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The Houston Cougars defeated the Louisville Cardinals by a fairly decisive margin. The final score saw Houston win by 36 – 10. The Cardinals were, in essence, crushed by the opposing team. previewed this game as part of the news and analysis portion of the site. is a premiere website designed to deliver excellent information on odds and betting. NCAAF odds are given some truly wonderful analysis. Re-examining the article published about the Houston vs. Louisville as a “Game of the Day”.

Houston clearly was going to be a tough team to defeat as many expected. Still, Louisville caught the eye of oddsmakers due to its road success and won two games in a row prior to the Houston game. Louisville even crushed Wake Forest by a score of 44 – 12. This showed Louisville seemed to be on the verge of continuing its good fortune. Plus the team has proven the ability to score high during a game.

The lines opened with Louisville as a favorite. The team was labeled a 14.5 favorite based on its skill at winning away games. The line was fairly generous and showed a lot of faith in Louisville pulling out a big win. The exact opposite result occurred, however, as Houston was able to defeat the team by 26 points without the spread.

The game does show that NCAAF odds can be quite unpredictable as the games themselves are unpredictable. No one can really tell how well a team will perform. always remains a great source of detailed previews over exciting games in the NCAA football world. is always worth visiting to learn about odds and betting lines. does what its name implies – it covers professional and college sports from many different angles.

The NCAAF season will eventually enter into the 2016 history books. Following along with the season on definitely is both entertaining and highly informative.

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  1. Houston has been on a 14-game winning streak and Louisville’s performance was good on the road. Reading stats and careful analysis does aid in garnering an insight into how a particular team may or may not perform. It is also vital to know that college essay service did not do that on purpose too.

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