Nick Vertucci: Teaches How To Get Rich Using Real Estate

When Nick Vertucci began his career in real estate, he had been struggling to make ends meet. His computer business had folded and he was having trouble finding work. Plus, he had bills to pay and a wife and children that were depending on him. By chance, a friend was able to convince him to go to a seminar where they were teaching people about the opportunities available in real estate and how to take advantage of them. It was just the break Nick Vertucci needed. He threw himself into researching and using all the ways he could make money through real estate and quickly became a millionaire.

Nick Vertucci had a normal upbringing. He had made some questionable decisions in his teens that led to hard times. However, he was able to recover and start a company using second-hand computer parts. He got married and started a family. Then suddenly the boom ended and Vertucci was unemployed and struggling to keep his family afloat. That is when he found out he could make a good living through real estate. Vertucci was overjoyed and made a promise to himself that he would help as many people as he could once his financial situation stabilized.

The way Nick Vertucci has been able to help others live a more prosperous life was by creating the NV Real Estate Academy. Through it he teaches a growing number of people many different ways they too can buy and sell real estate and make money consistently. The techniques Vertucci teaches are so simple anyone can use them and become successful in the real estate industry. You don’t have to be a genius or have lots of money. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and the cash will come rolling in.

Nick Vertucci’s story is not unique. Many other people have been able to make millions of dollars working in real estate. Now through his NV Real Estate Academy Nick Vertucci is providing the average American with the tools and techniques they need to have a lucrative career in real estate.

Lori Senecal shows exception leadership skills

Lori Senecal was made CEO of CP+B during the Global Infiniti Awards. She has worked with the company for one year now and has shown an aggressive business effort. The firm is highly interested in global expansions. It has current plans to expand to other areas of the continent such as China. With the Infiniti awards, the expansion is now very likely. Lori also works as the CEO of another firm known as MDC. She has helped out with the marketing and advertising strategies of the two companies. Lori Senecal is always excited about her leadership position at CP+B. She looks forward to becoming involved in the agencies growth on a global scale. She feels that the firm has a team of talented professionals. She knows that she has the right team to make a significant difference in the company.

Lori Senecal has in the past held several positions as CEO and executive of different companies. She is known for serving as an executive of KBS. She served in the company as the global chairman of the enterprise on Twitter. She was also the CEO of MDC at that time. During her serving as CEO, she oversaw the company’s expansion to global markets.  That is why she is currently in charge of the global growth of CP+B.

Before becoming the CEO of CP+B, Lori Senecal served as the CEO and president of MDC Partner Network. She held this position for two years. She played a lead role in the company’s exclusive business strategy. She formulated a business plan that helped the company grow through a network of cross collaboration. She also served as the global chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners on She aided in the expansion of the firm and increased its employee base. At the start, the firm had 250 employees. It grew to become an international agency that has over 900 employees. She has worked in the advertising section of the industry. Her job is to make her business aware to clients and convince customers to do business with her. See: