Entrepreneurial Prodigy Adam Goldenberg And Fabletics Are Transforing The Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg is a business prodigy. While still in high school he founded Gamer’s Alliance. The company was so successful the teenaged Goldenberg was able to sell it to Intermix Media. When the teen quit high school, traveled across the country and became COO of Intermix Media, he was the youngest person to hold the position at a publicly traded company. But that was just the beginning. Adam Goldenberg has gone on the co-found the successful companies Alena Media, Intelligent Beauty, SENSA, DERMSTORE, JustFab and Fabletics. The keys to his success has been his vision and skill at product development, marketing and management.

Founded in conjunction with Don Ressler and actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an international sensation that’s growing like wildfire. The affordable, stylish, versatile athleisure wear clothing, swimwear and accessories the company offers has struck a note with consumers worldwide. Plus JustFab, Fabletics’ parent company also co-founded by Adam Goldenberg, with its $650 in annual sales since 2010 is among the fashion industry’s fastest growing brands ever.

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Fabletics has done so well providing clothing for women, the company is turning some of its attention to men. The company has recently developed FL2, a men’s subscription fashion line. The Fabletics brand was initially a subscription only retailer. However, its success has led to the expansion into brick and mortar stores. Fabletics has opened stores in Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio and other places throughout the country. Plus it plans to open between 75 and 100 stores over the next five years. So far the stores have an annual revenue of $250 million after 15 months.

The new focus of Fabletics is to become all-inclusive. That means offering stylish, affordable, active and swimwear in sizes to fit plus-sized women around the world. This enables more women to enjoy the personalized shopping experience and beautiful styles the company offers. The fashion landscape is changing quickly. With Fabletics’ fashion subscription model and its commitment to celebrate all women regardless of size and shape by offering them athleisure for business and pleasure that exceeds their expectations, Adam Goldenberg and Fabletics is ushering in a sea-change in the fashion world. They’re using digital retail to reimagine the fashion industry using data and personalization.

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