Sawyer Howitt, a Glint in the Racquetball Scene

Not all athletes become professionals. Some simply play their sport for fun, others face a variety of issues becoming a full time professional athlete, some realize the life isn’t for them, and others simply just don’t make it. Whatever may be the case, Sawyer Howitt is among those who didn’t make it into the professional scene. Having been a player since High School, Howitt continued to play after graduating but seemingly stopped shortly after. Official records state that Howitt only played two games back in January of 2015 that happened on the 21st and 23rd against Jack Baldschun and Eric Poppleton respectively. The records also stated that Howitt lost both games and hasn’t played any other games since then.

In addition, no other records indicate what caused Howitt to stop playing after his two losses and only Howitt and those close to him will know why.