What Makes the Organo Gold Business Model a Successful Venture?

When it comes to the preferred coffee, many people today would base their selection on such aspects as a rich aroma, fresh roast, Starbucks, mocha and full-bodied. Although few people would think of mushrooms as an ingredient in their coffee, Ganoderma mushroom is among the reasons why Organo Gold successful today.

The many people who have had an opportunity to sample products by this manufacturer can attest to the fact that the various Organo Gold products are not only unique, but also designed to impress coffee lovers.

According to ZoomInfo, the company, established by Bernardo Chua along with another co-founder, had a humble beginning, but is a successful and lucrative business venture today. The success level achieved by Organo Gold in the past years may be attributed to several factors, including:

– Impressive Leadership

The leadership behind this company, including its co-founders Bernardo Chua and Morand, takes most of the credit for steering the company along a successful path.

The entrepreneur has been using this experience to design innovative and appealing coffee products in Organo Gold. Additionally, Chua is among the most renowned professionals in the direct sales industry today. It is such set of skills that the professional has used, in his leadership position at Organo Gold, to steer the company to success.

– Incorporation of Ganoderma Into Their Products

The success of this business model may also be attributed to the use of this mushroom in various Organo Gold products.

Bernardo Chua was brought up in Philippines, which exposed him to Chinese heritage at a young age. As such the entrepreneur became aware of the many benefits of this mushroom at a young age.

While designing the Organo Gold business model, the co-founders exploited the benefits of direct sales. It is this model that allowed the business to be accepted in the industry and be known across the globe within a short period.