s employees. It also gives OSI expanded local production capabilities.

The local community and relationships are important to OSI. Sheldon Lavin believes local connections are the cornerstone of global growth. The company maintains constructive relationships with the Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America. Global growth opportunities continue to fuel this local company.

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David McDonald has done some played an essential role in the OSI group over many years. He serves as the president of the OSI group. During his early days, David McDonald lived in lowa farm. While he was staying in lowa firm, he developed interest in agriculture. David was determined in finding better ways to improve agriculture farming. In the year 1987, He graduated from lowa state university with a degree in animal science. After school, he practiced his career for four years with the main aim of getting more experience.

In the year 1991, David McDonald joined a company that was based in Illinois, Chicago. The company was known as the OSI industries. He was so hardworking and loved working for this organization. After working for many years for this organization, Mr. McDonald was promoted to be the OSI president and chief operations, officer. He has been dedicated to managing the OSI group activities, because of his role in the company he has been awarded with Wallace E.Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI Group is the world leading supplier of value-added protein products around the globe, for example, beef patties and Sausage Links.OSI group has opened many branches across the world, eight of their working companies are based in China. David McDonald identifies China as the most profitable country if right strategies are planned.OSI group has put more resources in China to boost the organization operates. Mr. McDonald is targeting to change the OSI group to be the leading company in supplying poultry products. Because of this plan, OSI group collaborated with DOYOO Group company in the year 2012.OSI group concentrate on identifying various opportunities in the world and trying to meet them.

OSI Group is targeting to extend its market share in most of the countries. For instance , in Europe the OSI Group has acquired the Baho food which was a great step in extending the company share. McDonald termed this achievement as a significant investment, which was going to make a great impact in the organization in the future. He also added that, the acquisition of the Baho Food will assist the company in improving its product demand. Mr McDonald has coordinated the OSI Group employees all over the world and the organization is making tremendous progress.David always emphasize to the employees to consider the taste and preferences of their customers.This has helped the OSI group to supply specific products to targeted consumers.

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David McDonald, President Of OSI Group Talks Business

David McDonald was raised in Iowa before going on to college to earn a degree in Animal Sciences. McDonald previously manned the role of Chairman at the North American Meat Institute before accepting a job as project manager with OSI Group. McDonald worked his way through the ranks of the company and is now company president.

OSI is a top provider of food globally that seeks to bring only the highest products available to its customers. McDonald has worked with OSI for three decades now and is a large reason for the tremendous growth the company has experienced in that time.

Mr. McDonald has taken a moment to answer a few brief questions

What Was Your Start In The Food Business

I started working for OSI Group not long after graduating from college. I began at the bottom and worked steadily to attain the position I have today. Biological sciences and agriculture have always been interests of mine. I decided to pursue this passion while in college and earned a degree in animal sciences.

How Does The Company You Work For Make Its Money

OSI Group is responsible for the processing and delivery of food products to major food companies across the globe.

How Lond Did It Take For The Company To Become Profitable

As I said earlier, I have worked with the company for 30 years. We have grown exponentially during this time. We were able to find profitability early on due to our great fortune of establishing great partnerships.

Was There Ever A Time You Doubted The Company Would Enjoy Success

I have always believed in the vision at OSI and our goal to exceed all expectations of our customers. The fact that we are a private company gives us more flexibility in regards to proposed business solutions. The short of it is no. I never doubted the success of the company.

How Did The Company Get Its First Customer

The high standard of performance we set for our company is what attracted our first customer to us. We believe that our customers are family and we make sure that every product deliver is quality enough for personal use.

What Does The Future Hold For OSI Group

We are committed to continuing our policy of bringing the highest quality and value possible to our client base. We will remain ahead of the curve by adapting to present business models and paying close attention to the needs expressed by our customers.

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OSI Food Solutions Upgrades Spain Facility To Meet Chicken Demand

Despite OSI Food Solutions being a global manufacturer of food products many people haven’t heard of them. This despite the fact that they are ranked as the United States 58th biggest private company and that they brought in $6.1 billion in revenue in the fiscal year ending on December 31st, 2016, according to Forbes. They were founded in 1909 and were known for many years at Otto & Sons until they changed their name around 1975.

OSI Food Solutions has production facilities in 17 nations. One of these is located in Spain and it provides products such as chicken, beef, and pork. Their value-added food is supplied to companies in the food service industry as well as retail food brands. Their Toledo, Spain facility recently needed an upgrade as both Spain and Portugal, the two nation’s this facility provides food to are both eating more chicken than ever. The managing director of their subsidiary, OSI Spain, said that over the past decade growth in this market segment has been averaging 6 percent each year. He added that over the past three years this has accelerated to 8 percent growth in demand for chicken products.

The leaders of OSI Food Solutions performed a number of upgrades which cost a total of $20 million. The most important improvement was adding a high capacity production line. Once this work was completed this facility doubled their chicken output to 24,000 tons a year. In total the now produce 45,000 tons of protein-based food products annually.

The other improvements had to do with food safety, a critically important thing at OSI Food Solutions. They added outdoor cameras so that they could detect unauthorized people entering the premises. They also added indoor cameras which monitor the food to make sure it is always being processed correctly. They also put in a new cutting-edge firefighting system as part of this plant upgrade.

It’s not just food safety which is treated very seriously by OSI Food Solutions. They also do what they can to limit the impact of their business operations on the environment. This focus led to their earning the Globe of Honour Award in 2016. This is an award very selectively handed out by the British Safety Council. The British Safety Council monitors a company for 12 months, all the way from the boardroom to the processing plants, to make sure they are demonstrating excellence when it comes to environmental management.

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OSI Group Stepping Up Production?

Looking at recent developments in the food industry it is clears the movers and shakers have been busy. International giant OSI Group recently acquired the Tyson Food processing plant in Chicago. This could possibly mean several things for the people of Chicago. The first thing that might happen is with the acquisition of the food processing plant they could be ramping up production in that vicinity, which would add to the total number of jobs in the area.

By adding to their already enormous pool of employees from around the world, the OSI Group would be bringing some of the heft to the Chicago area bolstering a healthy and vibrant work environment.

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One thing that the purchase of the plant means is that the short and long term future of it will be secure. After all, the OSI Group has been around for a long time with a healthy business overview going forward. It was founded in 1909 and has since climbed to the heights that it now sits at, its long history seems to shine a bright light on the path forward for the company to take towards growing the company. One of the examples is that this could foreshadow a new surge in initiative from them to seek out even more venues to provide food services and products to due to the increased processing capacity. Already having a processing plant in Chicago this will not be unexplored territory for them as they move forward with plans to get the plant running at full operational capacity. The only question left is what direction the leadership might decide to take it take it.

Since the purchase seems to have went off without much ado, they should be quickly moving into the more immediately important areas of operation. The only thing left for the OSI Group is to make sure that sufficient leadership and employees fill the new food processing plant to keep product turning. That task should be easy as they will mostly likely import some leadership from their other Chicago plant to ensure the success of this recent purchase.

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