Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s Tips for Success

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a prominent Venezuelan born entrepreneur who is now a Panamanian business executive. Only 25 years old, Figueroa has already seen tremendous personal success. In fact, he currently holds three executive positions. As treasurer, director, and president at five different high-ranking Panamanian businesses, Figueroa is experienced in the many different sectors it takes to run a business.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s tremendous success has led him to become a generous mentor to his fellow young entrepreneurs. Understanding that it takes great drive and perseverance, Figueroa knows that entrepreneurial success is not for everyone. However, for those willing to take risks and work hard, he has compiled a brief but helpful list of tips.

Figueroa’s first tip is to, “be a ground breaker.” This, he asserts,is what divides the businessmen from the true entrepreneurial minds. While finding an untapped market and figuring out how to turn it in to a near instant recipe for success doesn’t seem that simple, Figueroa asserts that sticking with the venture is the way to succeed. Likewise, his second tip is to “be flexible and mobile.” He says utilizing the internet and cheaper labor can instantly relieve young entrepreneurs of unnecessary startup costs on In other words, it is important to remain open to all available options when first starting out.

Figueroa goes on to remind young entrepreneurs that success is not purely academic.  Lawyers and other skilled individuals can help you to officiate your business, and you can concentrate on the creative side. What is more, Figueroa suggests you find yourself a good business partner, only settle for someone you can trust and who will provide complimentary skills.

Figueroa’s next two tips are avoid shortcuts but minimize costs. In order to avoid shortcuts, simply work hard to the best of your ability. Starting a business on from the ground up is no easy feat, it takes time and, of course, lots of effort. You can help to minimize costs by splitting business costs with other young businesses. Figueroa suggests, for example, sharing an office space.

Lastly, Figueroa warns entrepreneurs to plan for failure.  Pay attention to your short comings and always look to improve. Furthermore, learn for the industry. Just as Figueroa offers up a batch of helpful tips, young businesses can learn from the success of others.

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