Clients Benefit From Customized Services At A Leading Bank In Dallas

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company whose headquarters are in Dallas. The institution was founded in 1934. It ranks as the 14th largest financial institution in Texas State and 215th in the US. By December 2016, it had grown to over 88 employees. John Holt is the chief executive officer and President of NexBank. The institution has an A rating and its money market rates are two times the national average. Recently, the bank publicized the successful completion of its oversubscribed high-ranking unsecured notes. They reopened their initial offering and raised an additional 80 million dollars, making a total of 155 million dollars of issuance.

NexBank is planning to use this capital for general corporate purposes and to repay some of its debts. The oversubscribed placement indicates the continued trust that the investors have in the bank and the success of its long-standing business strategy. The extra funds will allow them to reinforce the balance sheet with capital and increase their earnings. The company continues to offer their clients with a broad range of services. NexBank has a large institutional investor base because they believe in their strategies and core businesses. Recently, NexBank publicized statements of their consolidated deposits, assets and loans.

The executive management team of NexBank combines its strong focus on serving their clients with their industry expertise to offer leading finance-related services to institutional, corporate and individual customers. NexBank directors have a broad leadership and management experience and a strong obligation to enhance the success of the company. Corporations, institutions and small businesses visits NexBank for an all-inclusive range of highly personalized services and customized lending products. Their employees work closely with customers to understand their needs and design financial structures that fit their long-term and immediate capital requirements. Conclusively, NexBank provides its clients with others services such as timely advice and flexible financing alternatives that allows them to respond quickly to emerging opportunities.