Rocketshiop Education Core Values Better Communities

Rocketship Education is a branch of charter schools that started in California. Rocketship currently also has schools in Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. These charter schools service areas where children may not receive optimal educations that cater to their individual needs. One interesting fact about Rocketship Education is that they incorporate parents into the classroom. Rocketship embraces family and parents who are willing to help in the school.

Rocketship Education emphasizes five core values in all of their schools nationwide. These core values are respect, responsibility, empathy and persistence. Four of these core values are consistent throughout all Rocketship schools across the United States. The fifth core value is flexible. This fifth value is unique to each charter branch of Rocketship and is selected by the faculty and parents of Rocketship students. Two previously selected fifth core values were bravery and curiosity.

Rocketeers recite their core values every day while they are in school. These values help them to grow in the community and the classroom. Respect towards staff, parents and classmates can include being kind and also respecting other students need for quiet or help. Responsibility puts a focus on not only being responsible for classwork but for also each students individual actions. Empathy teaches students to be understanding and caring for each other and people in their homes and communities. Persistence will help students learn the reward in working hard for their goals.

Many Rocketship charter school students come from areas that are high crime and high poverty. Every day stress from living in these environments can make education difficult. Rocketship has been expanding every year to service more of these neighborhoods; some schools currently have waiting lists with hundreds of students of names. Rocketship schools are known for their ability to provide steady social and educational environments that provide stability to these children’s lives. Rocketship Charter schools put a focus on involving family members so they can see also develop a sense of Responsibility, Respect, Empathy and Persistence to help better their communities.