End Citizens United Says Yes To Elissa Slotkin

End Citizens Unites has advocated for Elissa Slotkin for the midterm elections that occur this year. Slotkin is one of may candidates that ECU is advocating, as they attempt to stack the deck for their quest to end Citizens United. A former agent for the CIA Slotkin has her gaze set on a 8th congressional district seat. The seat is a prime one as it belongs to Mike Bishop, whom End Citizens United lauds as huge supporter of Big Money. Big Money refers to the corporations that fund and support campaigns. Once upon a time corporations had limits and rules they had to follow. Since the 2010 ruling in the Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission such limitations have been rescinded.

This is mostly due to the face that the 2010 ruling expanded free speech to corporations.The decision was controversial immediately with any advocating that it would ruin future elections. Many PACs rallied against it, fighting for election reform. The lines have been tightly drawn ever since, with advocates for reform falling mostly on the Democrat side of the spectrum. For candidates like Mike Bishop it means more funding, more television ads, and it means that he supports policies corporations want. End Citizens United is dedicated to fighting candidates like Bishop, supplanting them with candidates who advocate for election reform.

These candidates can amend the first amendment to relegate itself to the person. This would bring limitations back on the head of Big Money, and would ensure that elections are fair. Slotkin may have a long road ahead but with End Citizens United on his side he has good chance for an upset. He is the incumbent though so it will not be an easy task. ECU’s mission in general is not an easy task but hard work and perseverance can get anything done. For now the fight is just beginning.