Securus Technologies Helping Keep Drones from Being Misused by the Criminals to Transport Contraband

The drone detection technology is introduced by Securus Technologies to neutralize the drones that try and enter the airspace above the prisons. Lately, it has been found that many criminals are trying to use the drones to transport a variety of items illegally into the jails. And, somehow it is a system that has found tremendous success as well because the correctional authorities never expected such use of a drone. Even when there are many surveillance cameras in and around the prison facilities along with other security measures installed, the drones have been able to enter the corrections space to supply contraband with ease.


Many correctional facilities have reported an increase in the contraband supply in the last couple of years since the drones were launched on the open market. It has made it difficult for the correctional agencies to stop the flow of contraband items as no matter how much they survey the area and keep track of the airspace, the drones are hard to detect in the old radar that is in use in the prisons. The drones are small, fast and potentially stealth in their outlook to the existing radars in use, and hence, an upgraded technology is needed.


The drone detection technology would ensure that the prisoners don’t get any contraband items and that the corrections officers are notified immediately as the drones enter the airspace above the corrections facility. The drone detection technology is still young, and it would evolve in the future further to add new features. However, currently, the test results have proven that the drone detection technology is more than efficient in what it is meant to do. Securus Technologies has assured the correctional authorities that it would continue to upgrade the drone detection technology in the future. It would help the prison facilities to keep the crime under control as well.



A Private Look At Technology

More Technology Than James Bond


We watch movies like James Bond and wonder where they come up with the tech ideas. The world of security takes into account all of the major advancements with safety and who has access to it. Securus Technologies is a great example of exactly what agencies that work in security do. These agencies work for private facilities and to keep crime from infiltrating.


The private world is made up of special needs that require the highest levels of security. The Securus agency stands out and services information centers, correctional facilities and government warehouses. Securus Technologies helps these facilities in the gradual process of building their protection against technological abuse.


Why This Stuff Comes Out Of A Movie


The difference that Securus Technologies makes is the basis of movie material because it deals with technology. Technology’s advancement is a direct result of the advancement that Securus Technologies also has to make to remain updated. Using electricity as the foundation of solutions and what developments they can make gives Securus Technologies head-way.


The criminal world is advancing by means of technology, so something with technology has to also counter or defend a potential tech infiltration. The variety of technology that’s emerging with new features include voice commands, source recognitions and far reception for signals.



The Still Advancing Technology In Security


The advancement of technology is booming in security and because of the variety of signals we’re using. Digital devices and wireless functions are giving criminals a different route to take for illegal activity. Their work can also travel with the waves we’re sending in and out of private facilities. These facilities often need the highest forms of security as a result.


The most current work of Securus Technologies helps to attack the infiltrations that can be found in wireless signals. The work of the agency is stopping information from being lost, from getting into the wrong hands and from being exposed to the greater criminal world.


Securus Technologies Limiting Gang Violence in Jail

One of the most dangerous parts of my job as a corrections officer is dealing with gang violence behind the prion walls. With the gang population on the rise, the potential for violence increases, and since officers are severely outnumbered, we have to do whatever it takes each day to try and limit the potential for violence.


When you have to separate gang members in jail by their affiliation, it only takes one small incident of an inmate being in the wrong place to incite a riot. We try to offer each of these gang members a certain degree of respect, but they push the envelope and make it hard to stay safe some days because of the flow of weapons and drugs in their cells. To combat that issue, we use a number of resources that helps to make things safer for all.


Despite our efforts with surprise cell inspections and screening all visitors that come to the jail to see the inmates, we still see drugs and weapons being used in our facility. Securus Technologies was going to become an instrumental part of us getting the jail cleaned up, and the new inmate call monitoring system was a resource we were going to give a real test run. This company has 2,500 monitoring systems in jails throughout the country, and their objective is simple, making the world a safe place to live.


Once we started to listen more intently to the inmates on the phone, we discovered things like them ordering lower-level gang members to sell drugs, which soldiers on the outside would bring drugs to the visitor center, and how these drugs are hidden throughout the property. Each time the Securus Technologies monitoring system gave us a lead, we would dispatch a team to get control of the situation immediately.


Securus Receives Positive Customer Comments

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of technology and security services and products to the law enforcement industry in the world. Securus Technologies, which is based in Dallas, Texas, currently provides its products and services to hundreds of facilities across the country, which ultimately serve nearly 1 million inmates.


Securus Technologies is best known for its video visitation product and service. With this produce, a user at a prison will be able to remotely connect via a video chat through a designated station in the facility. The recipient of the phone call will then be able to talk through a phone, tablet, or other mobile device. This face to face communication has helped to maintain relationships and has even helped to reduce the need for in-person visitation.


Customers in recent months have frequently provided positive feedback about the company. Facilities that use the service have stated that it has been very beneficial as it has helped to improve communication, reduce the need for visitation, and has even helped the facility to solve and prevent crimes. Those that use the product for phone calls have enjoyed the clear connection, affordable rates, and accessibility. Furthermore, they have stated that the level of customer service has been excellent, which is due a large part to the data and call center that Securus Technologies established in the last year.




Making It Safer – Securus Technologies

Imagine not being able to see your loved ones during the holiday? It would make you feel sad and lonely. Since there are many people that are in this situation, a company named Securus Technologies developed video visitations. These people that can’t take part in the holidays are incarcerated, and they have to stay in their correction facilities during Christmas. The video visitations were created so the prisoners would have the opportunity to see and hear their loved ones, and all the festivities during the holidays. It makes such a different to their moods, and they feel loved and wanted with the video visitations.


The company is also putting out several commercials all during the month of December. They want the public to understand why the video visitations are so good for the prisoners, and also for the facilities as a whole. With all that can happen, at least, with the commercials, the public can understand more why the video visitations are so necessary.


Securus Technologies is a company that believes in what it does wholeheartedly. They want to create a safer world for everyone, and they will succeed at doing this. Making inroads in safety all the time, they deal with both the civil and the criminal side of justice. They create new technology all the time, and invent ways to accomplish better things every week. They are company that will continue to do good things, and they are known and respected all around the world.