David McDonald, President Of OSI Group Talks Business

David McDonald was raised in Iowa before going on to college to earn a degree in Animal Sciences. McDonald previously manned the role of Chairman at the North American Meat Institute before accepting a job as project manager with OSI Group. McDonald worked his way through the ranks of the company and is now company president.

OSI is a top provider of food globally that seeks to bring only the highest products available to its customers. McDonald has worked with OSI for three decades now and is a large reason for the tremendous growth the company has experienced in that time.

Mr. McDonald has taken a moment to answer a few brief questions

What Was Your Start In The Food Business

I started working for OSI Group not long after graduating from college. I began at the bottom and worked steadily to attain the position I have today. Biological sciences and agriculture have always been interests of mine. I decided to pursue this passion while in college and earned a degree in animal sciences.

How Does The Company You Work For Make Its Money

OSI Group is responsible for the processing and delivery of food products to major food companies across the globe.

How Lond Did It Take For The Company To Become Profitable

As I said earlier, I have worked with the company for 30 years. We have grown exponentially during this time. We were able to find profitability early on due to our great fortune of establishing great partnerships.

Was There Ever A Time You Doubted The Company Would Enjoy Success

I have always believed in the vision at OSI and our goal to exceed all expectations of our customers. The fact that we are a private company gives us more flexibility in regards to proposed business solutions. The short of it is no. I never doubted the success of the company.

How Did The Company Get Its First Customer

The high standard of performance we set for our company is what attracted our first customer to us. We believe that our customers are family and we make sure that every product deliver is quality enough for personal use.

What Does The Future Hold For OSI Group

We are committed to continuing our policy of bringing the highest quality and value possible to our client base. We will remain ahead of the curve by adapting to present business models and paying close attention to the needs expressed by our customers.

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