End Citizens United: Raising Donations From Members

End Citizens United has been calling for change and reform in the government of the United States ever since they were established. The organization, founded March 1, 2015, is one of the most influential groups in the United States today. They have been protesting the corruption in the government, and their main goal is to stop the ruling of the United States Supreme Court favoring corporations and businesspeople. The group was created in order to counter Citizens United, a group created years earlier which was responsible for the landmark ruling of the United States Supreme Court. The ruling was released in 2010, and it involves Citizens United and the Federal Electoral Council. Back then, Citizens United has challenged the provision of the Federal Electoral Council. According to the Federal Electoral Council, corporations should not be allowed to openly express who they wanted to support for any election in the United States.

However, Citizens United saw this as a violation of the constitution, so they seek the help of the United States Supreme Court in order to have a final judgment on the issue. After deliberation, the United States Supreme Court agreed that corporations and similar business establishments are considered to be an individual, and they have the right to support the candidate of their choice.

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According to End Citizens United, since the ruling was released, billionaires and the corporations that they own have changed and influenced the results of the election in the United States. End Citizens United added that these billionaires are using their wealth and power to change the result of the election by paying off media conglomerates who would like to conspire with them, and then brainwashing the public in the process. End Citizens United is also furious to the fact that the billionaires and their corporations have the right to remain silent on the amount of money that they have given their supported candidates. End Citizens United see this is a form of corruption and a deterioration of transparency in the elections being held in the United States.

End Citizens United has called upon all of their supporters to donate any amount of money to fund their cause. They wanted to change how the elections are being conducted, so they asked their members and those who believe in them to donate. The public also wanted to experience change, and in such a short amount of time, End Citizens United managed to collect the fund that they need. Earlier this year, End Citizens United has already collected up to $4 million. This outstanding feat by End Citizens United can be shadowed by the forecast coming from the experts that if this trend of giving continues, End Citizens United can possibly raise up to $35 million in the year 2018. This will come in handy because another election will be held by that time, and End Citizens United is expecting even a small change happening because of their campaigns and causes.

Visit endcitizensunited.org for more information about the group.