Kabbalah Centre: Beliefs and Goals

The Kabbalah Centre is one of the largest non-profit organizations which provides study courses on Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings. The society was founded by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg in 1965 as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The teachers of Kabbalah Center come from various ethnic backgrounds. The U.S. Kabbalah Centre was established as a memorial of YeshivahKol Yehuda of Israel. The organization has more than 50 branches around the world of which the major ones are in Los Angeles, New York City, London and Toronto and read full article.

Kabbalah refers to divine, ancient wisdom which presents very practical and logical tools to obtain everlasting happiness. The system of technology mentioned by Kabbalah is very authentic and can radically change the perception of the world for you. The Kabbalah Centre has a more pragmatic approach to teaching rather than concentrating only on scholastic words. Kabbalah teachings can be understood by anyone, irrespective of religion and ethnicity. The Centre provides study course that explains about human existence, laws of the universe, soul and origin of the universe.

The main aim of the Kabbalah center to better the lives of the people who come to study there. Kabbalistic principles are taught to the students here so that they can make better decisions in life. The Kabbalah teachings believe in the concept of Kilppot. According to the concept, every living being has an inherent potential of connection with the higher metaphysical, spiritual light. However, the connection is blocked by Kilppot from entering the physical body. It is through the Kabbalistic teachings that one can remove this Kilppot and Kabbalah of Linkedin.

Astrology is also a strong pillar of Kabbalah teachings. Rav Berg, the founder, wrote numerous books on astrology during his long life. Many celebrities like Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, and Ariana Grande have been associated to Kabbalah Organization.

Study of Kabbalah to Meet Your Higher Needs

The hierarchy of needs as described by Maslow has become accepted as the simplest explanation of human behavior. We understand that our basic need must be met; we must have air, food and drink, safe shelter, loving sex and sound sleep. Only then, can one move forward to realize unique potential.

Throughout history, seekers of personal growth had to be deeply motivated to go beyond the scope of basic needs to access higher levels in life. Turning to teachings of thought itself fine-tuned expanding minds. One such teaching that has found worldwide acceptance is the Kabbalah.

Originating in ancient Judaism, Kabbalah is a now a true world religion. In an attempt to define the nature of the universe, Kabbalah embraces many schools of religions and esoteric disciplines such as: Christian; New Age; Occultism and Astrology as a way of following the order of the cosmos and finding our place in it.

Awareness of ego, learning to listen to the voice inside and becoming conscious of our choices, helps to balance the positives and negatives. Utilizing Spiritual Laws such as the Golden Rule, “We reap what we sow.” and “All people are One.” Kabbalah teaches us that each human being has within them a spark of the Creator and, as such, can create miracles. Reaching beyond a comfort zone for the sake of others links us into a spiritual dimension that brings light and positivity.

In the heart of Los Angeles, California is the world headquarters of spiritual study called the Kabbalah Centre. Here they believe that Kabbalah can be studied by anyone as a universal wisdom regardless of their previous faith.

Founded in 1922, by Ravi Yehuda Ashlag, the Centre provides Kabbalistic ideas, combining ancient wisdom with clear practical tools to help each student reach a higher level of existence. Besides a growing on-line community, the Kabbalah Centre now spans the globe with facilities in more than 40 cities.