Meet Dr. Saad Saad; An Experienced Surgeon Who Made Great Medical Inventions

The medical industry has many players who make treatment easy and successful. Surgeons are essential in this industry as they help in many complex medical situations. There are many surgeons across the world who are certified and work hard to ensure that patients undergo successful surgery operations. Dr. Saad Saad is one of the surgeons who have many years of experience. He earned a medical degree with honors from Cairo University. With his determination to become a leading surgeon he went to England for internship,, and later moved to the USA where he got certification from the board as a pediatric surgeon.




To be certified in the US as a surgeon is not easy. One has to undergo progressive specialized training and surgical practices. Additionally, the surgeon has to take challenging exams and tests every ten years. Dr. Saad accomplished all that, and that enabled him to become a leading surgeon ready to serve patients with expertise. He has worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for many years and helped many patients ranging from young kids to adults. He worked at King Specialized Hospital where he performed simple to complex surgical procedures. While at the facility he was highly respected as his skills and experience in surgical operations were exceptional. Learn more:




Apart from being a leading surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad is an expert who is highly innovative when it comes to medical devices. He has two medical inventions in his name, and that has enabled him to be more recognized in the field of surgery. He has invented a device that can locate catheters inserted in patients’ bodies. Catheters are inserted in human bodies for specific functions such as draining gases and fluids, providing access to surgical instruments among other functions. To locate catheters in the body, X-ray is performed which comes with risks as a result of radiation mostly when it is done more than one time. Thus, Dr. Saad invented the device that is portable and utilizes electromagnetic energy to locate catheter in the body. The device is safe as it saves patients from X-ray and MRI scans.



Surgeons use endoscopes to look inside patients’ body parts like esophagus, lungs, bladder, stomach, and colon. Endoscopes’ lens while inside the body gets fogged up and this obstructs the view. For that reason, Dr. Saad Saad has invented a suction-irrigation device that clears up the lens to enable doctors have a clear view. This helps the doctors while they are performing endoscopy procedures during surgery. He has used this device, and it has worked perfectly well with his patients. As a result, many doctors today are taking up this invention.