Edit-a-Thon: Indigenous People

Wikipedia recently hosted another edit-a-thon in October. This time the WikiProject focused on expanding and adding articles for indigenous people. The hope, as with other edit-a-thon projects in the past, is that articles about tribes, movements, and historical figures are expanded and new articles created. These projects have had success in the past. A 2011 Wikipedia survey showed that less than 9% of Wikipedia editors were women. An edit-a-thon and challenges were started to increase contributions from women editors and to provide coverage for several women issues that were marginalized in the past.

Why are there so many gaps when dealing with subjects like indigenous people? The main culprit is accessibility. There are many areas worldwide that either don’t have access to the internet or don’t have a fast-enough connection. A 2015 report from the FCC showed that 63% of tribal land residents didn’t have access to a broadband connection and up to 85% didn’t in the rural areas. Wikipedia’s policies can also hinder this effort. One policy highlighted was the notability of an article; whether or not the top warranted its own article. Many subjects on indigenous people may be under documented or not well known. Wikipedia articles have to be linked to multiple independent online sources to be considered notable.

If you missed this edit-a-thon, you can search for other ones online. These edit-a-thons highlight a key goal that is also important to businesses as well: increased visibility. In an increasing online world of SEO optimizing, having a presence on Wikipedia can be a benefit to your business. With over 29 million users worldwide, Wikipedia can increase your web presence and add credibility to the business. Having an article for your business can enhance visibility in search engine results as well. However, there are guidelines that you must follow when you make a Wikipedia page. The business needs to have some renown; you need to be able to link to independent articles/news articles about your business. Another key guideline is that self-promotion is not allowed. If Wikipedia finds out that a business is writing their own article it can be flagged for deletion. This is where a company like Get Your Wiki comes in. Get Your Wiki has a team of knowledgeable Wikipedia editors that will create a Wiki page for yourself or your business. Increase your online presence and reap the benefits of having a Wikipedia without the headaches of designing it yourself.

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  1. It may seem embarassing to some women to be included in the list of indeginous people simply because they don’t want to publish articles. Anyways questions were that is essayhave legit and I think they have the legitimate fundamental human rights to do what they choose to do. By the way I am not a publisher on the Wikipedia and I think with time I will join.

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