Get Innovative Banking Practices Today

NexBank is well known for their innovative banking services that have attracted over 346,000+ additional online customers. Their stockholders are impressed by their recent $24 million dollar common equity raise. They’re proud to announce that they support their internal growth and expanding their general counsel at NexBank. In comparison, to their competitor banks, their assets exceed the industry with over $40 billion dollars in total. Your money is protected with significant assets along with FDIC insurance. NexBank focuses on three financial services with over 50+ years of expertise in the banking industry that includes commercial, industrialized, and investment banking.

Are you interested in investing in your retirement? You can now, put money in several accounts that will help you successfully prepare for your retirement. If you’re interested in earning money, you can also put your money in an interest bearing savings account and earn 1.9% interest, afte,r 6 months. Get true financial freedom with the benefits of a secure NexBank account. They have been one of the largest growing online financial service providers in the industry. Experience the benefits of knowing that your hard earned money is working for you. Their easy to read and navigate website has each of their features listed clearly under individualized tabs.

NexBank Customer Features

– Free direct deposit

– Free online bill pay

– Free checks

– Anytime access to your money

– Easily switch money in between accounts

– IRA accounts

– Commercial accounts

and more…

Give your money a head start with NexBank services. They offer their customers a high end banking experience that offers 24/7, customer support. You can rest assured, that a friendly customer service representative is there to assist you when and where you need it.