What Is The Traveling Vineyard Business Model?

The Traveling Vineyard follows a very specific and straightforward business model. When you become a wine guide for the company, you are given a toolkit of bottles, a select number of wine, and then all brochures and marketing tools for your first event. You simply market and promote the wine. Your main focus is basically in the realm of direct sales and leading people to buy the wine from people. You receive a 35 percent from every sale that is paid out to you three times in a month. Payout is very simple and also very lenient. There are other ways to make money outside from just selling their wine at your own wine tasting events.

Another way to earn cash is to have other people join the party as a wine guide themselves, and whatever they earn you receive a percentage from it. It’s definitely a long term business model that can even make you money when you’re not working. It’s a great business that can change how you do business, and the key is to know and understand how to sell. Your first wine tasting event may not go by so much easier, but it will improve and you will have more success as time goes on.

The best part about Traveling Vineyard is that they have experts in every region, so you can get in contact with the expert in your area and they can help you get on the right track so you make money and succeed. with this.