Edward Honig, One of The Best Cardiologists In New York City

Doctors insist on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and paying regular visits to the cardiologist to minimize the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Despite all the efforts made by cardiologists associations from different parts of the world, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in and out of the US. People do not seem to be heeding the doctor’s warnings and if they do not take their well-being seriously, many more lives will continue to be lost. Everyone should have regular check-ups no matter the age. It is important to visit the cardiologist if your doctor recommends that you do so when experiencing chest pains if your family has a history of having heart complications if you have high cholesterol and when experiencing high blood pressure. Also, if you have a habit of smoking, experienced difficulty during pregnancy or have swollen gums, it is important that you see a cardiologist to test for any signs of cardiovascular problems.

Cardiology specialties consist of interventional cardiology, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, and electrophysiology. All doctors working as cardiologists must be certified and licensed by the medical board involved. Practising cardiology without a license is a very serious crime which could land you in prison for several years. Generally, cardiovascular check-ups involve blood tests, blood pressure measurement, and cholesterol checks. It is always better to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart-related illnesses and many other diseases from occurring.

In New York, Edward Honig is one of the best cardiologists. Edward who works at Glen Cove Hospital is an established doctor who has been practicing for sixty-six years now. Cardiologists specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of the cardiovascular system which involves the arteries, veins, and heart. The heart which is the most important among all the muscles that exist in our bodies needs to be taken care of exhaustively and that is why doctors like Edward Honig go to medical schools for more than ten years to learn all about cardiology. A wrong diagnosis could be fatal to a patient since the heart is very crucial to the body. Putting that into consideration, there is no space for any mistake.

Edward Honig has undergone and passed rigorous tests for judgment, knowledge, and ability to provide superior care to patients. When you pay a visit to the Glen Cove Hospital, you get to learn that cardiology involves both non-invasive and invasive treatment. For non-invasive treatment, the cardiologist only deals with examination and diagnosis for ailments while invasive treatment involves surgical procedures on the cardiovascular system. Dr. Edward Honig goes beyond performing diagnosis and treatment for his patients; he also offers rehabilitation services to patients who are from having heart surgery or have experienced heart trauma in the recent past.

The most common heart disease symptoms include high blood pressure, experiencing tightness around the chest, chest discomfort, chest pains that do not cease even after having enough rest, sweating unusually, loss of breath, vomiting, fainting, unreasonable fatigue and exhaustion, irregular pulse and pain in the neck area. If you experience any of the conditions mentioned above, it is important that you seek medical attention as quickly as possible so that you can undergo some tests to decide whether you need any heart-related treatment.