Eric Pulier’s Love For Technology And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, brilliant technologist, columnist, public speaker, published author, and philanthropist. Over the years, he has built many successful startups. The Harvard graduate has founded many enterprises besides being involved in national projects. Born in New Jersey, Pulier started programming computers while in fourth grade. Before completing high school, Eric Pulier had already established a database company.

Pulier joined Harvard University in 1984 and became the editor of the institution’s daily newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. In addition, he wrote authoritatively on a variety of important topics for the newspaper. To achieve his dreams, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991. Since 1991, he has had great entrepreneurial success. One of his revolutionary firms is XPrize. The company runs a program that has many competitions. Individuals that are willing to achieve their fullest potential are free to participate. The winners are honored with different prizes. His objective for creating the startup was to assist determined individuals, especially the youth that lacked means of achieving their dreams, to engage in meaningful businesses.

In addition, Pulier made great achievement with Akana. He created the SOA software program and bought other SOA vendors. He grew the company to become a powerful group of SOA provider before selling it to Rogue Wave Software. The other businesses that Pulier has founded include Desktone, US Interactive, ServiceMesh, Media Platform, and Digital Evolution.

Pulier has supported different notable initiatives in the community. He has been involved in the affairs of the Painted Turtle, a camp that focuses on children having chronic illnesses. In the organization, he serves as the vice president in charge of cloud operations. Pulier has donated his resources to enable children with special medical needs to enjoy summer camp experiences. This passion is reflected in his work with Starbright World, an organization that focuses on children with special medical needs. Through his tech skills and money, he has made significant contributions to the organization. Pulier built a specialized social media platform through which children with chronic illnesses can interact. Additionally, Pulier collaborated with President Clinton to find cheap solutions for cloud computing for in-need communities in the 1990’s. Over the years, Eric has authored different publications. One of his widely read articles is Understanding Enterprise SOA.