John Goullet Talks About The Founding Of Info Technologies And Diversant

John Goullet was interviewed by Ideamensch, a blog of business ideas and discussions with entrepreneurs that have built companies from the ground up. Goullet is currently the Executive Principal and co-Chairman of Diversant, LLC, a Newark, NJ IT staffing firm. Goullet has been in the IT staffing industry for over 20 years and has seen technology and business trends change over the years and as an executive at Diversant he is always guiding the firm to make changes when needed. Goullet discussed his career and important choices with Ideamensch.


Goullet told Ideamensch he had gotten the idea for the company about 24 years ago because he felt it was an area in business that was lacking but also saw other entrepreneurs that had entered it prior to him and followed their model. To Goullet, what drives him to succeed is always believing that his competition is about to take the lead and never slowing down in staying ahead of the times. Goullet tells entrepreneurs to always be looking for new local and federal government regulations because of the potential they have to provide for the IT service industry. The author who has inspired Goullet the most is Jim Collins who has published many books on running a business.


John Goullet got his bachelor’s degree from Ursinus College and entered the IT industry as a consultant for several major computer technology companies including the Computer Sciences Corporation, Cap Gemini, the Constell Group and 3D Information Services. After several years of advising clients in software development and system administration, Goullet decided to help recruit new IT workers to meet the challenges of clients in the fortune 500 industry. So in 1994 he founded an IT staffing company that he named Info Technologies.


The company started out small but Goullet’s ability to market its services to clients and attract IT candidates helped grow it to a $30 million company in just 5 years. In 2010 Goullet and his friend Gene Waddy decided to combine their IT staffing companies into a major firm that would have the resources to reach even more candidates in a highly competitive environment. Today Diversant, LLC has offices in 11 different states and continues to open even more branches.