New Lime Crime Products That Will Bring Color to Your Style

Lime Crime is a cosmetics line and business founded by the successful CEO Doe Deere. Lime Crime is notorious for its colorful, vibrant and unique products specifically made with the intent to create artistic expression and accentuate individuality. Additionally, for those who are wondering, all the products are vegan and cruelty-free. Below are some fantastic new products introduced recently by Deere’s company:

New Unicorn Hair Shades:

These highly pigmented semi-permanent hair dyes have always been a hit in the Lime Crime cosmetics line. The colors in the line are rich and there are many different shades to accommodate all beauty desires. They do little damage to hair since they do not contain ammonia, peroxide or bleach, and fade gracefully over time with each wash. Some newly released shades of Unicorn Hair include: “Tweet”, a bubbly, vibrant, and cartoony Tweety Bird-like yellow, “Cloud”, a delicate and elegant periwinkle blue, “Kawaii”, a cute anime-like pink, “Bubble-Gum Rose”, a sassy and fiery pinkish red, “Mint Ice”, a cool and refreshing light green, “Moonchild”, an enchanting fairy-like purple, “Aesthetic”, a classy mauve, and “Valentine”, a heart-throbbing, crimson red. All the colors are beautiful and can be used easily by beginners as well as professionals. You can even combine your favorite Unicorn Hair shades to create a your own signature look.

Diamond Crushers:

These lip toppers are one of a kind with their iridescent look. Anyone who strives to sparkle like a diamond will fall in love with this product line. This revolutionary topper uses prismatic technology and is advised to use over bare lips or even over lipstick. However, you can also use it on any other part of your face you think needs the effect of wearing diamonds. Another little perk of the product is its sweet strawberry scent. The new shades include, “Unicorn”, a lavender shade with a rainbow shimmer, “Heirloom”, a ruby color with a pink glitter, “Gemini”, a maroon base with a blue duochrome shine, “L.A”, a sunset and orange glow, and “Summer”, a sparkling peach tint.