Where Alex Palls Will Go Next

What we know about the work of the Chainsmokers is that they refuse to allow anybody to put them in a corner and tell them that they aren’t meant to do something. They have made it clear they want to give the college crowd something they haven’t seen and that they are special among the music producers. Nobody is going to be able to do this because nobody has seen what they have. Alex Palls wants to take the Chainsmokers in a new direction that will make everything better. He has the vision and he wants to make sure we know what that is all about. It won’t be easy but it’s certainly something to be tried.

There are plenty of things to look at and realize that they know what to do better. We can understand how someone got as far as they did and why they are where they are. The duo is focused on making sure everyone knows what they’ve done and that the whole vision is something we can all see. Alex Palls is a unique visionary and he has the ability to go through a wide range. The only way that we’ll be able to see what he can do in its entirety is if people stick around for it all to come out.

You have to look at what’s happening and realize that the Chainsmokers are on to something. They have decided to make this the center of their next big movement and they want to make sure the single is a hit with everyone. The world is shining a light on them and they need to do something to make sure it all happens. The music is something that will remain a hallmark for a long time to come. It’s everything that they are and then some. People have already seen what they can get out of them and how far they can go. It’s no surprise that Alex Palls has managed to get the reputation that he has. He’s a tour de force and he wants people to understand this for themselves.


Doug Levitt and the Greyhound Diaries Report on America

Doug Levitt was an international correspondent based in London, having reported for the television networks CNN, NBC and ABC. Levitt attended school in Washington, DC, the son of a Republican DC Councilmember. While in school he participated in sports and sang in a gospel choir.Mr. Levitt became a singer songwriter and took to riding the out stretched gray ribbon of America on a Greyhound Bus. This was in an effort to gather the stories, memories, songs and pictures of America. He explained his decision to take the bus by telling his fans and followers most people do not take the bus unless they have to. This allowed Mr. Levitt to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and who may be struggling just to get by.

As a result of traveling more than 70,000 miles in 7 years, the Greyhound Diaries were born. It is an endeavor Mr. Levitt based on the WPA initiatives during the 1930’s. The stories contained in a novel tell the story of ordinary, everyday citizens and their lot in life. Levitt also tells the stories in songs that have been extracted from the novel. The Greyhound Diaries serves to remind those that are in power in this country there is another world beyond the world they know.

Levitt found differences around the country based on the political and economic climate of the time. The Diaries underscore the commonality rather than the differences between people in this country. The commonality is identified by sharing stories while riding the bus and passing the time with other passengers. People are willing to share stories to demonstrate to themselves and others that no one is an island. No one is taking on a world by themselves and others are in the same position. The point Mr. Levitt is making with the Greyhound Diaries is connecting with others is sometimes as simple as sharing a story with others. It takes a diverse population and their stories to connect a cross section of people no matter what their social or economic status is. Levitt also discovered that listening to others stories and sharing his own story by passes labels that people like to bestow on others.